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Mrs. Chi shook her hands off. Bewildered and annoyed, she questioned her fiercely, “What’s wrong with you, why are you forcing me to live with you out of the blue? I’m living perfectly well here.”

Chi Rui’er could not express what she wanted to say. Seeing her mother like that, she asked in a fit of anger, “Is it me or him? Make a choice. If you choose him, I’ll never return to this house ever again!”

Mrs. Chi was in an utter state of shock. “Are you forcing your mother? Rui’er, how could you be so heartless? Your biological father died early — he is the one who supported us and raised you. How could you say such words?”

Chi Rui’er sneered. “If Mother knew the truth, would you still say this?”

“What do you mean?”

“Since you chose him, then I’ll never return here again. You’ve lived with him for so many years and yet you can’t see his true colors. Since you’re willing to live in deceit, I’ve nothing to say about that. But this house, I’ll never step in here ever again.” She turned and called her men to follow. They then left immediately.

Mrs. Chi thought she was speaking out of spite, so she did not chase after her and let her leave.

After cooking and serving the dishes, she then remarked, “Rui’er insisted on me moving to her place. She said a bunch of stuff for no rhyme or reason.”

Mr. Chi replied without batting an eyelid, “She’s had something against me since she was young. After all, I’m not her biological father.”

“I didn’t leave with her, did I? I thought of what would happen to you if I were gone, you don’t cook or do any housework.” Mrs. Chi looked at him. “Rui’er’s old enough already. She’ll get married someday — it’d be somewhat inconvenient if I lived there, compared to living in our own house.”

“Why would you want to live in someone else’s house? You have to listen to others about everything. Even if she’s your own daughter, you’ll have to be at her disposal.”

Mrs. Chi nodded in agreement. “That’s right. I’ll be going for my church service in the afternoon.”

“You go then, leave your phone at home.”


Chi Rui’er went home and ate. She received a message from her mother’s handphone getting her to come back alone, claiming that her stepfather was out and she wanted to have a good talk with her.

She thought for a moment. It was her own mother after all, so she made her way home again, this time alone.


“Your mother’s gone to church.” Mr. Chi locked the door from the inside. Chi Rui’er turned and saw that it was him. Immediately outraged, she shrieked, “You sent that text with my mother’s phone?!”

“What a clever child.” Mr. Chi approached her while Chi Rui’er backed off rapidly.

“My men are still outside.”

“I’ve already looked out the window just now, there’s no one outside at all. You’re really obedient towards your mother.” His eyes twinkled with amusement. “Your dad would probably never have expected, his wife and daughter are both my women — when I die and meet him, I must definitely brag about this to him.”

Chi Rui’er’s face stiffened and she cursed him furiously, “Yang Yongcai, you’ll die a horrible death!”

Mr. Chi gave a cold smile, went forward, and grabbed Chi Rui’er’s neck forcefully. “Scold me — come on, continue scolding me — I’m listening.”

With her neck being severely constricted, Chi Rui’er could not make a single sound and could only use her limbs to kick him desperately.

She was thrown onto the bed with all his strength. “You little brat. I thought you would stay away from here forever. Well, don’t you come back.”

Chi Rui’er sprung up from the bed, trying to get off, but he gripped her by her hair and said callously, “Just let me relieve myself and you can leave earlier. If not, when your mother comes back, she might really get a heart attack and just die like that.”

She just gave up struggling.

It was the umpteenth time already. Ever since she was young, until now… she had lost count already.

This time would be just like one of those times anyway.

After she left this time, she would never return to this house ever again.

Mr. Chi opened the drawer and took out a huge black pill to eat, then he began to undress himself.

Chi Rui’er closed her eyes, silently enduring the physical suffering she was going through because of him.

At five in the afternoon, after he had finished handling his work, Jin Qingyan stood up to stretch himself. His secretary knocked on the door just then, reporting to him, “CEO Jin, Ms. Chi is here looking for you.”

“Let her in.”

Chi Rui’er was wearing black leggings with a red leather skirt. Her top was a white down coat, her long hair was draped over her shoulders, and she had specially put on makeup on her face. Once she’d entered, she closed his office door shut.

“Qingyan, after you get off work, shall we have dinner together?”

“No thanks, my wife is waiting for me to have dinner together at home.”

“…” Chi Rui’er was slightly dissatisfied, but she quickly returned to normal and said earnestly with a wide grin, “I’ve something important to tell you. Just half an hour is all I need. Qingyan, we haven’t met in a week. I’m just treating you to a meal, you won’t even show me some face?”

Seeing her like that, it was as if Jin Qingyan was looking at her a few years ago. She was exactly like that back then. He replied coldly, “Anything important, you can just tell me here.”

Chi Rui’er moved closer and stood right before him. She looked up and stared at Jin Qingyan. “Qingyan, all I want now is just to treat you to a meal. Is it that hard to agree to it?”

“I don’t want my wife to misunderstand.”

Chi Rui’er could never have expected this. One day, he would actually use his own wife to reject her request.

She really never saw this coming.

From her memory of him, Jin Qingyan loved her exceptionally much.

Why would he reject her because of a wife whom he did not love?

It was simply impossible!

“Qingyan, you’ve changed.”

Jin Qingyan looked down at her. “Which part of me has changed?”

“Everything about you has changed. I’m afraid in your heart now, I’m just someone insignificant to you. But I don’t believe An Xiaoning is capable of changing you in such a short time.” Chi Rui’er continued desperately, “Tell me, do you still love me?”

“Rui’er, when you ask me this, do you take into account my present status?”

“I don’t want to think of what status you have now, I just want to know whether you still love me!” Chi Rui’er sulked and cried, “It was a question that you could easily answer last time, but why can’t you utter a single word right now! Is it just because you’re married now? Qingyan, you can’t fool me. I know I didn’t grab hold of you in time, I regret it so much too. I need you badly now, Qingyan.”

Her eyes began to redden. She grabbed his waist and hugged him, rested her head tightly against his chest, and said, “Qingyan, I can only rely on you now. Don’t leave me alone.”

Jin Qingyan pinned down her shoulders and pushed her away. “I’ll take care of everything in your life, don’t worry.”

“I don’t lack anything in my life now, I just need a man. How are you going to take care of that?”

Jin Qingyan sat down and started spinning the fountain pen in his hand. “I’ll introduce some to you, how about that?”

“Who’s making you do that?” She remained standing beside him. “Qingyan, you’re so smart. Don’t tell me you don’t understand what I’m saying?”

“Rui’er!” His gaze was sharp and powerful, piercing right through Chi Rui’er’s eyes. “You’re becoming more and more insensible. I have a wife now, and I’m leading a happy life too.”

“Happy?” She sneered. “You’re living with a woman you don’t love, how will you be happy like that?”

“We’re passionate almost every night, how can I not be happy?”