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Putting the cards away, An Xiaoning said, “You’ve lost and I’ve won.”

He laid relaxingly on the bed, extending both his arms to the side as he declared, “Please do whatever you’d like to me.”

An Xiaoning hummed in approval as she watched the way he behaved while in a drunken stupor. “Don’t get too eager, I’ll begin right away.”

After placing the pack of cards onto the table, An Xiaoning removed all of his clothes, leaving only his underwear on.

She then got off the bed and headed downstairs to bring some medicated oil and chili water, which she then mixed together in a basin. She had added a huge amount of chili to the concoction.

At last, she poured the mixture into a smaller spray bottle and walked towards him.

One could only imagine what would happen if An Xiaoning were to pour the mixture over his private area.

An Xiaoning felt a sense of relief and satisfaction as she began to imagine doing that.

She switched off the lights and poured the thick, gooey mixture all over him.

She then quickly snuck out of the bedroom, disposing the spray bottle into the rubbish bin while a loud shriek could be heard coming from the bedroom.

An Xiaoning ran into the living room, wrapped herself in a blanket, and started watching a movie. After the movie had ended, she felt it had been long enough and that it was time for her to return to the bedroom.

The bedroom was brightly lit, and the sound of water gushing out of the taps could be heard coming from the bathroom along with his loud, piercing shrieks. After changing the bedsheets, An Xiaoning was exceptionally thrilled as she switched off the lights in preparation for a peaceful sleep.

For the entire night, Jin Qingyan had remained inside the bathroom while An Xiaoning enjoyed a great night’s sleep.

She woke up early and proceeded to the bathroom to wash up, only to be greeted with the sight of Jin Qingyan sound asleep in the bathtub, warm water constantly running from the tap.

Just as she was about to leave the bathroom after having washed up and brushed her teeth, he said in his alluring voice, “Are you appeased now?”

With a smirk, she answered calmly, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Xiaoning… forgive her just this once, alright?” he pleaded while stepping out of the bathtub and turning off the tap.

“Haven’t you already settled everything on your own? Does my forgiveness really matter?”

“It does to me. In fact, it’s necessary.”

“Dream on.”

An Xiaoning walked out of the bathroom, with him following closely behind. He walked in an awkward manner, keeping his legs as far apart as possible because of the injury at that certain spot, which was a rather comical sight.

“Alright, let’s talk about that later. Look what you’ve done to your husband, how am I going to pleasure you tonight? Will you help me put on some medication?”

Staring at his reflection in the mirror while she was putting on her makeup, An Xiaoning let out a humph and said coldly, “Why? Do I get a reward? Why do I have to serve you, don’t you have hands to do it yourself?”

“An Xiaoning, where did your virtue go!?”

“Jin Qingyan, what happened to being a loyal and protective husband!?” An Xiaoning turned around and rolled her eyes at him as she hissed, “Stop with that nonsense and idle talk, my anger has yet to subside. Shut up and stop talking!”

Jin Qingyan was startled by her audacity.

However, he decided to quietly apply some medicine himself. After all, the matter had indeed caused her some unhappiness.

“Can you just stay home today?” he asked.


“I’m already in this sorry state. Who’s going to keep me company at home if you’re away?”

“Go look for your beloved one. Her wrist may be injured, but her mouth isn’t,” she sneered.

Slightly annoyed at her ambiguity and cynical sneer, he argued, “But you’re my wife.”

“Oh, wow, you actually remember that! Sorry, My Dear Husband, but I’d rather go outside to look at unpleasant things than to face you,” she scoffed.

Jin Qingyan stood up to chase after her, but he quickly went back inside when he realized that he was still naked.


“Mother, how did Sister-in-law know that your calf was hurting?” asked Jin Qingyue.

“Isn’t my birth date stated on my Wiki page? What’s shocking is that there are also photos of me as well as our home address online.” Finding her question to be rather unusual, Mrs. Jin asked, “Why did you suddenly bring that up?”

“Here’s what happened. Today, I heard that your life shortens with each fortune-telling session, so don’t get her to tell my fortune again. Got it, Mother?”

“She’s already done that before, why would I get her to do it again? Do you actually think fortunes can be told with no restrictions at all? It’s detrimental to your Sister-in-law’s health as well. She avoids it if she can,” said Mrs. Jin.

Jin Qingyue nodded and gave her a hug as she said, “Mother, I’m heading out.”


Upon meeting Shi Shaochuan, she said worriedly, “Because of this, I’ve instructed my mother not to let my sister-in-law read my fortune again, in case she finds out anything.”

Thinking that she was just overthinking, Shi Shaochuan replied apprehensively, “She can tell that your mother was feeling uncomfortable just by reading her fortune. But can she tell that we… killed someone by knocking them down? Do you actually think she has supernatural powers?”

“Mother said she’s psychic and has a third eye, do you know what that means? It means she can see the spirits of the dead.”

Shi Shaochuan was momentarily speechless. He then continued to say, “Then do you believe that she can see deities and gods?”

“Shaochuan, I’m scared. I actually believe my sister-in-law, though not completely. She instructed my mother not to leave the house at all for the entire month of November, but my mother left home on the day that my sister-in-law had met with a mishap. To our horror, she tripped on the steps at home and fell on her head, which caused some bleeding.”

“That was pure coincidence, it’s not convincing enough.” Taking a deep breath, he continued, “I’m an atheist, I don’t believe in anything except myself. I’m in charge of my own life, not heaven!”

“I think it’s better to be careful when it comes to such things. I still feel uneasy somehow,” Jin Qingyue cautioned worriedly.

“There’s nothing to worry about, no one will find out. Wang Fangfang’s parents can’t be found anyway, the police won’t be able to do anything. So just rest assured.”

Jin Qingyue began to feel much better after hearing his words of comfort.

“Shaochuan, don’t you have to go to the office today?”

“But you matter the most to me, don’t you? I’ve been so worried about you the past few days, so I’ve decided to keep you company today.”

Upon hearing his words, Jin Qingyue felt all warm and fuzzy inside. She asked, “So where should we go today?”

“Where would you like to go?”

“Let’s go to the amusement park then.”

“Alright, sit tight, I’m going to start driving.”


After breakfast, Chi Rui’er began scrolling through the news on her mobile phone in boredom.

She felt a huge sense of relief after realizing that there was no news of her online.

“Mr. Gu.”

Chi Rui’er looked up at the sight of Gu Beicheng, who was clad in a blue suit, a cold expression on his face. He stood before her at her bedside and kept his eyes fixed on her.

“You may go out first. I’d like to have a word with Ms. Chi privately,” he said, cocking his head slightly to the right.

“Alright.” The nurses then exited the ward. Gu Beicheng finally spoke up only after hearing the door close. “You should’ve slit harder, or better yet, just sliced off your entire wrist. You’d definitely die if you did that.”

“Gu Beicheng, did you come by just to tell me these?”

A faint smile formed on his face as he raised his brows and said, “Of course not. Chi Rui’er, I have no other purpose other than to tell you this. Jin Qingyan may have saved your life this time because he was quick to react. If it happens again, my family and I won’t just sit back or let you off easily. I’m sure you’re well aware that An Xiaoning is one of us. If you dare lay your hands on her again, I’ll shred you into pieces. You hear?”