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“You got drunk right from the start. The three of us were the only ones left drinking. The person who brought the liquor inside the room was one of the three of us as well. I already know who it is without having to spell it out loud. Let’s just take it that this never happened. I don’t wish to pursue the matter any further.”

For the first time, An Xiaoning felt that he was not as vicious as he seemed to be on the surface.

However, she never thought that Zhi Yin would have the audacity to commit such a brazen act.

It was truly unexpected.

Tuoba Gucheng handed her a thick envelope.

“What’s this?”

“There are 50 thousand dollars in there. It’s for you.”

Shaking her head, An Xiaoning said, “I don’t want it. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be going back now.”

She bowed and turned around to leave.

Tuoba Gucheng was filled with an inexplicable feeling as he watched her leave.

He was bewildered by his own actions that night, finding it hard to believe that he would actually resort to getting intimate with such a dull-looking girl out of desperation. But then again, his judgment must have been impaired because of the aphrodisiac.

His memories of last night’s events were vague, and he could not recall in detail what exactly happened.

All he could remember was that he had definitely gotten intimate with her.

The mere thought of the incident gave him a major headache.

The conversation An Xiaoning and Tuoba Gucheng just had flooded her mind when she left his mansion.

She initially thought that he would be questioning her and holding her liable for knocking him out. Yet, it turned out that not only did he forget what happened, but he also even mistook the situation and thought that they had gotten intimate.

Recalling the constipated look on his face earlier, An Xiaoning felt a strong urge to hurl vulgarities at him. Her reputation as a pure and demure lady was going to be tainted by him forever.

Fortunately, the matter would be kept a secret between the two of them. He definitely would not breathe a single word of it to another person, and neither would she.

Besides, it did not matter what he thought since she knew that her conscience was clear.

“Young Sir, we can’t get the footage from the surveillance cameras at the café.”

“Why not?”

“Because the surveillance cameras inside and outside of the café have all been destroyed. Actually, I think the mastermind must’ve realized that it was necessary to destroy the surveillance cameras. Otherwise, they would’ve been caught by us easily. So, I guess it’d be rather difficult to find any clues from here. But, Young Sir, do you think it might be Ye Xiaotian’s doing as a form of revenge against us?” Fan Shixin said softly.

“That’s one possibility. Well, forget it if we can’t get the surveillance camera footages of the café. There are three people I suspect now.”

Fan Shixin knew who he was referring to. “Xu Youran and Ye Xiaotian are amongst the three, am I right?”

“It might be the DK terrorist organization too. We can’t exactly pinpoint who it is yet, at the moment. Have you executed Fang Xiaotian?”

“Not yet.”

“Get a simulation portrait sketch done according to Fang Xiaotian’s description of the man he met before killing him.”


Fan Shixin did as instructed.

Just as he left, Long Tianze showed up.

Noticing that Jin Qingyan was sitting alone, Long Tianze took lighter steps in a bid to scare him. Yet, he received a great shock himself instead when Jin Qingyan sprung up from his seat all of a sudden before the former could even take action.

“Trying to scare me?”

“No, since when? You know that I’m never that childish. How are you?” Long Tianze asked, taking a seat beside him.

“I’m fine. I felt so ashamed when the truth was out though,” said Jin Qingyan, sounding a little melancholic.

Long Tianze gave him a pat on his shoulder and said, “It’s all over now. But Uncle…”

“I’ve already called to warn him. He knows how to weigh the pros and cons. I’m sure he wouldn’t leak it.”

“I think you ought to instruct your men to keep a close eye on him. There are various methods that could influence someone to leak secrets, such as hypnosis or hallucinogens.”

Jin Qingyan agreed, “It’s really impossible to guard against those evil, supernatural stuff. The most important thing now is to nab the mastermind. That’s the only way to truly get rid of the root cause.”

“It wouldn’t be that easy to catch hold of the mastermind. He or she would definitely lie low for the time being and make sure to conceal their identity even further. Do you still remember that anonymous instigator who hired top assassins with a hefty amount of money to kill you, and even abducted Qingyue and Sis-in-law? You still haven’t managed to get to the bottom of that matter even until now, have you? You’re in the open while the enemy is in the dark. That naturally makes it harder to find out who the mastermind really is.”

“Even then, I still have to continue investigating. If I ever find out who the culprit behind these acts of malice is, I’ll make sure to shred them into pieces, regardless of what it may take.”

Jin Yiheng ran upstairs with an amulet in hand. “Daddy, I saw some unholy beings again,” he said with a look of seriousness.

“What unholy beings?” Long Tianze asked in astonishment.


“Where did you see them?” Long Tianze asked.

Pointing at Long Tianze, Jin Yiheng answered, “Behind you…”

“Ahh!!!” Long Tianze shrieked in terror and took flight in no time.

Staring dumbfounded at the door, Jin Yiheng turned around and asked, “Why is Godpa even more timid than I am? Daddy, I saw the spirit again when I went to the bathroom. But I hurriedly reached for the amulet and couldn’t see them anymore afterward.”

“Was it the same one you saw previously?”

“It was different.” Jin Yiheng had bawled loudly during his first encounter with spirits, shivered uncontrollably in fear during his second, and was much less afraid during the third. This time, he had actually reached for an amulet calmly.

“Just ignore those beings. They don’t exist in the same dimension as we do. Everything will be fine after Mommy performs a ritual to get rid of them once she comes back,” Jin Qingyan said to comfort him.

“Daddy… Grandma may have passed away but you still have me and Mommy. Daddy, don’t be sad, we’ll be by your side,” said Jin Yiheng, snuggling up to him.

“Little rascal, you actually know how to comfort your Daddy now. I didn’t dote on you for nothing,” said Jin Qingyan, caressing his son’s hair.

“Daddy, why do you always insult yourself?” Jin Yiheng asked in a tone of dissatisfaction.

“Since when did I do that?”

“You’re still denying it. Since you called me a little rascal, doesn’t that make you a big rascal?”


“Why hasn’t Xiaoxi been inviting you to play with her recently?” Jin Qingyan asked, walking toward the dining table while holding his hand.

“Women are fickle-minded creatures. All she does now is play with her Brother Minhe. She’s going to forget me very soon if I don’t look her up,” Jin Yiheng said in a mature manner while sitting on the chair.

Pursing his lips, Jin Qingyan said, “Go look her up and play with her then.”

“Why should I do that when she doesn’t even want to come and find me? Even if she does, I’ll ignore her and let her know that I don’t just play with anyone who looks me up.”

Such an arrogant and temperamental child. Just who did he take after?

The pair of father and son began having their breakfast.

Halfway through the meal, a sweet voice chirped near the door, “Brother Yiheng!”

“I’m here…”

Long Xiaoxi skipped to the dining table merrily and said, “Brother Yiheng, you haven’t had breakfast?”

“Yeah. Have you eaten?”

“Yes, I have. Brother Yiheng, shall we go play together after you finish eating?”



Jin Qingyan almost choked at the sight of his son grinning widely from ear to ear. Didn’t he say that women were fickle-minded creatures? What happened to wanting to ignore Xiaoxi?


Little rascal, you ought to keep your word. You don’t have a backbone at all… Jin Qingyan thought to himself.