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It was an incident that looked like it could be easily investigated, yet there was no conclusion to it, ultimately.

The delivery worker who collected the package containing the dead rat claimed that the person who sent the express package was an old woman. There were also surveillance cameras to prove his words. After painstakingly retrieving the surveillance footage, Fan Shixin watched it and verified the delivery worker’s words.

Based on the figure captured by surveillance cameras, a sketch was done and searched for at the police station, but nothing could be found.

It turned out that no such person existed.

It was a sheer mystery.

From the video, and from the delivery worker’s description, the old woman looked very old. But judging from the way she walked and sounded, it did not give one the feeling of a weak and feeble elderly person.

Given someone as intelligent as Jin Qingyan, he concluded that the person had worn a human face mask.

One could only imagine the difficulty of this investigation now. Finding that person was not a simple task at all.

Jin Qingyan played Chi Rui’er’s voice recording from his phone for the delivery worker to listen to. He expressed on the spot that it was not this voice he had heard. When he was collecting the package containing the dead rat, he had sized up the other party and had a deep impression of that person.

For two consecutive days, there were no new leads in the investigation.

An Xiaoning remarked, “This matter was executed very carefully, the other party was very thorough with it. After all, we are in the open, and the other party is acting under cover. There are so many people. To find that person, it’s definitely not an easy feat. Let’s put this matter aside for now. Rather than being engrossed with reviewing this matter, we might as well do other things.”

With his hand supporting his head, Jin Qingyan questioned casually, “In your opinion, what is most suitable for us to review? Or perhaps, what would be a more proper thing for us to do?”

His pair of eyes were glowing in an inviting manner, as if they were conveying some message to her, but it was extremely subtle.

An Xiaoning coughed a few times to break the awkward topic and replied nonchalantly, “In my opinion, it’s time for me to swim, so I’ll be going first.”

Watching the back of her figure as she left, Jin Qingyan’s eyes were curled into a line as his face glowed with happiness and his heart pounded lightly. She spent more of her time swimming than with him. Luckily, he could make up for it at night.

“Time’s up, pack up and close the store.” Mei Yangyang took a look at the time and started to arrange the clothes.

“Sister Yangyang.” Xu Jingwen was grinning beside her as she asked, “How did you meet Sister Xiaoning?”

Mei Yangyang replied as she arranged the clothes, “Well, purely by luck, how else could we have met?”

“Tell us how the both of you met, please?”

Mei Yangyang looked up. “We met on the streets.”

“Lucky you! Sister Yangyang, I can see that Sister Xiaoning trusts you a lot. She’s already teaching you how to choose and order stocks.” Xu Jingwen revealed a face of envy. “The both of you are so close.”

Mei Yangyang grinned and did not say a word. An Xiaoning was good to her. She knew that, of course. It did not have to be said at all. She was very grateful too, as not everyone could place such trust with a friend whom they had not known for a long time.

Seeing that she was not talking so much, Xu Jingwen started to pack up too.

Zhang Li returned with the dinner she had bought, and the three went to eat together.

“Hey, Sister Yangyang. Do you know how Sister Xiaoning and Mr. Jin met?” Xu Jingwen asked, unable to contain her curiosity. “I’m very curious to know.”

Mei Yangyang responded with only a few words, “I’m not too sure.”

Zhang Li passed the chopsticks to Mei Yangyang and lowered her head as she ate her food in a prim and proper manner. She knew what to say and what not to say, which was why she never asked anything out of line.

When Mei Yangyang was done eating and had put down her chopsticks, she was taken aback by the figure who had appeared at the entrance of the store.

“Oh my, oh my god!” She had one hand on her chest as she looked at Long Tianze, who was leaning against the door frame. He was clad in a black suit and wore a black face mask. His overall attire simply made him look like a robber.

Hearing the noise, the other two came forward to take a look and were also stricken with fear.

“Why are you here?”

Long Tianze stood up straight and folded his arms, looking at her calmly. “Just shopping around casually, then I reached your store. I wanted to treat you to a meal, but I see you’ve eaten.”

“Yes, I’ve eaten. I thought there was something on. As it happens, the store has closed. If you’ve anything to say, let’s go outside.”

“Alright, let’s go.” He turned around and headed out first, with Mei Yangyang following behind.

Looking at how Xu Jingwen had turned into a fool, Zhang Li used the other end of the chopstick to nudge her shoulder. “What’s wrong with you?”

Xu Jingwen suddenly went out of her trance and said, “I thought he was Sister Yangyang’s boyfriend. But from their conversation, it seemed like he wasn’t. Although he was wearing a face mask, he seems really handsome.”

“He is your cup of tea again, right?” Although Zhang Li had not known her for a long time, she understood what kind of girl she was.

“Mmm… I have something for tall and handsome men. It would be best if he was rich too.” She beamed brightly. “The problem is, I haven’t been able to meet one myself.”

“Do you think it is that easy to win the heart of this kind of men who have everything? Unless you’re extraordinary.” As she packed up the food boxes into a plastic bag and threw it into the bin, Zhang Li went on, “Look at Sister Xiaoning: she has a brain, a great body, and good looks. This kind of woman who has everything will naturally be able to find someone on par with her. Although Sister Yangyang comes from an average family, she is sweet-looking like a little lolita, and her personality is straightforward and easy-going too. I think her future partner would not be too bad as well.”

Xu Jingwen pushed her hair behind her ears and exclaimed, “Well, I’m not too bad either. I believe I’m quite pretty too, my body is kept in shape, and my brain isn’t too bad. Those men of mediocre quality don’t deserve me, I’ll find a good man too next time.”

Zhang Li wiped the table and poured a glass of water. She shook her head as she replied, “Your ambition is greater than the sky. A princess at heart, but living the life of a slave. I really hope that you’ll achieve what you wish for in the future.”

There was a resolute look in Xu Jingwen’s eyes. This conviction pushed her to make preparations for the day she’d become successful.

Although she was wearing a down coat, Mei Yangyang still felt slightly cold when she left the store.

His car was parked at the store entrance, so the two got on immediately.

Long Tianze turned on the lights and heater in the car, then took out a beef pattie. “I’d wanted to ease my hunger with this. Forget it, I’ll just eat this for my dinner.”

“Don’t let your stomach put up with this, why don’t we go to a restaurant to eat?”

“I’m too lazy, there’s no point in eating by myself. Why don’t you make a meal for me?”

“Sure.” What’s so difficult about making a meal? He’d even saved her before.

He put down the beef pattie and started to drive. The car started to go forward at a very slow speed.

When they finally reached Shui Lou Estate where he lived, he stopped the car. Pointing to a brightly-lit area ahead, he said, “Let’s buy some ingredients from the supermarket, there’s nothing in my fridge at all.”

Mei Yangyang had to give it to him. “What do you want to eat?”

The two got off together, and Long Tianze responded after some thought, “I want to eat noodles with shredded meat.”

She turned and watched him. “Just this?”

“Is that okay?”

“Since Young Master Long has spoken, of course it’s fine. Let’s go.”

He went into the supermarket and placed almost any ingredient he could see into the shopping cart. After they were done, he came out with two big bags in his arms.

His fridge was finally fully filled with food.

“Where’s the apron?”

He went to get it for her and hung it over her neck. Then, he naturally helped her tie it behind her back. Mei Yangyang then started to prepare a meal for him.

While she was preparing the meal, he stood there observing her closely. He seldom ate at home and had never let any woman enter his kitchen before.

As he looked on, Long Tianze felt that if he had a woman to cook for him every day, it would actually be great.