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He wrapped his arms around her and launched a sneak attack. An Xiaoning was caught off guard and taken aback by his sudden move.

He pressed his lips against hers and began smooching her, completely unrestrained.

An idea popped up in An Xiaoning’s head as she got reminded of his injury at his private area, which made him extremely vulnerable.

At that instant, she reciprocated and slipped into a deep passionate kiss with him, to the joy of Jin Qingyan. Locking lips with immense passion, the pair frolicked in the pool, overwhelmed with feelings of tenderness.

Trying to take things further, An Xiaoning wrapped her legs around his waist with a leap and began rubbing her body against him up and down seductively as she straddled him. At this juncture, Jin Qingyan began to realize that, as much as he had a burning desire to, he could not act in accordance with his wishes.

His initial passion began to fade. Sensing the shift in his mood, An Xiaoning asked with an eyebrow raised, “What’s wrong?”

“You did that on purpose, you knew I was injured there! Yet you…”

“Hubby, you’ve wronged me, I was only conceding to your request. You tried to get me in the mood despite knowing very well that you’re injured, so that’s your fault, not mine,” An Xiaoning retorted and turned around to get out of the pool. She draped a towel over herself and gave her legs a big stretch before heading to change in a relaxed manner.

Jin Qingyan followed suit, and the couple exited the hot spring room, only to see Fan Shixin sprawled across the bench, panting heavily. Seeing them approaching, he stood up and greeted, “Sir, Young Madam.”

“What did you do? You’re dripping with sweat,” asked An Xiaoning.

“Ask your husband,” Fan Shixin said grudgingly, managing to get a few words out.

“I’ve noticed that Shixin hasn’t worked out in a long while, thus I instructed him to go for a run, lest he gets all rusty inside. Let’s go,” said Jin Qingyan as he placed his hands behind him, as if it was all for Fan Shixin’s own good.


Ye Xiaotian was enraged at the fact that Mo Li had not returned the entire night.

Thinking that she had tried to escape again, he began to find that the punishments he had subjected her to previously were obviously not severe enough.

However, after some investigation, he discovered that Mo Li and Long Tianze had gone to look for Jin Qingyan. Only Long Tianze was seen leaving the house, whereas Mo Li had remained inside throughout the night.

Ye Xiaotian knew since then that Jin Qingyan had gotten involved in the matter.

He decided to give Jin Qingyan a call personally, but the latter did not respond.

Ye Xiaotian then gave Mo Li call, only to find that she had switched off her phone.

Thus, he decided to make a trip there himself.

It was past 10 o’clock when Ye Xiaotian arrived at the entrance of Jin Qingyan’s villa, where Fan Shixin proceeded to usher him in.

Jin Qingyan was seated, and clad in a black-collared sweater beneath a bright, red coat, he exuded an aura of arrogance.

Ye Xiaotian entered and sat down opposite him. “Where’s Mo Li?” he asked bluntly.

Jin Qingyan looked up at him and sneered, “Mr. Ye, I think your parents have spoiled you so much and given you a cloistered life since childhood, to the point where you’re completely ignorant of the current societal standards. Mo Li hasn’t sold herself to you, neither is she your personal belonging. It’s entirely her freedom to roam wherever she wants, and you have no right to restrict her. Besides…”

Raising his voice, he spoke in clipped, staccato sentences, “How shameless of you to have the cheek to come here to ask for her whereabouts, after all that imbecile acts you’ve done to her.”

“Get her to come out, we’ll talk about everything here face-to-face.”

“But she doesn’t wish to see you,” refused Jin Qingyan as he gestured his hand.

“Then tell me which room she’s in, I’ll go look for her myself.”

“Please have some tea, Mr. Ye. I’ll go ask Mo Li if she’s willing to thrash things out with you. This issue has to come to a clean break, anyway,” said An Xiaoning as she brought some tea over on a tray and placed it onto the table.

She then stood up and headed to Mo Li’s room.

After 10 minutes had passed, Mo Li came out of her room. Her face full of immaculate makeup, she was clad in a set of exquisite, designer clothing. She looked more gorgeous than ever and exuded sartorial elegance. Long Tianze had bought her all that makeup and clothing. She would usually only put on some light and casual makeup. However, she had woken up exceptionally early that morning just to doll herself up.

The initial delicate look of gentleness on her face diminished at the sight of Ye Xiaotian. However, she felt at peace because both Jin Qingyan and An Xiaoning were present.

An Xiaoning held onto her hand and pulled her onto the couch. “What are we going to talk about?” asked Mo Li.

“Come home with me,” said Ye Xiaotian, keeping his eyes fixed on her face. It was the first time in a long while that he had observed her features carefully, only to realize how scarily thin she had gotten. In fact, she looked sick and emaciated, as if she had been suffering from a chronic illness.

“If I go home with you, will I still have to continue being your blood bank and allow you to draw all my blood until the very last drop?”

Mo Li spoke with extraordinary composure. An Xiaoning was starting to get worked up, despite only being an outsider in the situation. She began to wonder how heartbroken and dejected Mo Li must have been previously, to be able to remain so unfazed and calm.

“I won’t do that, as long as you’re obedient,” said Ye Xiaotian, feeling a little heart-wrenched.

“I don’t wish to be enslaved to you any longer, Ye Xiaotian. You’re rich and powerful. There are many women like me out there whom you’re free to choose from, you don’t have to keep me in purgatory. I’d given you my life since I was 18. It’s been four years now, I’m already 22. I actually almost forgot that I’m human. As a woman, I need and want to be loved and taken care of. So, Ye Xiaotian, I don’t wish to see you ever again in my life, I’ll no longer be your subject of torment,” Mo Li said extremely calmly, as if she was talking about something that didn’t matter to her at all.

Upon hearing her words, Ye Xiaotian began to feel worried and pleaded as his pupils constricted, “Mo Li, I won’t do that to you again, I promise. Is that okay?”

Mo Li stood up and walked away without saying a word to him. Her very silence had said a lot.

There was no way she would return to his side, for it was such a rare opportunity for her to leave him for good, which she had been hoping for, for the longest time ever. No way…

Having returned to her room, Mo Li sat by her bed as her hands trembled uncontrollably.

She felt cold from head to toe as she recalled the threatening glare in his eyes back in the living room earlier. However, after having already come thus far, she could not concede defeat.

“I suppose Mo Li has already made herself clear about everything that needed to be said. There’s no need for us to continue dwelling on this matter. Shixin, please see him out,” instructed Jin Qingyan.

“Mr. Ye, please,” said Fan Shixin with a gesture for him to follow.

Ye Xiaotian rose from his seat and said sternly, “Mr. Jin, as long as I want something, I’ll do whatever it takes to obtain it, no matter what it is.”

“Then let me tell you something, there’ll always be an abundance of people far capable than you are. It’s up to you to do whatever you want, if you have the ability to.”

Ye Xiaotian exited the door in a flash.

Unfortunately, he happened to bump into Long Tianze who had just alighted from his car. Upon the sight of Ye Xiaotian, Long Tianze immediately threw a punch at him, without saying a word at all.

Ye Xiaotian was struck in his face and began bleeding from his nose profusely. Instead of retaliating, he reached out to wipe the blood off his nose with his hands and said, “I don’t wish to hit you right here. Long Tianze, you’d better watch out next time.”

Upon hearing his words, Long Tianze grew into a sudden rage and began attacking him with all his might.

Ye Xiaotian was not an easy one to deal with, for he possessed a repertoire of superior martial arts skills.

Although it was indeed a tough battle for Long Tianze, he was not one to be trifled with either and did not lag far behind.

The immense rage and anger within Long Tianze had spurred him to win the fight against the skilled opponent that was Ye Xiaotian. Gradually, Ye Xiaotian began to show signs of defeat while Long Tianze gained the upper hand, despite the two having comparable skills at the beginning.

Ye Xiaotian grew out of breath and completely exhausted while Long Tianze was still strong. He mounted atop Ye Xiaotian and began rapidly landing multiple punches on his face, beating him to a pulp. Even then, he was unstoppable.