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Mei Yangyang was scooping some noodles into a bowl when she decided to just tidy his kitchen as well. “You’ve got such a nice and well-designed kitchen, yet you don’t put it to good use. What a waste,” she said while wiping away the dust and organizing the crockery.

“Well, it won’t go to waste if you drop by to cook for me every day.”

Startled, Mei Yangyang grinned and said in response, “Aren’t you afraid I would poison you?”

“You may try, if you dare,” he teased and brought the bowls and chopsticks out.

Mei Yangyang removed her apron and headed to the living room, where the heater was turned on at full blast. She sat down opposite him and said, “If there’s nothing else, then I’d better get going, in case it gets too late and I miss the bus.”

He looked up and said, “I’ll send you home. Since I’ve brought you here, how could I let you take the bus home? Piggy.”

“You’re the piggy,” Mei Yangyang retorted.

“After much observation, you don’t look a day over 18, in any way at all. You look really young,” he said, chuckling.

Mei Yangyang pouted her lips and said, both hands cupping her face, “Look at me now, don’t I look like a little goldfish?”

Long Tianze turned to look at her and almost spat the noodles out of his mouth.

“You don’t just look like a goldfish, you are one.”

Mei Yangyang giggled and said in response, “Hmph, didn’t I say so?”

Long Tianze was influenced by her contagious smile and instantly felt a boost in mood just from watching how cheery she was.

The noodles she made were indeed delicious.

Long Tianze was stuffed after chowing down an entire bowl of noodles.

He received a call from Jin Qingyue while he was sending Mei Yangyang home.

He had no choice but to turn the car around and head towards the location Jin Qingyue mentioned.

“Where are we going now?” Mei Yangyang asked in surprise.

“Qingyan’s Sister is stranded alone in a dilapidated area along the suburbs. I reckon she had an argument with her boyfriend and was too prideful to call her family. Otherwise, I can’t think of any other reason why she would head there herself.”

Mei Yangyang gave a nod and remained silent.

They finally arrived to where Jin Qingyue waited. She had initially wanted to take the passenger seat. However, seeing that it was already occupied, she had no choice but to take the backseat reluctantly, with much resentment.

“Why did you come here all by yourself?” asked Long Tianze.

Still red with anger, Jin Qingyue answered bluntly, “Nothing, I just came here to enjoy the breeze.”

“Then why didn’t you go home yourself? If you really enjoyed the breeze, why did you have to call me?” Long Tianze questioned while looking at her reflection in the rearview mirror.

“All I asked from you was a simple task and that’s to pick me up,” she replied sluggishly while leaning against the car seat.

Mei Yangyang turned around to glance at her, finding her rather atrocious. She was still so rude and ungrateful, despite having received a favor from him for giving her a lift.

“Do I send you back to the old mansion or what?” he asked.

“The old mansion, obviously.” Just as she finished speaking, her phone began to ring all of a sudden. She dismissed the call immediately after taking a look at the caller display.

Soon, her phone began to rang again, and likewise, she dismissed the call without hesitation. The entire process repeated for a few times.

Even the blind could tell that it was not that she truly did not wish to answer the call, but rather, she merely enjoyed the thrill of rejecting it. If she really did not want to answer, she could have simply turned off her phone.

At last, she finally answered the call, having felt that the time had ripened.

“Haven’t you already left? What did you call me for? If you’re so bent on leaving, then just do it confidently. Let’s break up now, Shi Shaochuan! I’m done with you!” she yelled into the phone provokingly.


“Cut the crap, I don’t want to listen to your nonsense.”


“I said I didn’t want to hear your explanation, I’m not going to have any of it! Are you deaf?”


“Shut it!”

Long Tianze could no longer tolerate what he was hearing any further and interjected, “If you don’t wish to hear him out, then just hang up and turn off your phone. You won’t have to listen to him anymore, then.”

“Shut up!” Jin Qingyue retorted.

Mei Yangyang turned to look at Long Tianze, only to realize that he seemed to be in a foul mood.

What happened shortly after caught Long Tianze and Mei Yangyang by surprise. Jin Qingyue, who had been raging with anger just minutes ago, began to laugh and beam with happiness. How strange!

Furthermore, the initial animosity between the two began to fade as they began to speak sweet nothings to each other over the phone.

Long Tianze could not believe what he had just witnessed. The swift shift in her mood was just too sudden and extreme. What an expert Shi Shaochuan was at cajoling women!

Jin Qingyue finally ended the call before she arrived home. Having changed her mind, she said, “I’ve decided not to go home, drop me off at the traffic light.”

All of a sudden, Long Tianze stepped on the brakes, catching Jin Qingyue off guard. She hit her head against the seat in front of her. “What are you doing!?!” she hollered.

Mei Yangyang remained still in the passenger seat because she had buckled the safety belt. She could sense that Long Tianze was extremely upset.

“I’ll give you a lift if you’re heading home, if not, please get down from my car. I’m not your personal chauffeur.”

Jin Qingyue was taken aback by his words and felt slightly embarrassed as she said, “Forget it, I’ll alight right here. Are you happy now? What a petty miser.”

She alighted from the car and slammed the door close forcefully with a thud.

A sullen and stern expression formed on Long Tianze’s face as he drove off abruptly.

Sensing the austerity and tension which filled the air, Mei Yangyang dared not speak a word, though she found his angry self rather charismatic.

Several minutes later, Long Tianze broke the silence, “Why aren’t you speaking?”

“I don’t know… what to say. Do you fancy Ms. Jin?” she asked softly.

“Who said so?”

“No one, it’s just, I could tell. Do you not?” Mei Yangyang continued to ask as she shot him a glance.

“Of course… I don’t.” Long Tianze mellowed his voice, and he continued to speak, “We grew up together, and everyone knows she’s dating the wrong guy. Everyone except herself. She’s going to suffer and be taken advantage of, sooner or later.”

Upon seeing his denial, Mei Yangyang did not continue to try and guess if he was speaking the truth. It did not concern her, anyway.

Having arrived at her doorstep, Mei Yangyang quickly thanked him, “Thank you so much for sending me home.”

Just as she was about to alight, Long Tianze reached out to grab her by her arm. Mei Yangyang turned around and asked, “Is there anything else?”

He let go abruptly and said instead, “Nothing, goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” Mei Yangyang alighted and waved him goodbye after closing the door.

Long Tianze watched as she closed the car door and left afterwards.

“What are you doing here?” Mei Yangyang asked at the sight of Mei Shuangshuang standing behind her.

“Who was the man in the luxury car?”

Mei Yangyang avoided her question and instead brushed her off coldly, “That’s none of your business.”

Mei Shuangshuang followed closely behind her and continued to probe, “Sis, is he your boyfriend?”


“In that case, introduce him to me. If I succeed in getting him to date me, I’ll share some of the benefits with you.”

Mei Yangyang stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Mei Shuangshuang, whose face was covered in thick makeup. “Save it, drop that idea of yours. You may go look for that toad in the river instead,” she sneered.

“You…” Mei Shuangshuang was at a loss for words.

Completely ignoring Mei Shuangshuang, she entered the house.

“Then tell me, was that man in the car the same one who carried you home that night?”

Mei Yangyang continued to ignore her as she switched on the heating carpet, removed her shoes, and climbed onto bed, not speaking a word to her at all.

Upon seeing her sister’s hostile attitude, Mei Shuangshuang stopped probing further and went to sleep after removing her clothes.