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“If only Xiaoning had married me instead.” Gu Beicheng continued, “It’s too hard on her, being married to Jin Qingyan. How great would it be if she were married to me? I would give up the whole forest for her.”

Hearing this, Mrs. and Mr. Gu were at a loss for words.

An Xiaoning had just changed into another set of clothes. Hearing Mei Yangyang’s words, she raised her head. “She really slit her wrist?”

“I was just carrying the tea up when I heard Brother-in-law’s man personally report this to him.”

An Xiaoning went to wash up in the bathroom, then sat before the dressing table. Looking at herself in the mirror, she then said, “He didn’t even plan on holding Chi Rui’er responsible for what happened. Now that this happened, he’ll probably be even more heartbroken. A wife’s status is really worse than that of a woman from outside. Yangyang, you must remember: a woman must have her own career and money. Never depend on a man. Only when it’s like that can you live with spirit and dignity. Even after a divorce, you can still have self-confidence.”

“Sis, you’re divorcing Brother-in-law?”

She replied while putting on makeup, “I don’t have such thoughts at present. After all, I’ll just be giving my position to that little bitch — I don’t want that. Even if I don’t want to take a dump, I’ll be a dog in the manger and occupy my position. Let that woman worry to death.”

Mei Yangyang couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Oh, Sis, what kind of comparison is that?”

“The decision for having a divorce is in my hands. It all depends on whether I want to. I was almost killed, so he cannot pursue it, but I can.” An Xiaoning was quickly done with her makeup. Her face which originally did not look too good immediately looked different afterwards.

She got up and put on a thick cardigan, tossing her hair out from under it. She then held up the teacup and started drinking slowly.

“Sis, I’ll head to the shop first. Jingwen is new, I’m rather uneasy about letting her handle the store by herself.”

“Alright, let’s go together. I have some things to settle too. I’ll send you there.”

After they had a meal, Gu Beicheng drove Mei Yangyang to Dongpo Road, then headed to the 4S car shop with An Xiaoning.

“What brand of car do you want?” Gu Beicheng turned his head to ask her.

“The brand isn’t important, what matters is whether it suits me, whether I like it, and whether it’s not too expensive. I can’t afford it if it’s too expensive too.”

He patted his own chest. “My silly sister, don’t you have your brother here? I’ll buy it for you as a gift.”

An Xiaoning flashed him a smile. “It’s fine. Things like cars and houses should be paid for by yourself, then you’ll feel more secure.”

“That’s true. Our family wasn’t stingy with your dowry when you got married.” He saw that her neck seemed to be uncomfortable, so he stopped the car, took a small pillow from the backseat, and placed it at her backrest. As she leaned back naturally, he asked, “Is it more comfortable like that?”

“Mm…” She didn’t realize before that he was actually quite attentive.

When they reached the 4S car shop, a red Ferrari caught An Xiaoning’s eye. It looked really classy, but it cost three million yuan.

Seeing that she couldn’t quite bear to part with the money, Gu Beicheng said, “Just get it if you like it, but if you just need one to use then you can always choose a cheaper car. It ranges from a few hundred thousand to one million yuan.”

She bought that car eventually.

Because she really liked it, she felt willing to fork out that money.

Once they returned home, Mr. and Mrs. Jin received news from Auntie Zhang that their daughter had waited for them the whole night.

“What is it about?”

“I don’t know. Missy looks very restless and uneasy.”

As she finished, the thumping sound of Jin Qingyue’s slippers was heard as she anxiously ran down the stairs.

“Mother!” She pulled Mrs. Jin into her arms and was unable to speak.

Having never seen her like that, Mrs. Jin felt it was very unusual. She pushed her away and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The two sat down and Jin Qingyue shook her head. “Nothing’s wrong, I just missed you.”

“This girl…” Mrs. Jin patted her. “I thought that something big had happened. What is there to miss, don’t we see each other every day?”

Jin Qingyue then asked, “I saw the news, Sister-in-law is back.”

“Yup, she’s back. What a false alarm. This matter has a lot to do with that Chi Rui’er. The woman deserves to die, she better not let me see her.” Mrs. Jin stretched her body, then continued, “Just now, before I got back with your father, we heard from Shixin that she slit her wrist. Not sure if they saved her, it’d be best if she just died like that.”

Jin Qingyue said incredulously, “You’re saying what happened to Sister-in-law was instructed by her?”

“It’s not confirmed yet, but I feel that it’s definitely her. Forget about this incident, I’d planned on not going out the whole of this month. Just going out yesterday has made me feel so uneasy all over.” She looked over at Auntie Zhang. “We haven’t eaten yet.”

“Breakfast is ready, it will be served immediately.”

Mrs. Jin nodded and continued to look at Jin Qingyue, “Are you really bent on dating that Shi Shaochuan?”

“Yeah. Mother, we can’t separate now, I want to be with him.”

Mrs. Jin said in an unpleasant tone, “He’s going to get you into trouble, I think your sister-in-law’s words make sense.”

“Are you now going to believe anything that my sister-in-law says? If she’s that capable, why can’t she read her own fortune? Didn’t she still get plotted against?” Jin Qingyue was obviously in disbelief. “Mother, don’t you get it? She said you can’t go out this month, that you’ll meet with bloodshed, but aren’t you all well and fine? It’s all nonsense that she made up.”

“Alright, let’s eat,” Mrs. Jin replied as she got up to the dining table.

There were two flights of staircases. She was fine when she went up, but as she was going down, Mrs. Jin felt that her whole body was unsteady. Before she knew it, she lost her balance and tumbled down sideways. Jin Qingyue cried out in alarm, “Mother!”

Mrs. Jin’s head slammed on a cement edge. When she was helped up by Qingyue and Mr. Jin, blood trickled down her cheek. The wound was very small, but it was indeed bleeding.

As Mrs. Jin was putting on a band-aid for herself, she still exclaimed scornfully to her daughter, “Didn’t you say your sister-in-law was spouting nonsense?”

Jin Qingyue went speechless. After a moment, she rebutted, “Mother, you couldn’t possibly have done that on purpose because you wanted me to believe Sister-in-law’s words?”

“Do you think I have nothing better to do than to make myself bleed?” She got up and finally sat at the dining table. Taking a glance at the stairs, she remarked, “You tell me, how many years have I walked on these stairs? I wish I could walk over them safely all the time — it was just two flight of stairs. Today is really a jinxed day.”

“There are some things we cannot doubt. We can only maintain our respect for them. I heard that the last few minutes of old Mr. Gu’s life had been calculated so accurately by Xiaoning. And that problem about your leg, it’s not something that can just be made up with nonsense.” Mr. Jin turned to Jin Qingyue and continued, “If you don’t listen to your sister-in-law’s advice, be prepared to suffer in the future. Also, you better not be disrespectful to your sister-in-law next time, do you hear me?”

Jin Qingyue pouted her lips and replied grudgingly, “I know, Father. I tell you, my attitude towards her is not important. It’s all about my brother. He let Chi Rui’er live at Wei Ni Estate, and now she has even broken up with Gu Beicheng. Can’t you tell what is happening?”

Mr. Jin exchanged a glance with Mrs. Jin, then responded, “No matter what, your brother won’t divorce your sister-in-law. After they spend more time together and have their own children, everything will get better.”