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Even at this juncture, Chi Rui’er was still refusing to admit to what she had done. “What evidence do you have to say that I was the one who laid a hand on her? I didn’t slit my wrists because I felt guilty, I did it to prove my innocence!” she denied.

Gu Beicheng’s initial gaze of slight gentleness turned into a cold and deadly stare upon hearing her words. Noticing the change in his expression, Chi Rui’er knew it was the first sign of his impending anger. She quickly cocked her head to the side and hollered, “Gu Beicheng, get lost now, I don’t wish to see you!”

He gripped her bandaged wrist forcefully, causing Chi Rui’er immense pain each time he tightened his grip. “Ouch! Let go!” She winced in pain.

“Chi Rui’er, don’t play mind games with me. You should know clearly whether or not you were the one behind the act. Let me warn you right now, if you ever try to get people to lay a hand on An Xiaoning again, I’ll strangle you to death. Just you wait and see.” He shrugged her wrist away forcefully, causing her eyes to tear up in pain. She began to shiver, the sight of the blood-stained bandage sending a cold chill down her spine.

He then closed the door forcefully, startling her once again.

A nurse entered again and hurriedly called for the doctor to replace her bandage, having seen that her wrist had started to bleed again.

Gu Beicheng drove and made his way to Ye Xiaotian’s house.

Just as he arrived at the entrance of the living room, a rotten stench attacked his senses. The room reeked strongly of alcohol, and servants were cleaning up the mess.

“Where’s Xiaotian?”

“Sir has yet to wake up. Please take a seat first, Mr. Gu.”

“Here? But it’s so suffocating,” lamented Gu Beicheng as he pinched his nose and quickly made his way upstairs.

The door of the bedroom was wide open. Thus, he made his way inside and gave Ye Xiaotian a light smack on his face. “Hey, time to wake up.”

Opening his eyes and seeing that it was Gu Beicheng, Ye Xiaotian turned to lie on his stomach as he refused, “I’m very tired.”

“When did you go to sleep?”

“Four o’clock in the morning.”

Having caught a glimpse of a woman next to him in bed, Gu Beicheng asked, “Where’s Mo Li?”

Ye Xiaotian sat upright and took a look at the woman in his bed. At that instant, he suddenly seemed rather energized and no longer sleepy. He sprung up after lifting the blanket and made his way downstairs bare-footed. Startled, Gu Beicheng followed suit.

As Ye Xiaotian entered the basement, he felt his heart sink and went ahead to squat in front of Mo Li, who had passed out from excessive blood loss.

Lost and confused, he quickly carried her and fled the basement. Gu Beicheng inched forward to take a look at the spot on which Mo Li had fainted and discovered a small pail which was filled with bright, red blood.

He turned around and exited the basement, only to see that Ye Xiaotian had put Mo Li on the drip while she lay motionless on the couch, looking pale as a sheet.

“Look after her while I go change into a fresh set of clothes.”

Gu Beicheng nodded and said, “Go ahead.”

Ye Xiaotian headed upstairs and saw that the blonde-haired woman was still asleep in his bed. He put on his clothes and dragged her out of bed by her hair. The pain woke her up, and she hurriedly got dressed and left upon seeing him glare at her coldly.

The servants were slightly surprised at the sight of Mo Li and continued to tidy up the living room.

Mo Li was still unconscious even after a long period of time. Her phone began to ring and Ye Xiaotian answered the call after taking a look at the caller display. “What’s the matter?”

“Where’s Mo Li? Ye Xiaotian, get her on the line,” said Long Tianze.

“It’s not your call to decide whether I get her on the line or not. Long Tianze, you’d better stay out of our business. Otherwise, you shall bear the consequences.”

Not intimidated by his threat at all, Long Tianze retorted, “Ye Xiaotian, save it and cut the crap. What did you do to Mo Li? You damned jerk!”

“I did whatever I wanted. It’s none of your business,” Ye Xiaotian hissed, ending the call immediately after and turning off the mobile phone.

“Xiaotian, you’ve gone overboard this time. Look what you’ve done to her by putting her through all that torment,” Gu Beicheng chided.

Ye Xiaotian eased into a comfortable position and began fiddling with the lighter in his hand as he spoke, “This is what happens every time I catch her trying to escape. There’ll only be the case where I dump someone, never the other way round. She ought to be punished if she forgets.”

He glanced towards a servant and instructed, “Collect the blood in a container and give it to Ranran.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Only after the living room had been tidied up and sprayed with some air freshener did Gu Beicheng finally feel alright about taking a seat. “There are so many people in this world who share the same blood group, why does it have to be her?” he asked. “She’s not going to make it past another few years, if this goes on.”

“She’s just a woman. If she kicks the bucket, so be it. It doesn’t matter to me anyway,” Ye Xiaotian answered nonchalantly, though Gu Beicheng knew full well that the former actually cares about Mo Li deep down.

Mo Li woke up to their conversation, only to hear what Ye Xiaotian had said before she even opened her eyes. Tears began to stream down her face. She felt hurt and upset even though she had long given up on him.

She had set her mind to spend each waking moment planning her escape from him, for as long as she was alive. She was all bent on leaving the monster that was Ye Xiaotian and never appear in front of him again, ever. Never again.

Ye Xiaotian then went out together with Gu Beicheng after instructing the servants to look after her and give him a call when she comes to.

Mo Li woke up as soon as he left and removed the needle from the back of her hand. She pressed onto the needle hole and hurriedly made her way back to the room.

In the shower, Mo Li stared blankly at the spot on her arm which was bruised from the blood-drawing, seemingly already numb and used to it.

After blow-drying her hair, she intentionally caked on a layer of makeup on her face. Despite looking slightly better than before, she was still unable to conceal the paleness of her face.

As she carried her bag and prepared to leave, the servant reminded, “Please come home quickly.”

Mo Li retorted coldly, “You’re indeed starting to resemble a dog, after having stayed with one for so long.”

“You’re no different from us, Ms. Mo. In fact, you’re worse than a dog.”

Mo Li headed out with a stiff face and a heavy heart. The servant was right. In the eyes of Ye Xiaotian, she was indeed worth less than a dog.

She returned to the home of the Long’s.

Mo Li’s mother was thrilled at the sight of her return and said, “Tianze had asked me repeatedly why you didn’t answer your phone.”

“Is he at home now?”

“Yes, I’ll go get him,” answered Mrs. Mo. However, she was stopped by Mo Li. “Mom, I’ll go look for him myself later. I actually came here because I have something to tell you. Mom, I’d like to go somewhere very far away. Thus, I might not be able to see you for a long time.”

“What do you mean? Mo Li, why do you look so pale, what happened?” asked a worried Mrs. Mo as she looked at her daughter.

“Nothing, Mom, it’s just… I’d like to escape to somewhere far, far away, but he won’t let go of me.”

“But you’re at home right now, can he still take you away forcefully?” said Mrs. Mo. She felt as if a million daggers had pierced her heart upon hearing Mo Li’s words.

“Mom…” After taking a deep breath, Mo Li continued, “He can. So don’t worry if I don’t come back again in the future, I’ll come back to visit you one day. Rest assured.”

“Li-Li…” cried a teary-eyed Mrs. Mo as she held onto Mo Li’s hand.

“I’ll go look for Tianze,” said Mo Li while turning away from her mother. She could not bear the sight of the latter being upset.

Long Tianze was startled at the paleness of her face, the moment he saw her. He asked in shock, “Are you on drugs?”

“No. Tianze, please take care of my family while I’m away,” requested Mo Li while sitting down beside him.

“What do you mean? Where are you going?”

“I’d like to escape, to a place so far away he will never find me, and find a man more powerful than him. Tianze, I don’t have another choice.”