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But compared to these, Mo Li still felt that living here was a thousand times more comfortable than when she was by Ye Xiaotian’s side.

Byron was really a caring gentleman. He did not speak harshly at all and was especially nice to her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mo were extremely satisfied with this son-in-law who was about their age.

Other than paying her greetings to Byron’s parents daily, Mo Li basically never left the house.

As Byron was already 40 years old, his parents repeatedly urged Mo Li to have children earlier. Mo Li nodded in agreement — replying that she had such an intention too, but her physical condition was not too good and her body needed to be nursed first before she could bear children.

Byron’s parents then gave her many tonics for nourishment. To them, although this daughter-in-law had a family background that wasn’t too satisfactory, she was rather fine in other ways.

“I’ve an engagement at six today, I’ll be back at eight sharp.”

Mo Li passed the suit over to him and replied gently, “Alright. If the food at dinner isn’t good, I’ll make you something to eat when you come back.”

Byron gave her a peck on her forehead. “Thanks, dear.”

Wearing a smile, Mo Li walked him to his car. Just as she came back to the room, her phone began ringing.

There were only a handful of people who knew her new number.



The other end was completely silent, nobody replied. She took a look at the screen and repeated, “Hello? If you’re not speaking, I’m hanging up.”

“Listening to your voice, you seem to be enjoying your newly married life.” Ye Xiaotian’s voice sounded from the other end. Every bit of it jarred on her nerves.

“You really have your ways.” Mo Li instantly ended the line.

She then changed her phone settings to only allow contacts from her phonebook to call her.

Ye Xiaotian’s repeated attempts to call her were to no avail. It was the same even when he used a different phone number. He stared at the phone, unable to recover himself for a long while.

Placing his phone on the bedside table, Ye Xiaotian’s head was in a mess the whole day. From the day she left until now, she had left a mark on his heart which he could feel everyday. Day after day, it only got worse.

He wanted to kiss and hug her, to feel the warmth of her body on his. He wanted all of these so badly.

He had originally thought she was just an insignificant woman to her. A woman he, Ye Xiaotian, could easily find loads of others as replacement for. But now, he’d realized it wasn’t that case.

Mo Li… Mo Li! His thoughts were full of longing for her.

His phone started to vibrate. He picked it up again. It was a call from Bai Ranran.


“Xiaotian, I feel like eating Cheng Bei House’s dumplings. Can you buy them for me?”


Bai Ranran’s requests, as long as it was something within his means, he would never reject.

He drove all the way to Cheng Bei just to buy a bowl of dumplings to deliver to her. Seeing her face lit up with happiness, he stood there slightly out of sorts. At that moment, it seemed as if he saw another face through hers.


“Mmm. Why, is it not nice?”

“Why did you let the shop put vinegar in it? You know I don’t like vinegar, right?” Her brows tightened in a huge frown.

“I felt it would be better if you added some.”

Bai Ranran did not say anything further and continued gulping in small bites. “Xiaotian, why have you been out of sorts lately? Is it because Mo Li got married, so you’re feeling upset?”

“Who said that?” he replied coldly. “Why should I feel upset over her?”

Hearing his reply, Bai Ranran finally said, “That’s just what I thought. Hearing you say this, I can rest assured then.”

The doctor came over holding the blood pack. “Ms. Bai, didn’t I instruct you to only eat after the blood transfusion?”

“I’m hungry.” Bai RanRan grinned. “Then let me rest a while after my meal before I do the transfusion.”

The doctor then responded, “Alright, I’ll come back in a while then.”

Ye Xiaotian pulled the covers for her. “I’ll come and see you tomorrow.”

Bai Ranran reached out to pull his arm. “Xiaotian, can’t you stay with me for a while more?”

“I’ve some matters to settle. I’ll come and see you tomorrow. Rest well.” He turned and left.

Bai Ranran suddenly threw the bowl of dumplings on the table, the soup spilling out a little. Her eyes glistened with slight dissatisfaction. As a woman, she believed her instinct was the most accurate and her heart was the most sensitive. Ever since Mo Li left, it was obvious that he was not himself. It was evident, since she had heard the two of them had an unusual relationship. Considering that Mo Li had been supplying blood to her, as well as Xiaotian’s denial, she did not think further.

Now, it seemed, Mo Li was indeed special to him.

About half an hour later…

The door was pushed open. Bai Ranran looked on fixedly, and Sun Weiwei came with a fruit basket.

Towards this Godsister of Ye Xiaotian, Bai Ranran had never felt fond.

“What are you here for?”

“To see you, of course.” Sun Weiwei placed the fruit basket on the table. “How have you been lately?”

“It’s none of your business.” Bai Ranran laid down. She couldn’t be bothered to hold a conversation with her.

“Sister Ranran, how could you say that? I’m just concerned about you.” Sun Weiwei flashed a sweet smile. “Oh, Sister Ranran, don’t pull a long face. Brother Xiaotian hasn’t been in a good mood lately. If he’s given you the cold shoulder, I’ll help you to talk to him about it.”

Bai Ranran could not listen any longer. “You’re just a mere Godsister, who do you think you are? Who asked you to help me talk to him?”

Sun Weiwei’s face turned ugly slightly. “Brother Xiaotian said you have no one to talk to, he asked me to come and keep you company.”

“No need.” Bai Ranran’s tone was cold and indifferent.

Sun Weiwei was already cursing inside by now. If Ye Xiaotian hadn’t called her especially, she would never have came to see this sickly face.

“In that case, I won’t stay here to be snubbed.” She turned and left in a huff.

The moment the door was closed shut, Bai Ranran grunted, “Annoying vixen.”

Compared to a mild and gentle blood donor like Mo Li, she hated someone like Sun Weiwei more. She was a female actress with nothing but a superb body and sharp face.

Sun Weiwei got onto her nanny van, her voice dripping with sarcasm. “Might as well drop dead from her illness. What a wretched thing, she thinks she’s a queen.”

Her assistant enquired, “Sister Weiwei, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing much. I’m just curious about what illness this sickly thing has. How mysterious.”

“You can just ask Young Master Ye and you’ll know.”

“I’ve asked that before, he told me not to probe into it.” Sun Weiwei lowered her head and picked into her nails. “It must be something serious. If not, after so long, why does she still have to go to the hospital every few days?”

“Sister Weiwei, there’s a dinner engagement tonight to discuss about the new show. Sister Huang instructed you to attend it dressed nicely, she said it’s a major production.”

“Got it. I’ll have to drink and entertain a bunch of ugly men again.” Sun Weiwei said pensively, “When I become a rich man’s wife, I’ll be like An Xiaoning. Do you think I’ll still need to earn money through acting? I’ll stay at home to count my money everyday.”

“Then next time when we’re working for commercials, you should put in more effort when you see unmarried businessmen, Sister Weiwei.”

“Bullshit. How many of them are still unmarried? And the married ones are only those old fogies. That woman Mo Li has a good life, she could become a princess consort by finding a divorced businessman who’s also a member of royalty overseas. That’s because Mo Li’s mother worked for Long Tianze’s family. Given Long Tianze’s close relationship with Jin Qingyan, she could easily get Jin Qingyan to pull strings for her. Without that, she couldn’t have possibly gotten married!”