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The car left the small village at the speed of light. After they reached the highway, An Xiaoning opened the windows partially — under the dark, starry sky, the cool air conditioning blew on her face and made it feel slightly refreshed.

“You are someone with many stories,” Jin Qingyan said firmly. “It seems like you really hate coming back here.”

“I had weak birth characters. According to my mother, ever since I was born, I was a curse to my family. Then the people around me started having bad things happening to them all the time. They put the blame on me and said I was the cause of it all.” Thinking of these scenes from her younger days, An Xiaoning was still torn by the old memories. “Ever since I could remember, I’d been subjected to taunts and horrible insults by the other villagers — they think I’m an ill omen. There was one year, most of the pigs in the whole village died of an epidemic. They blamed it on me again and came to my house, demanding punishment for a reincarnated evil spirit like me. The method of punishment was to be tied to a huge stage surrounded by firewood splashed with gasoline — they wanted to burn me to death.”

Jin Qingyan urgently probed, “Then what happened?”

“I’m ultimately still my parent’s flesh and blood. They naturally wouldn’t have stomached seeing me get burned to death. They sent me to the mountains — I think the word ‘sent’ still sounds quite pleasant to hear. And so every time I think of this, I’ll say that my parents sent me to the mountains since I was young. But actually, I was abandoned at my master’s house. Only when my master passed away was I forced to go back to that home.”

At that point, An Xiaoning held onto his arm. “Now, you’re my family — my husband — you will treat me well right?”

Jin Qingyan darted a glance at her and said a single word, “Yes.”

The corner of An Xiaoning’s lip curled into a smile. In that one moment, she felt that her life was not too bad — at least, when heaven closed a door on her, another one was opened right after.

When they reached home, the living room was brightly lit. An Xiaoning was surprised. “Is someone here?”

“Go in and take a look.” Jin Qingyan actually had some idea of who was inside. Someone who could enter his living room must be from the old villa.

As expected, the housekeeper saw that they were back and nodded slightly. “Young master, young mistress, madam asked me to prepare some shoes, bags, clothing, and other stuff for young mistress. She asked me to bring them here — I have hung everything in the dressing room. There is also a whole set of top-quality cosmetics and accessories. I hope young mistress likes it.”

“Thank you, housekeeper, I’ll definitely like them.”

“Then I’ll take my leave first.”

“Take care, housekeeper.” An Xiaoning excitedly went upstairs. The dressing table was placed in the bedroom with many cosmetics arranged there as well as a wide array of accessories.

Opening the door of the dressing room, she found that there was indeed a wide collection of items inside. An Xiaoning excitedly looked at each item. They were all top-quality branded goods.

One look at them and it was obvious they must have cost a bomb.

Finally, An Xiaoning’s hands landed on a set of uniform.

At the thought that it was their wedding night, An Xiaoning took the uniform and placed it in the bathroom.

Closing the door of the bathroom, she then rinsed and bathed.

Before she wore it, she didn’t think there would be anything to show, but once she put it on and An Xiaoning saw her reflection, she saw that the clothing revealed her small waist and slender legs. She turned one round, and what burst out of her mouth was the word ‘perfect.’

She walked a few rounds around the bathroom by herself and, at that moment, felt that she was in quite a good shape.

After blowing dry her hair, she started cat walking — all while twisting her slender waist — out of the bathroom.

Jin Qingyan was leaning on the bed rest and tasting wine. Upon seeing her, he almost choked to death.

“Is this a uniform showcase?” His voice was flat and his gaze grew deeper.

An Xiaoning started to feel hot all over. But keeping in mind that he was her husband, she felt that there was nothing to feel shy about and started walking towards him, looking at him with her soft and gentle gaze.

“How do I look in this? Give some comments.”

“Not bad — just that… isn’t the skirt a little short?”

She lowered her head and took another look. “It’s not short at all. The school uniform for girls is of this length.”

Jin Qingyan’s abdomen tightened and he placed the glass on the bedside table. “I don’t know about other people, but seeing you wear this, I think you are asking for trouble.”


“Aren’t you?”

Finally, he teased her, “Didn’t expect that your body is still intact.”

The corner of An Xiaoning’s lip twitched. “Yesterday night, didn’t we already… what exactly is going on?”

“Who told you we already did what we shouldn’t have done?” He smiled cheekily. “Just because of the bloodstain on the bedsheet? That happened in the middle of the night when you woke up from your drunken state: you smashed a flower vase which pricked my arm.”

An Xiaoning was jolted by his words and had a feeling of being deceived. And yet, she could not blame him. Thinking of what he just said, she held her waist and lay down. “I really didn’t feel a thing just now, but now I feel weirdly sleepy. I’ll sleep first.”

Jin Qingyan’s eyes sank. He suddenly pounced her onto the bed and looked down at her. “I’ll use myself to prove whether you really didn’t feel a thing!”

Before An Xiaoning could react, her body was already clamped down and she could not move at all.

An Xiaoning opened her eyes slightly and looked at him. She said faintly, “Husband, I was wrong.”

“It’s getting late…”

An Xiaoning felt like her whole body had been pressed down by an excavator. It ached all over. When she opened her eyes, she felt lucky to be alive. Thinking back to the previous night, it had seemed like a horrible nightmare.

When she woke up in the morning, the sun was already bright and shining.

The sunlight outside the window shone into the house and beams of light rays reflected from the floor.

Thinking about everything that happened last night, she took a deep breath.

It was unbearable to think about — his physical strength was so good — she had really underestimated him.

He was almost like a beast. It is true that people really cannot be judged based on their appearance.

She tried her best and managed to sit upright, but An Xiaoning’s brain was still in an unclear state. Then, a voice came from the door. “Come down and eat, the food will get cold soon.”

She pulled up the blankets and grudgingly said, “If not for you, I would have long been awake. Now my head hurts, my waist hurts, my legs hurt — everywhere is aching. All because of you. ”

“Who was the one who seduced me last night? Now I’m the one at fault.”

An Xiaoning wore her clothes and took her time to wash up.

On the table lay a warm spread of breakfast. Yet there was no maid at home. An Xiaoning asked, “You made this?”

“Of course — with such a capable husband, you are truly fortunate.” As he said this, one could hardly sense that he was being shamelessly boastful.

While drinking the porridge, she said, “One can hardly tell that the dignified young master of the Jin Corporation actually knows how to cook. What else can you do?”

He crossed his leg and replied leisurely. “There are many more things I can do. For example, various ways to make marital life exciting. I believe after yesterday night’s experience, you are already familiar with this. If you still wish to continue exploring this area with me, we can perhaps come up with many more fun ways which can contribute greatly to improving the quality of marital life. May I know if you are interested?”