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Reaching the bedroom, she sat on the bed while watching him bring out a black plastic bag from his briefcase.

“What’s that?”

He passed it to her. “Open it.”

An Xiaoning took it from him and opened the bag, then took out a piece of thong underwear.

“Wear it for me later after you bathe.”

“…” An Xiaoning was about to vomit blood. “You really want me to wear it?”

“Of course. I picked it especially for you. You have to wear it.” His tone was firm. “Tonight, I want to play something different with you.”

“I’m tired, I want to sleep. I don’t want to play anything. No, no, no!” An Xiaoning lay on the bed, refusing to comply with his arrangement.

“I’ll go and run the water for the bath. Quickly, wear it, let’s bathe together.”

“Jin Qingyan, what’s wrong with you today?”

“Nothing much.” He turned and went into the bathroom. An Xiaoning could hear the sound of water running inside almost immediately.

The heater made the room warmer gradually. She stood up and took another look at the piece of unique underwear which had been especially picked out by him.

The corners of her lips curled into a smile. She then slipped into the dressing room, opened the closet door, and crawled inside. Closing the closet door lightly, she rested inside to take a shut-eye.

However, before two minutes had even passed, she could hear the sound of footsteps entering the dressing room.

The footsteps slowly approached her, the sound of every step was loud and powerful.

An Xiaoning did not even dare to make a breathing sound. With the footsteps getting closer and closer, she became a bundle of nerves. Could it be that he knew she was there?

While she was in an agonizing situation wherein her heart was in her mouth, the closet door was ultimately not opened.

Even after quite some time, nobody came to open the door.

An Xiaoning could finally no longer endure it. She pushed the door open slightly to reveal a small gap in the wardrobe. Her eyes instantly met his deep smiling gaze.

That smile gave her the chills all over.

At last, she pushed open the closet door and came out from inside, acting like nothing had happened. She asked casually with her innocent eyes, “Hubby, why did I fall asleep lying in the wardrobe?”

Jin Qingyan saw her pretense and the smile on his face grew deeper. “Playing hide-and-seek? You’re not skilled enough for me.”

“How did you find me?”

Getting out of the dressing room, he was unable to hold back his laughter. “You’re usually so smart, what’s become of your brain now? Your slippers were by the bedside, and I was just in the bathroom for a short while, where else could you be besides the closet?”

“The bath water’s done?”

“It’s done. Everything’s all ready, all that’s left is for you to come.”

An Xiaoning started undressing herself. “Tell me truthfully, did you receive some kind of blow today?”

“Nothing of that sort, shouldn’t our usual married life be like this?”

“Hmph, I don’t believe you.”

“Then I’ll use my actions to prove it.”

Wearing that piece of sexy underwear in front of him, An Xiaoning was to some extent embarrassed. A moment later, her whole body was abruptly carried away by him, giving An Xiaoning a huge scare.

He carried her in his arms and headed into the bathroom. The heater was turned on inside so there was steam rising at the top of the bathtub.

After she was put down in the bathtub water, An Xiaoning noticed a small box placed at the side. There were five or six condoms placed inside.

He actually put so many…

“Why do you have your phone with you when you’re bathing?”

He passed the phone to her. “I especially searched the meaning of ’69’ for you, didn’t you not know about it?”

An Xiaoning took the phone from him and cast a glance, her face turning beetroot immediately. “You… you want me to do that with you?”

He appeared very calm and tossed his phone aside, turning the lights off straight away.

“What did you switch the lights off for?”

“I know you’re embarrassed, I’m trying to consider your feelings.”

“Ouch! Jin Qingyan! You’re stepping on my leg! ”




By the time the two had laid down in bed, An Xiaoning felt that the two of them had been brought closer again. But at the thought of his true colors, she still silently reminded herself never to fall into the trap of his honeyed gestures. He was most capable of using such sweet intimate gestures to bury others alive.

“Why aren’t you talking?”

“Don’t know what to say.” An Xiaoning turned over, gazing at him under the dim lighting. “Tell me, exactly what kind of person are you?”

“I’m a good person.”

“Are you really this shameless?”

He turned over to face her as well. “What kind of person I am, you’ll know that in the future.”

“But I’m not sure if I’ll have so much time to understand what kind of person you are. When we just got married, I felt that this marriage was one that would last a lifetime. Now, I’m not so sure anymore.”

“I will never divorce you because of Chi Rui’er.”

“Don’t say your words too early,” An Xiaoning replied in a gentle and calm voice. “Life is full of uncertainties. You may think that what you’re saying now is how you truly feel, but it may change in the future. Take things as they come — if one day you end up in a blind alley, I won’t force you to land yourself in a passive position.”

He pulled her into his arms tightly. “You’re afraid of something that has yet to happen? What’s the point of thinking about the future? Everything is fine now, that’s what matters.”

That’s true.

The news of Mo Li and Byron’s upcoming wedding spread across the globe. Even though Byron had no claim to the throne, he was still a member of Y Nation’s royal family. Furthermore, he was a famous businessman. News of his remarriage rapidly occupied the top spots on various media platforms.

At the same time, his previous marriage with his ex-wife resurfaced as a topic of discussion. Not only that, Mo Li’s background and identity in S Nation was also exposed.

Although she had been Ye Xiaotian’s woman for four years, she was not spared from such news.

Byron was a whole 18 years older than she was, and her family was mere civilians. It was natural for the media to insinuate that she was materialistic and greedy for power.

Ye Xiaotian had a fiancée, Bai Ranran. She knew it was impossible with him already, so she grabbed hold of Byron.

However, they did not intend to make any statement, which left the outside world to speculate among themselves. It did not seem to affect Byron and Mo Li at all.

The two were bombarded by the media when they went out together. When asked about when they were getting married, Byron revealed frankly, “We’re getting our marriage certificate now. Our wedding will be held very soon too, in just a couple of days.”

He rejected to answer all other questions politely and held Mo Li’s hand as they both disappeared from the cameras.

Ye Xiaotian switched off the television and stood up abruptly. Both his hands were clasped behind his back and his face was dark as thunder.

“Young Master, Ms. Bai is here.”

Ye Xiaotian headed towards the door. As he reached the living room entrance, Bai Ranran entered. Her pale face revealed her sick state, but she still appeared beautiful. She was dressed up so impeccably, it was obvious she came from a rich family.

“The weather’s so cold today, why did you come over?”

Bai Ranran replied, “You’ve been too busy to visit me these few days, so I came over to take a look. Xiaotian, I saw the news — Mo Li’s gone overseas.”


“The doctor said her blood matches mine the most and is the purest. Why did you just let her go?”