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He couldn’t help but say, “When I got back, I heard from my wife that her brother-in-law had brought someone over. Among the few people in this photo, one of them is my wife’s brother-in-law.”

Once he finished, a feisty woman came out and started shrieking, “You idiot, what nonsense are you talking about!”

The man was enraged. “I’m speaking the truth, don’t tell me you want the police to think we’re harboring a criminal? Why should a dutiful businessman like me bear the responsibility of the things that your brother did — I have to tell the police the whole story exactly as it happened.”

The woman wanted to say something in return, but the police reminded her sternly, “Lady Boss, if we find you have harbored a criminal, you’ll have to go to jail for it. I hope that you understand, you have to choose between going against the law or doing the victim justice. Now that the Young Mistress of the Jin family’s whereabouts is unknown, if you continue to obstruct our work, we will have no choice but to bring you in and punish you accordingly.”

The woman who was originally aggressive quietened down significantly.

“You, continue speaking.”

“When I came back from my mother’s house, I heard my wife say that my brother-in-law has brought the person and even got a house — she said something about earning big money. I asked her about it, and she then told me that someone looked for my brother-in-law and made him dispose of a woman while making it look like an accident. Then I found out that the woman was the Jin family’s Young Mistress.” The man continued earnestly, “Officer, whatever I told you is the truth, please don’t arrest me.”

“We won’t arrest you. Bring me to find your brother-in-law. You don’t have to show your face, just bring us to where he is.”

“But…” He looked like he’d been placed in a tough spot. “My brother-in-law is very ferocious…”

“You’re scared he’ll take revenge on you?” the officer said. “He’s in big trouble. He’ll be charged either with life imprisonment or the death penalty for his crime. It’s a very serious punishment, don’t worry.”

“As long as I don’t have to show my face, it’s fine. I’ll show you where you can find him.”

Seeing how cooperative he was, the police officers more or less felt that the case was progressing and that there was room for hope.

At this point, the few men who’d already gotten their money were partying around. They intended to play to their heart’s content that night. Once daylight came, they would go their own ways and pay attention to the news constantly.

The teahouse boss who was on the police car now called his brother-in-law and asked where he was. The man unsuspectingly answered him, and he even told him to join in the fun but he refused.

The group secretly made their way to the destination.

With the sudden ambush, the group of five were caught on the spot.

The man then realized the intention of his brother-in-law’s call a while ago. Knowing very well that he’d been betrayed, he was fuming with rage.

The news continued to report updates on the case’s progress, striving to put the issue into the open.

When the reason for the crime was exposed, it became a sensation online. Netizens started speculating about the reason that had made her a target of assassination.

Some guessed that it was done by a rival of Jin Qingyan’s company, others guessed it was done by a woman, because when a woman goes crazy, they could lose their rationale completely.

There were all kinds of insiders who stepped out, claiming that they had exclusive information, and it garnered themselves attention from the fans.

At this very moment, Jin Qingyan was not in the mood to pay attention to the comments and discussion online. He changed into a set of new clothes and drove to the police station with Gu Beicheng while the others stayed at home.

It never occurred to him that there would come a day where he could get along amicably with Gu Beicheng.

When they reached the police station, the police were interrogating the group of five.

They realized after that the five did not have any information about the person behind it. This person was extremely cautious such that his or her voice over the phone was made through a software. There was no clue about whether the person was a male or female. The handphone number used was from an unknown number, so the police could only start investigating through the person’s account from which the transaction had been made.

The only thing they concluded from the interrogation was that, when the car dropped from a height, An Xiaoning was inside. Before that, she had been forced to drink half a bottle of white wine.

Evidently, the two who went to the police station were only given the confirmation that An Xiaoning was intentionally harmed.

She had stayed home the whole day and Auntie Chen claimed that he was the one who’d told her to go out.

Unless someone hacked into his phone, he didn’t know how else the person had been able to contact her.

Although his handphone number was cliché, there were only a few who knew it. Moreover, she did not have many enemies who bore grudges against her, and her number was also not widely known.

Furthermore, his number had a contact name on her phone.

Jin Qingyan took out his phone, wondering if the message could have been sent out from his own device.

Whether or not it was, he would know for sure once he checked.

He passed his phone to Fan Shixin to run a check, and a lead came back very soon.

During the process of waiting, Jin Qingyan found it unusually tough to bear with.

At one o’clock in the morning, the rain outside finally stopped.

The long wait finally came to an end when Fan Shixin returned with the results of his investigation.

“Young Master,” he started slowly, “I used a special channel to investigate. The text came from your original phone — the specific model number is exactly the same.”

Jin Qingyan’s pupils constricted. “I didn’t send her any text.”

“About this, I’m not too sure.”

“When was the text sent out?”

“6:17 pm.”

Jin Qingyan’s whole body froze. His face turned from a rich rose-pink to pale white before becoming green. It seemed very hard for him to believe the truth. After he got off from work at 5:30 pm, he had gone to Wei Ni Estate and remained there until he went home. He remembered clearly that his phone was placed on the table throughout, and in between, he had gone to the washroom.

The truth behind the matter became extremely clear already.

He sprung up and briskly headed out, alarming Fan Shixin. “Young Master, where are you going?”

“Wei Ni Estate.”

Upon hearing his reply, Fan Shixin could guess something and followed closely behind him.

At that time, Chi Rui’er was not asleep yet. With the news reporting the arrest of the five, she kept on checking whether there were new updates on the case.

As she lay in bed tossing and turning around, her heart was in a state of uneasiness.

She heard the sound of footsteps approaching from the corridor in an accelerating manner.

Putting her phone aside and switching on the table lamp, she sat up in her bed.

She could hear the sound of the spare keys clicking into the door. The next moment, the door was vigorously pushed wide open. She looked and saw Jin Qingyan standing at the doorway.


His lips were pursed and he pulled a grim face. “Why aren’t you asleep?”

“I just woke up, why are you here at this time?”

“Nothing much, I just came to check on the surveillance cameras here.” He continued in a meaningful tone, “My wife was attacked because someone sent her a text with my phone, but I never sent her any text of that sort. Thinking back, I was here when the text was sent from my phone, so it would’ve been done by someone from this house. The police still couldn’t find the person behind it. I think looking at the surveillance footage here will give me a clear picture.”

“So, the surveillance footage… have you checked it?” Her face went ghastly pale; it appeared like there was no trace of blood there at all.

“Shixin has gone to retrieve it.” He stared at her face. In his eyes, a surge of emotions was rising. “I want to see for my own eyes who’s got such a nerve.”