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Jin Qingyue took a deep breath and answered, “I will. If it turns out he is really the culprit, then he must have done it because he didn’t want me to find out that that woman was pregnant with his child, and that must be because he cares about me, so he doesn’t want me to be sad.”

Jin Qingyan and his parents were bewildered by her words.

“What kind of twisted logic is that? It seems he had brainwashed you.”

Not wanting to waste his breath trying to reason with her, Jin Qingyan rose from his seat and left.

Mrs. Jin let out a huge sigh as she sat on the couch. “Qingyue, there are plenty of fishes in the sea, why do you have to torment yourself over him?”

“Mother, Shaochuan is a great person. The police have yet to come to a conclusion, haven’t they? Besides, there are indeed many fishes in the sea, but there is only one of Shaochuan.”

“I really feel like stomping you to death. He’s such a playboy who dumps his girlfriends as and when he pleases, do you really think you’ll be the last woman in his life? Dream on,” Mrs. Jin chastised angrily.

Jin Qingyue stood up and said, “No matter how frivolous a man is, he is bound to settle down with a woman one day. I believe I have the charm to make him mine and only mine. Is this all you’ve called me here for? I thought there was something more serious.”

“Where are you going?”

“Out of here!”

“Even though we still can’t change her fate in the end, at least we’ve done everything we could as her family. She only has herself to blame when she comes to her senses in the future. I heard that ritual is extremely spiritual and really works, let’s just give it a try,” said Mr. Jin.

“Sure, we’ll leave it to Qingyan to handle that,” said Mrs. Jin in approval


There was much progress in Wang Fangfang’s case, as the police had quickly managed to pin Shi Shaochuan as a prime suspect based on the accounts of Wang Fangfang’s parents. They had brought him back to the police station to carry out interrogations.

Shi Shaochuan remained unfazed while seated in the interrogation room. He answered all the questions posed by the police, including the matter about chasing Wang Fangfang out while she was pregnant. He explained that he had not seen Wang Fangfang ever since they broke up, and he was not aware at all that she was pregnant and whether or not it was his child.

After the interrogations, the police did not release him immediately. Instead, they continued to scrutinize the footage of the surveillance cameras, frame by frame. Alas, they discovered that Wang Fangfang had walked along the road towards Shi Shaochuan’s house where no surveillance cameras could be found. They had also checked up on the vehicle which appeared within the three hours that she had shown up along the road towards his house.

A car appeared four times in the footage of the surveillance cameras.

It had returned back and forth for a total of three times.

It was the only car which appeared the most in the footage.

The owner of the car was found to be Jin Qingyue.

What had puzzled the police further was the twist of events that followed.

They had found out that Shi Shaochuan and Jin Qingyue were actually a couple.

Investigations had to carry on further as they had yet to find out if Shi Shaochuan was present in the car.

“What time did you leave that day?” asked the police.

“I left really late that night because I was with my girlfriend at the time,” Shi Shaochuan answered.

“Around what time, roughly?” asked the police.

“I didn’t check the time as it was pouring heavily that night, I went back after my girlfriend dropped me off.”

“Is your girlfriend Jin Qingyue?”

“Yes,” he nodded.

“Why did her car pull up at your house back and forth for four times?” questioned the police.

“She dropped me off first but decided to go to the supermarket to get something to munch on as she said she was hungry. I asked her to get me something as well so she proceeded and delivered the food back to me.”

“We will verify what you just said once we interrogate Jin Qingyue. We will know if you are lying then.”

Shi Shaochuan’s heart skipped a beat as he panicked, for he had thought that he had a foolproof answer which would be seamless once he coordinates the statement with Jin Qingyue. Little did he expect…

He began to feel baffled as his initial calmness began to fade. He had understood Jin Qingyue pretty well more or less since the day they met, and thus, he knew that she would definitely be flustered. There was no way she could be as calm as him during the interrogation.

He could not help but begin to feel anxious.

It was only normal for him to be worried.

However, Jin Qingyue had already begun feeling nervous when she was secretly brought to the police station.

She had turned as pale as a sheet before the police even began to interrogate her.

“Can I please see him first?” she asked.

“Ms. Jin, we will let you see him once you’ve answered our questions.”

“Go ahead.”

“From the footage of the surveillance cameras, we’ve noticed that you drove back and forth to Shi Shaochuan’s house for a total of four times. It was already the wee hours of the night, and besides that, it was pouring heavily. What were you doing?”

“I did send him home that night. I… I forgot about his mother’s present, and thus I drove away to retrieve it,” she stuttered.

The policeman’s eyes lit up at her words and continued, “Oh, but that was not what Shi Shaochuan said. Ms. Jin, your statements are contradicting.”

Overwhelmed with fear and nervousness, Jin Qinyue broke out in a cold sweat as she clenched her fist.

Seeing that she had remained silent, the policeman prompted, “Ms. Jin, we will continue to investigate and get to the bottom of this matter. One of you must be lying, or perhaps both of you are. Whatever it is, we will verify it. We are in the midst of investigating the direction your car was headed towards during that four times bit by bit.”

His words had sent a chill down Jin Qingyue’s spine and she asked, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, we’re going to investigate where your car had headed to from the footage of the surveillance cameras. I believe you are aware, Ms. Jin, that there are surveillance cameras placed a short distance apart from each other along the roads. And they are switched on 24/7. Our superior is particularly concerned about this case.”

“What did Shaochuan say?”

“Well, we can’t tell you that. I hope you’ll try to recall clearly, just what did you do during the four consecutive trips you’ve made that night?”

“I…” Jin Qingyue was at a loss for words as her mind went blank. She could not even come up with any other excuses, let alone imagine what Shi Shaochuan could have said.

“Ms. Jin, the faster you decide to speak up, the earlier you’ll be released. If you continue to remain silent, then we will have no choice but to detain you throughout the afternoon.”

She pretended to have amnesia and answered, “I can’t remember what happened, I’ve been to his house several nights in a row recently. How could I possibly remember which night it was?”

Upon hearing her words, the policeman stood up and exited the room.

“Please release me.”

“Continue to give it some thought, Ms. Jin. Tell me when you are ready,” said the policeman as he closed the door behind him.

Staring at the unfamiliar surrounding of the four walls she was confined to, Jin Qingyue felt a strong urge to cry, but there were no tears. Being born with a golden spoon in her mouth, it was the first time in her life that she had been reduced to such a state.


Jin Qingyan had returned home just as An Xiaoning had woken up from her nap.

Being well aware that he was going to look for another fortune-teller to change Jin Qingyue’s fate, she asked, “How did it go?”

“We didn’t go ahead with it. Qingyue was taken to the police station,” he said angrily.

Knowing that he still had something to say, An Xiaoning remained silent.

“Her statement did not align with Shi Shaochuan’s, and they are now the prime suspects of the case,” he continued.

“It should not be a tall order for you to get your sister out of prison. All you have to do is to make a trip down to the police station and she will be released. Why are you still fretting over it?”