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When the two got back from the cinema, they saw a police car parked at the front gate of their house.

“What is the police doing here?”

“No idea.” Jin Qingyan drove the car into the garage, and the two got off.

Fan Shixin went up and spoke in a hushed tone, “Chief Pan and his men are here, they’re looking for Young Mistress to talk about something.”

An Xiaoning showed a look of astonishment. “Looking for me?”

“Yes.” Fan Shixin nodded his head.

“Come, let’s go in to see.” She made her way to the living room first, with Jin Qingyan following behind her.

Upon seeing that they had returned, Pan Zhenghui and two other officers behind him stood up. “Mr. and Mrs. Jin, sorry to intrude.”

Jin Qingyan waved his hand and signalled them to sit. “Please, take a seat. I wonder if there’s some important matter Chief Pan came especially to discuss today?”

“Yes, that’s right. Our higher-up has formed a special group in the bureau, we’d already prepared to invite the most well-known fortune teller in our country to assist in our investigations, but weren’t able to do so. With Mrs. Jin’s skills, I wonder if you are willing to be involved with our investigations? Of course, we won’t let Mrs. Jin come for nothing, we’ll offer you very high remuneration. I know Mrs. Jin doesn’t lack the money, but it’s our sincerity.”

The officer behind immediately placed two chests filled with cash on the table. “This sum of money has been specially approved by our higher-up to aid us in handling particularly challenging cases.”

An Xiaoning scanned the amount of money on the table. With one look, it seemed like a pretty hefty sum.

But she was rather uninterested.

“Chief Pan, with money and power, one can easily work things out. But I’m not convinced by this way of handling things. Just like for Shi Shaochuan’s case — in the end, it was still settled with money. I don’t believe that he ran over Wang Fangfang by accident. An act done intentionally and accidentally are very different in essence. Moreover, Wang Fangfang was not killed directly from being run over.” An Xiaoning had not wanted to mention this matter, but since they had approached her first, she had to talk about it.

Although the answer was perfectly clear to Chief Pan, he still decided to sound her out. “Mrs. Jin, then tell me, if she did not die directly from being run over, then what actually caused her death?”

“She was strangled to death after being run over by Shi Shaochuan.”

Chief Pan’s body suddenly gave a jolt. This young woman before him sent chills down his spine. Wang Fangfang’s autopsy report indeed revealed that the cause of her death was by suffocation, as there were bruises on her neck caused by strangulation. But this matter was only shared between the coroner and his higher-up. The officers were all unaware of it, and yet she knew it for certain. She was definitely a formidable figure.

Jin Qingyan was rather taken aback too. He had thought that Wang Fangfang’s immediate cause of death was from the car accident, but he never knew there was something else to it. She had never told him about this before.

“Mrs. Jin is undeniably a master, I’m in awe. To be very honest, that was indeed the cause of death from Wang Fangfang’s autopsy report.” Pan Zhenghui continued, “But Mrs. Jin, you may not know — to save Shi Shaochuan, the Shi family spent a lot of money on it, and Matriarch Shi practically went on her knees before our higher-up. Of course, this cannot justify his being free from implication for his crime. Yet, you should know — although I’m the commissioner, the ultimate control still lies in the higher-ups. Unless there is a change in leadership, this sort of thing may be unavoidable in the future.”

“Since this case has been closed and the Shi family has heavily compensated Wang Fangfang’s parents, then I won’t say anything further.” An Xiaoning muttered, “Right now, I don’t have any intention of joining, but I won’t reject you directly. Give me some time to consider properly.”

Pan Zhenghui felt that there was still hope, so he replied immediately with all smiles, “Sure, I’ll wait for Mrs. Jin’s good news then. We’ll head back first, call me when you’ve made a decision.”

“Mmm, okay.” An Xiaoning pointed to the money on the table. “Take these with you too.”

Pan Zhenghui nodded. “Sure. If Mrs. Jin has thought through it and is agreeable, I’ll send the money over again.”

“Mmm, take care.”

After sending them out, Jin Qingyan raised his head and asked her, “They offered quite a huge amount, aren’t you tempted? This is different from changing others’ fate, and it’s helping the police to nab criminals. It’s doing good deeds by serving justice for the victims, it’ll do only good and no harm at all.”

“Whatever I do, I’ll have to like it first. Only with passion will there be dedication. If I don’t like what I’ll be doing, I won’t be doing it willingly. Then, no matter how much money it is, what use will it do?”

An Xiaoning sank into the sofa comfortably and said slowly in a gentle tone, “It’s been rather unstable in our country lately, Chief Pan’s higher-up may want a huge change of manpower. I’ll just watch and see the changes before I make a decision. Moreover, even if I assist the police in their investigations, I won’t agree just for the money. I have my own conditions to be fulfilled too. Money is but a remuneration for labour, it’s not as important as fulfilling my conditions.”

She turned her body around, rested her hands at the bottom of her face and looked at him, continuing, “Do you know, dealing with people like the police — what’s most important is not money, it’s the power you have. Don’t consult them for no reason. So, in my opinion, whether it’s an opportune moment, we shall see. There’s no hurry regarding this.”

He reached out to stroke her head. “I didn’t think that my wife is so capable! You can tell from her birth characters that Wang Fangfang was strangled to death?”

“Of course not.” An Xiaoning explained slowly. “I saw Wang Fangfang’s soul.”

Seeing the look of shock on his face, An Xiaoning laughed gently. “Birth characters can only show the outcome, so for instance, if she died of suffocation, we can tell from these characters. But specifically how she was suffocated, whether she was hung, stifled or strangled, or whether she was first suffocated then knocked down or vice versa, we can’t tell these from one’s birth characters.”

“Then how did you know she was knocked down first then strangled to death?”

“Didn’t I tell you already, I saw Wang Fangfang’s soul?”


“A while ago.”

Jing Qingyan did not probe further. He raised his wrist to look at the time. “Let’s go and take a hot spring bath, it’s almost time for you to swim too.”

After leaving the cinema, Jin Qingyue left directly in her car. Shi Shaochuan could only call a taxi to follow.

He followed her all the way, until she reached the front gate of the Jin residence.

Jin Qingyue drove the car into the courtyard, with Shi Shaochuan following behind closely. Those at the gate saw that he followed right behind Jin Qingyue and did not know whether to stop him. In the end, they simply let him be.

Jin Qingyue was about to get off the car when Shi Shaochuan got into the seat beside her and grabbed hold of her. “Throwing a tantrum at me just for some small thing, is it really necessary?”

“Small thing? It may be small to you, but it’s a huge matter to me!” Jin Qingyue glared at him. “Shi Shaochuan, if you don’t want to explain to me clearly who is that bitch who sent you that message, then let’s break up!”

“Yueyue, didn’t I say already, she’s just a disciple from a game. Nowadays, don’t people all use words like ‘honey’ or ‘muah’ all the time as a pet phrase? Just for these few words you want to break up with me, what are you thinking?”