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An Xiaoning’s eyes lit up as she looked at him and said, “No touching me for a week.”

“I’ve held it in for 20-odd years, a week is nothing to me.” He continued to ask, “Which brand of sanitary pads do you use? We don’t have any at home, I’ll go get you some.”

Seeing how meticulous and caring he was, An Xiaoning proceeded to tell him the brand she preferred. “I only ever use that brand. There are two types of pads, one for use in the day, and one for use at night. Get a packet of each. But… wouldn’t it be awkward for you to buy something like this? Aren’t you afraid that the lady at the cashier will expose you online?” she added.

“She can expose me for all I care, I’m buying it for my wife,” he said as he put on his coat and headed out.

An Xiaoning felt a warm and fuzzy feeling in her heart. She had never expected for there to be such a meticulous and sweet side to him.

It was the wee hours of the night, and Mr. Jin had engaged his connections to visit Qingyue personally at the police station.

“Father, hurry, get me out of here. It’s so cold here at night, and there isn’t a heater at all,” Jin Qingyue complained as soon as she saw her father.

“If you really wanted to get out of here, then you wouldn’t have taken the rap in the first place,” said Mr. Jin, looking at her with disappointment written all over his face.

“Father, I did that because there’s at least a chance for me to get out of here. If Shaochuan were to be imprisoned instead, there’s no way he can be released again. Do you really think I would do this if I had a choice? After wracking my brains, this is the only solution I could come up with that could save both of us. Besides, you guys are dying for me to break up with him, you wouldn’t save him if I didn’t do this,” said Jin Qingyue, hanging her head low.

“So you think we will save you? Qingyue, you’ve really let your mother and I down, we’re not going to save you,” Mr. Jin said sternly with a stiff face.

Jin Qingyue looked up at him in shock and exclaimed in disbelief, “Are you really going to sit back and watch me get charged with a death sentence for running someone over?”

“It’s up to you to decide if you want to save him or yourself. I have to get going,” Mr. Jin said bluntly.

“Father… are you guys really going to leave me in the lurch?” asked Jin Qingyue, who began to feel flustered.

“Yes. We couldn’t do anything to stop you, so we’re giving up now,” he finished the last of all that he had to say and left.

Jin Qingyue was dumbfounded. She could not process what she had just heard. She had felt scared at first, but she began to feel more relieved when she reminded herself that she had a wealthy and powerful family, which could get her out of trouble at the snap of a finger. However, her father’s words had completely destroyed her plans to get out of prison unscathed.

Filled with fear and anxiety, she returned to the holding room which still felt cold and empty, despite the extra blanket given to her by the police inspector.

She thought about the matter for the entire night and decided to give it some time. She believed that they would not really leave her in the lurch and that they had just said that in a moment of anger. She continued to wait for more news…

There was only a short list of guests who were invited to Mo Li and Byron’s wedding.

The list included Jin Qingyan, Long Tianze, An Xiaoning, Ling Ciye, as well as other guests who were friends with Mo Li.

Together, they boarded a plane to Y Nation.

Mo Li looked ravishing and gorgeous, clad in an exquisite wedding gown, meticulously designed and tailor-made by a renowned designer in Y Nation. Her décolletage was embellished with sparkling, extravagant jewelry, and her final look was perfected with a finishing touch: a veil on her hair.

On the other hand, Byron was immaculately dressed in a black tuxedo suit, exuding his uniqueness as he stood out strongly amongst the crowd.

The wedding was held at a grand, five-star hotel. Though there were only less than a hundred guests present, the atmosphere was not any less boisterous or cheery.

Long Tianze was in high spirits and swore to make a night of it as he downed drink after drink, with the excuse of it being a joyous occasion worth celebrating.

Mo Li was filled with nervousness as she stood before the Master of Ceremony together with Byron.

Perhaps it was because it was her first wedding in her life.

The ceremony proceeded quickly with much success and was finally sealed with a long, passionate kiss between the newlyweds. The fervent applause and cheers from the guests made Mo Li feel much more relaxed, and she managed to let out a smile of pure happiness.

Byron attended to the guests, while she headed to the dressing room to change into the next gown.

The servant helped her put away the wedding gown. She then headed to the washroom after changing into the new gown.

Mo Li received a great shock upon entering the washroom.

She was greeted with a cold and deadly stare.

Bumping into him here had foreshadowed impending trouble.

Trying to contain her feelings of anxiety and shock, Mo Li said coldly, “It won’t reflect well on you when I get someone here to take you away and arrest you for invading my room, Mr. Ye.”

Ye Xiaotian stepped out of the bathtub and said softly, “You may very well do so now. Don’t think that… I wouldn’t dare to touch you, now that you’re married.”

Mo Li’s hands began to tremble uncontrollably in fear as she turned around in a bid to leave the room.

However, he grabbed her arm forcefully and stared at her menacingly as he called her name, “Mo Li.”

She shrugged off his grip with all her might and retaliated, “Ye Xiaotian, this is not S Nation. It’s not somewhere you can behave atrociously, as and when you please. It’s my big day today, I’m going to proceed with the toasting ceremony now.”

A look of dismay formed on Ye Xiaotian’s face upon seeing her nonchalant and cold expression. She seemed to be glaring daggers right back at him. “Let’s head outside together then,” he said.

“Ye Xiaotian, I’m not going to let you get away with ruining my life like you had wished to. I’m no longer the old me!” she exclaimed while glowering at him.

She whipped out her mobile phone and looked down at the screen to give Byron a call, “Hubby…”

Ye Xiaotian snatched her mobile phone away from her hands and ended the call immediately. Shoving the mobile phone back into her hands, he said, “This is only the beginning, Mo Li.”

Byron had already rushed there by the time she exited the washroom.

Having noticed that she was looking rather upset, he asked worriedly, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing much. I just wanted to ask how it was going at your side, but my phone went out of battery. I’ve left it to charge over there.”

“We’re waiting for you to carry on with the toasting ceremony, let’s go,” he said as he took her hand in his.

Mo Li had had a hard time walking about in heels and toasting to her guests. Fortunately, there were only a few tables she had to toast to, and thus, the discomfort was still bearable by the time she had finished. She sat down next to Long Tianze and took a glance at Byron, who was happily chatting with his friends, after which she said softly, “I bumped into Ye Xiaotian earlier, when I went to change into my gown.”

Startled, Long Tianze asked eagerly, “Where?”

“In the dressing room where I was getting changed,” she answered.

Long Tianze stood up immediately without another word but was held back by Mo Li. “Tianze, I think he’s already left,” she said.

“Did he say anything?” asked An Xiaoning.

Mo Li revealed the content of her conversation with Ye Xiaotian, but she did not look worried at all as she continued, “I’ve already started life anew, and I’m more than ready to be a mother. A family is what I need. It’s up to him to do whatever he wants.”

An Xiaoning was impressed at her courage, yet at the same time, she also pitied her for the torment she had suffered in the past. Besides, it was indeed admirable for her to have managed to come so far and to be able to land herself such a good catch like Byron.

As soon as the wedding was over, the group did not stay any longer in Y Nation and instead boarded another plane back home.

Long Tianze was drunk out of his senses and remained asleep for most of the entire journey, only coming to when they were about 30 minutes away from landing in Nation S. Still sleepy-eyed, he leaned against the backrest of the seat and glanced at Jin Qingyan. “Don’t bother reasoning with Qingyue about the matter any longer. You should just get Shi Shaochuan, the mastermind behind the entire accident, arrested and put him behind bars.”

“She’s already turned herself in. We can only get him arrested if she decides to reveal the truth. Let’s see how long she’s gonna last,” Jin Qingyan said calmly, seemingly certain that she would cave in soon.

“This little lass has been living abroad for so long, she’s become too westernized for her own good. She’s become such a dimwit. Not only has she become a dimwit, her taste in men is so poor too,” said Long Tianze with half-closed eyes.