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“I was just surprised, that’s all. Mo Li, what do you think?” said Long Tianze as he turned to look at Mo Li.

“I trust Qingyan’s taste.”

Smiling, Jin Qingyan said, “He won’t be inheriting the throne, thus he’s just a Prince by name. His main profession is being a businessman, and he’s known for his great temper — a man of quality indeed. Mo Li, you’ll lead a happy life if you get together with him.”

Mo Li nodded and began to tear up at the thought of her impending chance at a new life.


When she returned home, upon hearing about Mo Li’s predicament, An Xiaoning realized that Jin Qingyan was right about Ye Xiaotian being a malicious and villainous man.

“How did you find someone for Mo Li in such a short time? Turns out he’s a royal too?”

“I’ve always been highly efficient.”

As if she was reminded of something, she nodded fervently and sneered, “Indeed, you’re exceptionally efficient at offending others because of Chi Rui’er. No one can compare to you when it comes to that.”

“Byron is flying over tomorrow, and he’s estimated to arrive in the afternoon. Dress Mo Li up and give her a makeover, change her hairdo and pick out some designer clothes for her.”

“Sure, of course, but before that… please transfer 20 million dollars to my account. Why haven’t you done that yet?” said An Xiaoning, a sudden change in her tone.

“I’ve been busy the entire day and didn’t have time to do it. I’ll proceed with that tomorrow.”

With a squint, An Xiaoning said, “You’re not thinking of going back on your word, are you?” Sliding him his laptop, she demanded, “Transfer it now.”

He had no choice but to transfer 20 million dollars into her account, right in front of her. Only after receiving the text message notifying her of the completed transfer did An Xiaoning finally say something that was easy on the ears, “Ever since I’ve gotten together with you, I’ve been thriving economically. Seems like you really do bring me good fortune.”

“What are you waiting for then? It’s time to treat me better. Come here and help me apply some medicine.”

An Xiaoning turned around to remove her makeup while she sat at the dressing table. Staring at his reflection in the mirror, she said, “Don’t assume that everyone is capable of bringing me fortune. You’re blessed to be able to do so.”


After removing her makeup, An Xiaoning tied her hair into a bun and said, “I’m going to go swim with my coach in our hot spring now.”

“You’ve already neglected me for the entire day. Why… aren’t you accompanying me in the evening too?” he lamented grudgingly, sounding rather displeased. However, his words had not affected An Xiaoning, not one bit at all.

“Oh, Lord Jin, why do you still need my company? You’ve got a bevy of beauties to choose from. Bye, I’m leaving.”

“Hold up. Why did you stop letting Mei Yangyang teach you how to swim?” he asked, sounding serious all of a sudden.

“She would be beat from an entire day of work. I’ll just get the swimming coach to teach me. I have to learn it well, no matter what,” she answered and left after grabbing a clean towel.

After she had exited, a sudden question popped up in Jin Qingyan’s mind — was the coach male or female?

He lifted the bedsheets and put on some clothes, before following her to the hot spring pool.

It was warm as summer in the hot spring.

An Xiaoning was swimming laps around the pool in her swimsuit, while the coach stood on the platform to supervise her. Although he was quite a distance away, the perfectly chiseled and toned eight-pack abdominal muscles belonging to the young and suave coach had caught Jin Qingyan’s eye. The male coach’s toned and muscular build was exceptionally striking as he stood there, clad in nothing except a pair of swimming trunks and a swimming cap.

Jin Qingyan peeked beneath his shirt at his midsection, only to realize that he only had a six-pack. He was obviously short of two, compared to the coach. It seems he had not been hitting the gym hard and intensely enough, despite his frequent workout sessions.

After An Xiaoning had finished warming up, the coach then dived into the pool from the platform and began briefing her about the important things she had to look out for while swimming. He then proceeded to start on the lesson proper.

Jin Qingyan’s eyes seethed in anger as he watched the handsome coach place his hands on An Xiaoning’s legs and back, finding it to be an eyesore.

He could not help but let his imagination run wild, despite being well aware that there was nothing between her and the coach. A plethora of scenes began to pop up in his mind.

For example, the first would be An Xiaoning giggling with joy as she caressed his abdominal muscles while squealing, “Coach Hottie, my husband doesn’t have abs as defined as yours. You’re so attractive!”

An alternative would be An Xiaoning resting on the sunbed while saying to the coach next to her, “Coach Hottie, let’s go to the swimming complex for our lesson tomorrow, it’s so inconvenient at my house…”

He snapped back into reality when he could not continue imaging it further. He began to wonder if he would become hysterical, should the scenes in his head come true.

“Sir…” Jin Qingyan was startled at the sudden sound of Fan Shixin’s voice.

After getting a grip on himself, he turned around to look at him and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Why are you standing here? Get inside.”

“Who said I was going to?” he said with a shrug and placed his hands behind him, while Fan Shixin followed beside him.

“You think that coach is not bad too, huh? He’s received a lot of awards. I hired him immediately after Young Madam got me to find her one,” said Fan Shixin.

Jin Qingyan stopped in his tracks and said with a squint, “You’re the one who hired him?”

“Mhm, I was the one who found him,” answered Fan Shixin.

With a faint smile, Jin Qingyan suggested, “Shixin, I haven’t seen you work out in a while. Go run thirty laps around our yard.”

Fan Shixin was momentarily stunned as his face turned stiff. “Sir, are you kidding?” said an appalled Fan Shixin.

“I’m not, hurry and go.”

‘Yes…” Fan Shixin was filled with immense regret about his decision to tell him about it. Judging from his reaction, Jin Qingyan was definitely jealous, without a doubt!

Jin Qingyan stopped straightening his back and slowed down his pace. Before he even realized, he had arrived back at the entrance of the hot spring.

He headed in straight away.

An Xiaoning pretended not to notice that he was approaching. Meanwhile, he removed all his clothes and dived straight into the pool with just his underwear on.

Hit by the huge splash of water, An Xiaoning wiped the water off her face with her hand and snapped, “Can’t you dive in from that side instead?”

“But you’re here, aren’t you?” he said firmly, as if he had every reason to.

An Xiaoning ignored him and continued to swim.

Jin Qingyan began swimming in backstroke and soaked in the hot spring.

He stayed inside the pool throughout the entire course of An Xiaoning’s two-hour lesson. After the lesson ended, the coach left.

The couple was then left alone in the massive pool.

An Xiaoning’s legs were sore from soaking in the pool for an extended period of time, and thus, she decided to get out. Just as she was getting ready to get out of the pool, he stopped her by grabbing her arm forcefully as he called her name, “An Xiaoning.”


“What do you think of this coach?”

“He’s pretty good, very responsible and great at teaching. Hmm… he’s brilliant in every aspect. I’ve also realized that there is an abundance of outstanding men in this world, from all walks of life and types of profession. I guess I won’t have to worry about being left on the shelf, if we ever get a divorce,” An Xiaoning teased, grinning from ear to ear.

“You’re thinking of getting a divorce?”

“That’ll depend on your performance.”

He inched forward and held her tightly in his arms. He glared at her and said, “Try getting a divorce, if you dare.”

She looked down with her chin up. ” I’m all game for it. Did he forget about the wish he had promised to grant me? Besides, there’s no way he can reject it ,” An Xiaoning thought to herself.

Seeing that she refused to speak, he grasped her chin and stared deeply into her eyes. “Say something.”

“What’s there to say? Haven’t I already said that it’ll depend on how you behave? Jin Qingyan, there’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t dare to do. I have my boundaries, don’t try to push past it,” An Xiaoning warned while maintaining her composure.