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She casually pointed toward the room next to An Xiaoning’s.

“What if he comes inside my room?” An Xiaoning asked.

“I helped him into his room before helping you into yours. I only went downstairs for a short while. Besides, he’s already so drunk, how… how could he possibly go inside your room? Don’t read too much into things. The only way he could end up in your room is if you bring him in. Her Highness is already asleep, I’ll go make His Highness some tea to cure his hangover. Hurry and go to bed.”

Zhi Yin left as soon as she finished speaking.

An Xiaoning was dumbstruck and at a loss for words.

Since Zhi Yin thought she was drunk, An Xiaoning would definitely not be believed if she told her that Tuoba Gucheng was in her room.

The only solution now was to take Tuoba Gucheng to his room herself.

An Xiaoning was completely awake at this point.

The consequences would be dire if Zhi Yin was to discover that he was not in his room when she returns later.

She hurriedly ran inside her room and forced Tuoba Gucheng to wake up. She then carried him on her shoulders with all her might and slowly moved him against the wall.

Being tall and muscular, he weighed a ton although he was not fat, especially since all of his weight was on An Xiaoning.

She was almost crushed to death.

An Xiaoning clenched her jaw and struggled to help him into the room next door. Fortunately, no one else passed by.

She closed the door and moved him toward the bed.

As they were about to reach the bed, An Xiaoning could no longer support his weight and threw him onto the bed, forgetting that his arm was still around her shoulder. As a result, she fell onto the bed together with him.

She fell straight onto his chest, jolting him awake.

However, he was not completely sober yet.

“Who are you?” he asked, staring at her in the darkness.

“Your Highness, I’m Mu Ning. You’re drunk, I was the one who helped you back inside your room.”

She tried to get up but slid back onto the bed when he flipped to the side, pinning her down with his thigh.

He began acting hysterically before she began to struggle.

He placed his hands onto her waist and shifted his gaze to her lower body. An Xiaoning reached out to move his hand aside and tried to flee with all her might.

To her astonishment, Tuoba Gucheng pulled her by the back of her collar, causing her to fall again.

An Xiaoning was exasperated. What an absurd person…

Yet, she could not be violent with him. Otherwise, he would definitely get to the bottom of the matter once he was sober.

If it were someone else, she would definitely beat them into a pulp.

However, she could not lay a finger on Tuoba Gucheng.

“Do you really dare to flee? Where are you going to run to?”

“Your Highness, I’m Mu Ning. Take a good look at who I am.”

“I don’t care… I don’t care who you are. It doesn’t matter. I feel so warm, it’s killing me,” he murmured with his eyes closed, his breath reeking of alcohol.

He then sat up and pinned An Xiaoning beneath him, greatly startling her.

In the pitch darkness, he opened his eyes and stared at the woman beneath her. “I can’t tell clearly… your appearance…”

“Your Highness…” An Xiaoning was ill at ease, though she did not know exactly what he might do out of drunkenness.

“Shut up.” He straddled her and sat up straight, reaching out to undress her.

Shocked beyond words, An Xiaoning grabbed his hand and reminded him, “Your Highness, I’m Mu Ning, the ugly country bumpkin.”

“If… you… dare speak… another word, I’ll… call my guards… and say… say that you seduced me. You’ll be executed,” he warned.

An Xiaoning widened her eyes in shock. This shameless bastard!

She was surprised that he’d even have designs on the ugly Mu Ning she was posing as, with the mask on.

Indeed, her husband’s concerns were not uncalled for.

An Xiaoning thought to herself that he was probably too drunk to tell who she was.

In fact, his judgment was so impaired that even a hideous flower would seem beautiful to him.

An Xiaoning closed her mouth and did not utter another word.

She wished she could punch him to knock him out.

She felt a hard, rod-like bulge propped up against her; she knew exactly what it was.

Tuoba Gucheng reached out to undress An Xiaoning, who clutched on her clothes tightly to prevent him from succeeding. His hands were unusually warm to the touch. As she was holding onto her top, he proceeded to take her pants off.

She was furious and anxious, trembling from head to toe and seething with anger.

“If you still refuse to stop, I’m going to have to deal with you the hard way, Your Highness!”

“Guards!” he yelled at the door abruptly, causing tension to arise within An Xiaoning.

“Your Highness, I won’t talk anymore, please don’t yell…”

Seemingly in high spirits, he repeatedly murmured incoherently in a drunken stupor. An Xiaoning could not make out what he was saying at all.

He sat on top of her and stripped down to nothing.

She watched as he began kissing her collarbones passionately, breathing heavily with overwhelming eagerness.

An Xiaoning could sense that there was something amiss about him. However, he had already pushed her to the end of her boundaries.

Yet, it was impossible to force her way out of his room. Suppressing her anger, she said coaxingly, “Your Highness, I’ll let you have your pleasure and fun with me. Just lie on top of me properly, alright?”

“It’s too hot, hurry up, quick…”

He flipped to the side and got off of her, after which An Xiaoning hurriedly pulled her pants up. She noticed that he was trying to get up just as she sat up straight. She then hurriedly made him lie down again and said, “Be good, just lie down.”

Noticing that he did as he was told, An Xiaoning immediately jumped off the bed and tried to run outside.

To her dismay, she was grabbed by an arm forcefully just as she took a few steps. “How dare you lie to me, you damned woman. I feel like I’m about to be burned alive! Are you asking for death!?!”

An Xiaoning was puzzled by his sudden outburst. Why would he feel like he was on fire after just having some alcohol?

Could it be…

An Xiaoning’s eyes lit up, and she seemed to have guessed something. But then again, who has the audacity to do something like that? she wondered.

She was afraid that she would never be able to leave the room and arouse unnecessary suspicion and attention should she delay any further.

As fate would have it, what she dreaded the most still happened in the end. At this very moment, she heard Zhi Yin yelling from outside, “Your Highness, are you awake?”

“Yes.” His eyes were bloodshot and his jaw was clenched tightly together. He grabbed An Xiaoning by her neck and forced her onto the bed.

“I’m here to send you some hangover tea. May I come in?”

An Xiaoning felt as if her heart was going to jump out of her chest as pangs of panic engulfed her.

He bent over and began kissing An Xiaoning’s face while she grabbed the bedsheets tightly with her face cocked towards the side, not daring to make a single sound.

“Your Highness?” Zhi Yin called again.

“Get lost!!!” he bellowed angrily.

Instead of leaving right away, Zhi Yin held her breath and listened closely for sounds of what was going on inside the room.

The frown on An Xiaoning’s forehead did not vanish, for she did not hear any footsteps leaving.