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Noticing the spot on her hand which had been pricked by the needle, Long Tianze asked, “You got an injection?”

“I caught a cold so I was put on the drip.”

Shifting his gaze towards her wrist, Long Tianze again noticed a bruise and quickly rolled up her sleeves to have a clearer look. His face immediately stiffened at the sight of the bruise and spot on her hands.

“What’s… this? Is he abusing you?”

Mo Li was at a loss for words, too afraid to speak.

“Speak up! Tell me the truth! What happened?” exclaimed the flabbergasted Long Tianze.

“His fiancé, Bai Ranran, has been diagnosed with a disease where her body is not capable of renewing and producing blood on its own…”

Stunned at what he had just heard, Long Tianze asked, “That damned jerk is drawing your blood to keep Bai Ranran alive?”

“Yes… Tianze, please keep this from everyone else, including my family.”

Long Tianze was almost too furious for words. He exclaimed, “When did this begin? Have you been hiding it from me for a long time!?”

“It had been going on for quite some time, indeed. I didn’t dare to tell you about it. I’ve also tried escaping many times before, but to no avail. He would manage to get his hands on me and nab me back, every single time. He even threatened to kill my family should I try to escape again…” Lowering her voice, Mo Li continued, almost whispering, “Tianze, if I ever manage to escape successfully, my family…”

“Where are you going to run to?”

“I don’t know.”

“You silly girl, I reckon you wouldn’t have planned to tell me about this if it hadn’t been for the fact that I discovered it myself,” said Long Tianze, who was filled with worry.

“How about I discuss this with Qingyan and arrange for you to put up at their house in the future? Ye Xiaotian wouldn’t have the guts to step foot onto Qingyan’s territory. If you’d still like to flee far, far away, then we can get him to arrange for that, after you’ve lived with them for some time. It would be safer that way. I’m afraid you will be caught again if you choose to escape alone.”

Mo Li nodded in agreement, and said, “Please talk to him about it.”

Long Tianze gave Jin Qingyan a call at that instant and asked where he was. Upon hearing that Jin Qingyan was at home, Long Tianze informed him that he would be making his way there and ended the call before Jin Qingyan could even react.

He then left hand in hand with Mo Li and drove towards Jin Qingyan’s villa.

Puzzled at the sight of Jin Qingyan lying in bed in his pajamas, Long Tianze asked, “Why aren’t you at the office today?”

“Um… I felt like taking a day off.”

Long Tianze rolled his eyes and advised earnestly, “I suppose you’ve had a long battle in bed last night, haven’t you? You wouldn’t have taken a day off otherwise. Mr. Jin, you should take good care of your body.”

“Get lost. What’s up? Spit it, looking at you being all anxious, it doesn’t seem like you came all the way here just to have an idle chat with me,” Jin Qingyan hissed at the sarcastic remark.

“Of course I didn’t, I’m really busy too myself.”

“Then get straight to the point.”

“Qingyan, please allow Mo Li to stay here. That imbecile, Ye Xiaotian, has been treating her like a living blood bank. He’s been drawing her blood to keep his fiancé alive,” pleaded Long Tianze as he pulled Mo Li closer to show Jin Qingyan the bruises and welts on her arm.

Jin Qingyan sat upright to take a look at the syringe hole. Noticing the paleness of Mo Li’s face, he asked immediately, “Mo Li, what are your plans?”

“What plans could she possibly have? She said she wanted to run away, and she did, but he had caught her every single time. How far can she go by herself?”

“Qingyan, I really don’t have another choice, apart from escaping and marrying someone else. I can’t stay here forever either, so I’m thinking of marrying someone who’s richer and more powerful than he is. Qingyan, you have a large social network, could you introduce me to someone? It doesn’t matter even if he’s a foreigner, I’m willing to marry him as long as he’s decent,” Mo Li said softly.

Jin Qingyan and Long Tianze exchanged glances. Jin Qingyan found her suggestion to be a great idea. After all, she had to get married sooner or later.

“Just stay here for now. There’s everything you need here so you don’t have to go out, lest he finds you. I’ll look for a suitable chap to introduce you to,” comforted Jin Qingyan. Although Mo Li was younger than him, they had grown up together and she had always been around Long Tianze. It had never occurred to Jin Qingyan that she would get herself involved with Ye Xiaotian.

Mo Li nodded her head in gratitude and said, “I’m fine with anyone below the age of 45. It doesn’t matter if he’s divorced or widowed either.”

Jin Qingyan gazed at her in pity and replied reassuringly, “Alright, if I find someone who has a great personality and is richer and more powerful than Ye Xiaotian, I’ll set you up with him.”

“Thank you.”

“Tianze, there are guest rooms on the first floor. Pick one for Mo Li and bring her to buy some clothes and daily necessities. Don’t bother collecting the things she left at Ye Xiaotian’s house.”

“Alright,” said Long Tianze as he headed out with Mo Li.

Jin Qingyan placed his laptop in front of him and a suitable candidate popped up in his mind — he was someone more powerful than Ye Xiaotian and was known for his good temper.

He logged on to the communication platform and tapped on an English name, “Byron,” in the contacts list. It translated into “Bailun” in Mandarin.

The connection was quickly established. Soon after, Jin Qingyan turned on the video chat function.

He was a handsome man who exuded a mature charisma, coupled with ravishing features. He had a pair of alluring, blue eyes, a high and defined nose bridge, and rosy lips. Although he was already 40 years old, he looked to be only in his thirties.

“Hi, Byron.”

“Hi, Qingyan.”

“What have you been busy with lately?” Jin Qingyan asked with a smile.

“I’ve been on vacation the past few days. Is it still snowing at your side?”

“Not yet, but it’s freezing.” Instead of beating around the bush, Jin Qingyan cut to the chase and said, “Byron, it’s been so long since you’ve divorced your wife. Have you ever thought about finding another one?”

Byron burst into laughter and answered, “Seems like you’re planning to set me up with someone.”

“Indeed, not gonna deny that. She’s a pitiful woman, and she’s asked for me to help her look for refuge,” Jin Qingyan said blatantly, with no intention of hiding the truth at all.

Upon hearing his words, Byron asked, suddenly serious, “Oh gosh, what type of a man is that? Who is he?”

“I’ll tell you more when we meet. So, are you interested in visiting S Nation? I’ll be more than happy to welcome you and show you around,” Jin Qingyan said calmly.

“Sure, I’ve been here for a while. I haven’t seen you in so long, couldn’t even make it for your wedding because my father was in a critical condition then. I’ll make it up to you now. I’d also like to take a look at the girl you’ve mentioned. By the way, have you got a photo of her?” he said with a nod.

“Of course, I’ll send it to you later,” said Jin Qingyan, after which he proceeded to send Byron a photo with Mo Li, Long Tianze, and himself in it, which he had found in the photo album on his phone.

Byron was pleased at first glance, and he praised excitedly, “What a charming and unique woman. Just my type.”

Upon hearing his remark, Jin Qingyan saw a glimmer of hope in freeing Mo Li from Ye Xiaotian. He thought it would be a good idea to set her up with Byron.

After settling on a date, Jin Qingyan called Long Tianze, who then made his way upstairs together with Mo Li.

“I just spoke to a friend from overseas a while ago. I think he’s a rather suitable choice for you, Mo Li. Tianze, you two have a look at his photo,” said Jin Qingyan, handing them the tablet.

Long Tianze was surprised at the sight of Byron’s photo and asked, “Qingyan, isn’t this Prince Byron? He’s royalty!”

“Aren’t we supposed to look for someone of higher status and power than Ye Xiaotian? I’ve shown him a photo of Mo Li. He’s on vacation now and will be boarding a flight here tomorrow,” explained Jin Qingyan.