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“That goes without saying.”

An Xiaoning initiated a kiss, which he reciprocated.

He gently lowered her onto the seat while they smooched each other passionately.

They would soon have to be apart again for a long time.

At the thought of not being able to meet again until several days later, they kissed each other zealously and did not let go despite the heavy panting.

Love and passion were in the air. Gradually, they began to lose control of themselves in the car.

It was hard to keep their hormones in check once their passion was ignited.

Thus, they could only let their passion burn until they’d both satisfied their needs.

An Xiaoning broke out in sweat while straddling him, panting heavily with her cheeks flushed red.

Finally, Jin Qingyan gave her one last kiss and said, “It’s almost time for you to go.”

Burying her chin in his shoulder, An Xiaoning hugged him tightly while trying to catch her breath before getting off of him.

She handed him some tissue paper and briefly cleaned herself.

They did not take any contraceptive measures.

The reason being that it was difficult for her to conceive and they both wanted to try for a second child. Thus, they decided to let nature take its course.

She also wanted to give Jin Yiheng a younger sibling, fearing that he’d be too lonely as the only child.

Besides, it was better for a wealthy family like the Jin family to have more children.

All in all, it was still up to Heaven to decide if she would be blessed with another child.

Xiao Huang could sense something unusual about the air in the car the moment he returned inside.

Needless to say, he knew the very reason why his Young Sir had wanted him to make himself scarce.

Upon sight of Xiao Huang’s return, An Xiaoning put on the mask and alighted from the car.

She returned to the Autumn Palace.

Tuoba Danxue happened to be going out with Zhi Yin when she returned. “Your boyfriend must be severely ill to be at his last breath. How is he now?” Tuoba Danxue asked.

An Xiaoning blinked and put on a look of grief on her face before answering, “Thank you for allowing me to go see him during his last few moments, Your Highness. He’s now… no longer around.”

Tuoba Danxue gave her a pat on her shoulder and comforted her, “I know you’re devastated. I understand. Now that your boyfriend is gone, it must be hard to find another person who’ll love you in the future, given how mediocre your looks are. But take it easy, it doesn’t matter if you’re ugly. Maybe there are good men who are blind enough to accept you.”

An Xiaoning instantly raged in her head. Is she trying to comfort me or mock and criticize me!?! she thought to herself furiously.

Fortunately, she did not actually have a boyfriend who passed away. Otherwise, she would have definitely been driven to her grave by Tuoba Danxue’s callous remark!

“Okay, get a grip on yourself. I’m going for a matchmaking session now. Come along with us. Go change into a fresh set of clothes, Zhi Yin and I will wait for you.”


An Xiaoning headed upstairs to change into a set of black plainclothes before making her way downstairs again.

Along the journey, she asked curiously, “Your Highness, who are you being introduced to?”

“Jin Minxing, the Commander-in-chief’s only son.”

An Xiaoning was momentarily stunned. Jin Minxing… was her godbrother.

She ought to keep quiet throughout the matchmaking session later, for she would let the cat out of the bag once he hears her voice.

“Your Highness, my throat feels a little uncomfortable.”

“Refrain from talking then. I’ll get Zhi Yin to bring you some medicine when we go back later.”

“Alright, thank you, Your Highness.”

They arrived at their destination half an hour later.

Tuoba Danxue had obviously dolled herself up for the date — she had on a face full of exquisite makeup and was dressed in a long white dress, giving off an ethereal aura.

Her long, black hair was cascading down her back, exuding a refined elegance.

Upon arriving at the door, Tuoba Danxue said straight away, “You and Zhi Yin may just wait for me at the door.”

“Yes, Your Highness,” they acknowledged in unison and stood by the entrance.

An Xiaoning felt a sense of relief since she did not have to go in with her.

“Mu Ning, which illness was your boyfriend suffering from?”

“Cancer,” An Xiaoning answered without hesitation.

“Which type of cancer?”


“Aren’t there a lot of viable treatment options for leukemia nowadays?” Zhi Yin asked.

“How are we supposed to get him treated without money or a suitable bone marrow? Sister Zhi Yin, you must be unaware of how it’s like to live in poverty.”

“You’re right… I feel so sorry for you though. It’s rare that a man would fancy you and yet you lost him just like that.”

Why did she sound like she was gloating at my misfortune?

“It’s alright, if the old doesn’t go, the new won’t come. I ought to keep looking forward to the future. I don’t think I’m ugly. In fact, the more you look at me, the prettier I get. I believe there’ll still be many good catches who’ll fall for me.”

Zhi Yin shot her an apprehensive glance as she was doubtful of An Xiaoning’s words.

However, her opinion did not matter to An Xiaoning at all.

What matters was that she already had a marvelous husband.

Besides, what lay below her mask was a beautiful and not-hideous face.

“If you could get an outstanding man to fall for you, it must be even easier for me. Just when will my Prince Charming appear?” Zhi Yin lamented with a sigh.

“Sister Zhi Yin, forget about His Highness, His Highness…”

Before she could even finish speaking, Zhi Yin quickly covered her mouth and chided, “You silly lass, are you trying to get me into trouble? Didn’t you see what happened to Feng in the end? If Madam finds out that I’m carrying a torch for His Highness, I’ll definitely suffer the same fate as Feng.”

Mu Ning nodded and said, “Got it. Are you trying to suffocate me? Let go.”

Zhi Yin released her and said, “You really need to watch your words from now on. Like most girls, I just really admire His Highness, though I know it’s impossible between us. Ever since Feng’s incident, I dared not harbor any more designs on him.”

“Actually, such strict restrictions probably only happen in here. Take those wealthy and promising bachelors of the business world as an example. Although they do place emphasis on finding a partner of similar background and status, they’re not as stringent and uptight about it compared to the royal family,” said An Xiaoning.

“That’s why I say An Xiaoning is lucky. I’ve read once on the tabloids online that An Xiaoning was a divorcee and hasn’t acknowledged the Gu family as her godparents at the time of her marriage with Jin Qingyan. Oh, and her best friend Mei Yangyang has also married into a wealthy family. That Mei Yangyang is said to have come from an extremely poor family. How enviable…”

An Xiaoning did not know what else to say other than, “It all depends on fate.”

The two of them chatted idly by the entrance for almost an hour before the matchmaking session was over.

An Xiaoning witnessed the five members if the Tuoba family and all three members of the Jin family exiting from the door.

They seemed to be discussing something while walking.

An Xiaoning raised her head and looked in their direction, only to exchange glances with Tuoba Gucheng.

She did not avoid eye contact and instead continued to stare at him in a relaxed manner. Tuoba Gucheng shot her a glance before looking away.

Fortunately, the Jin family did not seem to notice her. The Tuoba family returned after seeing the Jin family off.

This time, An Xiaoning and Zhi Yin tagged along to go inside.

“Danxue, look how suave and handsome Minxing is. He’s also the same age as you are and the Commander-in-chief’s only son. I’m sure you’ll have a blissful life if you choose to marry him,” said Shi Xiaoyu.

“I saw all of that for myself. Since Father and Mother have already decided on a wedding date together with the Commander-in-chief and his family, I don’t have any objections. I can’t wait to leave the Autumn Palace!” Tuoba Danxue gibed without hesitation.