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Sun Weiwei was still painting a perfect picture in her head. “If I had such ties, I would be able to marry well too. Now, I’m putting all my hopes on the person by my side. Without Mo Li around, there’s only that sickly Bai Ranran who probably has not much longer left to live. The position of Ye family’s Young Mistress is bound to be mine sooner or later.”

“That’s true indeed — Sister Weiwei, now’s a good opportunity. Young Master Ye is so nice to you, you definitely stand a chance.” The assistant had been with Sun Weiwei for such a long time, it was crystal clear to her what Sun Weiwei liked to hear.

“We shall see.”

An Xiaoning continued to pay close attention to the matter of Jin Qingyan getting someone to change Jin Qingyue’s fate. After three days, he said it was successfully settled at last.

Seeing that the troubled look on his face had finally dissipated, An Xiaoning sincerely hoped that Jin Qingyue’s fate could be changed completely. But it was just a hope after all, she did not believe it could be completely altered. There were many times where changing one’s fate could only change events that would happen within a short period of time. It was not long-lasting .

“Why do you keep looking at me like that?”

An Xiaoning came out of her trance and replied, “I suddenly think that you look really handsome — your distinct features, that pair of upward-curving eyes which are deeply set, your tall pointed nose, and especially that mouth of yours — all of these make you look so attractive. Your looks are really a combination of the best genes from your parents. Your sister has a pretty face too, but it’s far from yours. Her brain can’t be compared to yours too.”

Jin Qingyan picked up his handkerchief to wipe his mouth and said with a half-smiling face, “If you want to lie to me, you haven’t reached a good level yet. Weren’t you thinking just now that Qingyue’s matter might be a waste of effort?”

An Xiaoning reached out to peel the prawns. She lowered her head and said pensively, “No.”

“But I feel that you were thinking of that just now. Actually, I’ve let go of it already. Since I’ve done something to try to change it, I won’t have regrets. As for what will happen eventually, it’s just like what Mother says, let nature take its course.” His face was twinkling with a smile. “Are you keen on opening a franchise for your clothing store?”

“I don’t have such intentions,” An Xiaoning replied with her head still lowered as she ate her prawns. “Why don’t you open a shop to manage? If not, all your thoughts will be on this. That won’t be good, it’ll interfere with my other plans.”

“Other plans? What else do you want to do?”

“Other than continuing to swim everyday, I still want to learn something like boxing to defend myself.” An XiaoNing continued, “Being able to live to earn money but not living to spend it away is the saddest thing. What do you think, hubby?”

Actually, it was more than just that. She wanted to read the book old master Gu gave her everyday — that book was too important to her. Just reading it, replenishing stock for her clothing store, swimming, and learning boxing would fill up all her time.

“That’s a good idea. When are you going to learn self-defense?”

“I’m teaching Yangyang how to replenish the stock now. After I hand it over to her completely, I’ll be able to learn. This skill is also not one that can be learned in a few months. If I had a daughter, I’d make her practice from a young age. In this day and age, it’s dangerous to have a daughter — you need to take precautions as soon as they’re born.” An Xiaoning wiped her mouth, then got up to carry her dishes into the kitchen.

Jin Qingyan gazed at her in admiration. This lovely wife of his was really different from what he had expected. He’d thought that earning money was her biggest source of satisfaction, but it was not. She did not have that much ambition in earning money, maybe because the money which she’d accumulated until now was enough to give her a sense of security.

“You’re not going to work this afternoon?”


“Then let’s go and watch a movie. There’s a comedy that just started showing lately, I want to watch it,” An Xiaoning suggested earnestly.

“But, we can watch movies that are showing now right in our own house.”

“I know, but I want to go to the cinema. The atmosphere there is great.” The mere thought of it delighted An Xiaoning. She then went forward and acted coquettishly. “Please?” she begged playfully.

Jin Qingyan got up, his hands clasped behind his back naturally. He put on an air of serious manner and said, “I’ll agree if you give me a kiss.”

What was so hard about that?

She went forward immediately, stood on the tip of her toes, and planted a kiss on his face. “Muah.”

With his eyes deeply fixed on her, he carried her with both arms and pinned her down on the sofa before giving her a long passionate kiss.

The taste of prawns still lingered in her lips, but despite being the clean freak he was, he was not bothered at all.

“You were the one who said just a peck, you went back on your words.”

“Since I went back on my words, I’ll make up for it then. I give you the same right to kiss me like that.”

“…” An Xiaoning gave him a push and replied, “Let’s go watch the movie now.”

He got up, straightened out his jacket, and reached out his hand composedly. “Come.”

An Xiaoning grabbed hold of his hand. He turned his hand over and pulled her up from the sofa.

She had not yet caught her balance and landed in his arms head-first.

He gave a warm and gentle laugh. “So eager to get a hug from me?”

An Xiaoning glared at him. “Of course not. Quick, change your shoes.”

The two worked together seamlessly at the cinema. Jin Qingyan went to buy the tickets while An Xiaoning got the food and drinks.

They then headed for their seats together. As soon as they sat down, An Xiaoning moved closer to him and said under her voice, “Look there, isn’t that Shi Shaochuan with your sister?”

Jin Qingyan took a look and confirmed, “It’s them indeed.”

“On first glance, I thought it looked like them.” An Xiaoning passed the drink in her hands to him and started eating.

Very soon, the theatre was fully filled up and the movie started showing.

An Xiaoning ate as she watched, but just as they were getting into the plot, her eyes could not help but shift to the couple nearby who was now kissing passionately.

She remained collected and continued eating and drinking, but Jin Qingyan could no longer sit still.

An Xiaoning pretended like she had not seen anything and continued watching the movie. There was no sign of any movement from the couple. After a while, however, Jin Qingyue and Shi Shaochuan started to quarrel for some unknown reason.

The couple who was still lovey-dovey a moment ago were now in a heated argument.

The noise was disturbing enough for the people around them to be unable to watch on.

Perhaps in consideration towards the audience around them, Jin Qingyue got up to leave directly, with Shi Shaochuan chasing after her.

An Xiaoning nudged the man beside her and asked, “Don’t you want to go and take a look?”

“They’re fighting, why would I go and butt in?” Jin Qingyan pulled her closely and whispered in her ear, “That master who helped to change her fate said that they would create issues to damage their relationship, until they break up eventually.”

She turned to the side, her lips coincidentally touching his face. “This sort of thing is almost like putting a curse, I’d stay away from this kind of stuff as best as I can.”

Jin Qingyan’s eyes were now gleaming softly. He moved so close to her that her eyelashes were touching his skin.

“Xiaoning… I want to…”

An Xiaoning’s heart jerked abruptly. She immediately sat upright and scanned her surroundings. Using her finger to pinch him tightly, she muttered under her breath, “Are you mad? We’re at the cinema, is there something wrong with your brain that you actually want to do that with me here.”

“But I didn’t mean that, I wanted to say that I want to get a hot spring bath with you after the movie…”

“…” Looking at how he was grinning from ear to ear, An Xiaoning knew she had been tricked by him. She insisted resolutely, “You did that on purpose.”

“It was obviously you who had dirty thoughts and now you’re putting the blame on me,” he replied firmly, refusing to admit it.

“How shameless.”

The corner of his lips curled into a smug smile as he continued to watch the movie with her.