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Four policemen entered the room.

“Jin Qingyue, please come with us.”

She opened her eyes and asked in surprise, “Am I going to be released?”

“No, we’re taking you to court for your trial. The prosecutor has already filed your case to court.”

With a sudden change in expression, she asked in shock, “Why is it so soon?”

“Because it’s a case of murder. The public is extremely concerned with it as well, thus the process is rather quick. Please, come with us.”

She stopped getting down the bed and instead gripped on tightly to the metal bars holding the bed together. “Is my family here?” she asked.

“No. Hurry, stop wasting time.”

Jin Qingyue got out of bed slowly and put on her shoes before following behind them.

She was at a complete loss on what to do. Initially, she had thought that her parents would definitely engage their connections and resources to rescue her from prison. However, no one had come to visit her at all, even after a long period of time had passed, let alone get her out of prison.

“What will my sentence be?”

“For murder cases, it would usually either be a lifetime jail term or a death sentence.”

Her legs turned to jelly upon hearing the possible outcomes. She did not dare to take another step. “I don’t wish to attend the trial, I don’t want to go to court,” she said in fear.

“Jin Qingyue, it is mandatory for you to attend the trial. You don’t have a choice since you’ve already turned yourself in and pleaded guilty to murdering someone by running them over.”

“I didn’t do it, it wasn’t me,” she said, frightened and pale as a sheet.

“You said it was you, previously, yet you’re denying it now. Jin Qingyue, what do you take the police for? Puppets for child’s play?”

“I really didn’t do it,” she blurted. At that instant, she could not help but break down in despair. She began to cry and exclaim, while sprawled across the ground, “I didn’t run her over! It wasn’t me!”

“Are you trying to change your statement?”

“I’d like to see my parents and my brother. I don’t want to go to jail. I didn’t kill her.” She was nodding as tears flowed down her face like a broken tap.

The policemen shot each other a knowing look and proceeded to bring her to the interrogation room.

Facing the policeman who was interrogating her, Jin Qingyue was no longer insistent on hiding the truth. Instead, she changed her statement and confessed everything that happened. Jin Qingyan stared blankly at the screen, watching the live footage of the interrogation from the surveillance cameras.

Shi Shaochuan was arrested once again. He was rather surprised, not at the fact that Jin Qingyue had gone back on her word, but rather at the Jin family’s attitude towards Jin Qingyue. He had never expected them to come up with such a solution to get her to speak up.

Given their status and power, the Jin family could have easily gotten her out of prison with their connections. Yet they had gone the extra mile to stage an act like that. Clearly, their purpose was none other than to stop him and Jin Qingyue from staying together.

In the end, they had succeeded in separating them.

Could it be that they despised him? Or could they have been thinking that the Shi family was not good enough for them? Or perhaps it was because he was once married to An Xiaoning… A whirlpool of questions flooded Shi Shaochuan’s mind as he could not figure out the reason behind their objection towards their relationship.

He had already made all the necessary arrangements beforehand and informed his parents to engage every connection they had to rescue him from prison in case he gets arrested.

The case would not be publicized by the media. Since Jin Qingyue was involved, it might cause an unnecessary uproar.

Shi Shaochuan was the only child of his family. He knew for sure that his parents would do whatever it takes to save him, regardless of the consequence.

Thus, he was not too devastated just yet.

Although Jin Qingyue was not the prime culprit of the act, she was an accomplice who even attempted to hide the truth in order to cover up for Shi Shaochuan. Besides, she had also helped him bury the corpse after the accident. Thus, she ought to be punished for breaking the law as well.

Be it through underhand means or whatsoever, the Jin’s would never let her be imprisoned.

Jin Qingyue was released while Shi Shaochuan was arrested.

She felt a sudden euphoria the moment she returned home, for she had finally regained her freedom.

“Shi Shaochuan’s parents are pulling every connection and resource they have to save him. He’s the one and only son they have, surely they’re not going to sit back and watch him sink into trouble.”

“We can’t let him be released. If he does, he’s going to get together with Qingyue again,” Mrs. Jin opposed.

“If we really don’t have any other option, then let’s try getting someone to alter her fate, perhaps it could help. Whether it would work or not will depend on her luck. Xiaoning said that it would be difficult to try and change the events which had already been destined by fate. But there’s no harm in trying, anyway.”

“We’ll try changing her fate if he really gets released from prison. If we can’t, then let’s just let her be. We’ve done everything we could. We can’t change Heaven’s decisions no matter how hard we try. We can’t let this matter be publicized by the media though. Otherwise, Qingyue would definitely be exposed. It would cause a great deal of trouble then,” Mrs. Jin said with a sigh.


“So many unfortunate events have happened to our family lately. Quickly bear a child with Xiaoning. Hopefully that joyous occasion would ward off some inauspicious ones,” suggested Mrs. Jin.

“It’s not too late to bear one after we’re done with our honeymoon period. We’re still young, what’s the rush?” said Jin Qingyan.

“But how would a child get in the way of your honeymoon period? Leave the child with me at the old mansion, I’ll take care of it. You two can have each other all to yourselves then. Stop finding excuses.”

“Okay, Mother, to be honest, I don’t actually fancy children that much, they’re too noisy and mischievous. We’ll just let nature take its course.”

Trying to sound him out, Mrs. Jin said, “Qingyan, don’t tell me you’re still thinking of Chi Rui’er and you want to be with her…”

“Mother, I will never divorce Xiaoning.”

“Great, I rest my case then. Alright, it’s time you head home. It’s getting late and your wife is waiting for you,” said Mrs. Jin as she gestured for him to leave.

Jin Qingyan stood up and said, “I’ll get going then.”

“Alright, drive safe.”

He turned around and left.


Wang Fangfang’s corpse had finally been found after three days of searching. There was no need for further verification because it was found buried in the yard of Shi Shaochuan’s mansion.

By then, Shi Shaochuan had found Wang Fangfang’s parents and offered them a hefty amount of money in exchange for them to stop pursuing the matter.

They were indeed devastated about their daughter’s death. However, there was no point in letting Shi Shaochuan die. His death could not bring their daughter back, anyway.

Greatly enticed by the attractive sum, they decided to choose money over justice for her death.

Shi Shaochuan had managed to resolve the issue with her parents. Although the Shi family was far beyond comparison with the Jin Family, they have nonetheless established a significant network of connections over their many years of dwelling in the business world. In order to save their only heir, the Shi family had activated all their connections and spent a massive sum of money, all of which they did not regret, as long as he could escape unscathed.

Though it was not reported on the news, word about the incident had spread across the upper-class circle. However, they laid low and pretended not to know much, since Jin Qingyue was involved as well.

Knowing that Shi Shaochuan would definitely escape scott-free, An Xiaoning stopped paying attention to news about the matter. Evidently, society was unfair. The average citizen would definitely be put behind bars for committing a crime. However, it was a different case for those from the upper class of society, who can get away with their crimes simply because they were wealthy and powerful. In fact, it was no secret that the wealthy often resorted to dirty tricks and underhanded means to avoid bearing the consequences of breaking the law.

In S Nation, any issue that could be resolved with money would be considered a small one.

After restocking her store, An Xiaoning was called to have lunch with the Gu family.

She arrived to the sight of a sumptuous feast spread across the table, with everyone present and waiting for her arrival.

“Am I late?”

“No, we just sat down. Xiaoning, we asked you here today because it’s a joyous occasion,” said Mrs. Gu with a smile.

Taken by surprise, An Xiaoning asked, “What is it?”

“It’s your brother Dongcheng’s birthday.”

An Xiaoning turned to look at Gu Dongcheng and said her wishes, “Happy Birthday, Big Brother. I didn’t know it was your birthday today. I’ll give you your gift later this afternoon.”

“Thank you. Oh, it’s alright,” Gu Dongcheng thanked with a grin.