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She began to feel more and more worried with each passing minute.

Chi Rui’er took a look at the time and realized it was 8 o’clock in the evening.

The pharmacy was still open.

She sprung out of bed, hurriedly put on her feathered coat, grabbed her wallet, and sped out of the house, not even realizing that she did not change out of her slippers.

Chi Rui’er reached into her pocket for a mask which she quickly put on, in fear of being recognized. She then proceeded to a pharmacy nearby and bought five pregnancy test kits.

She quickly scurried off to a shopping mall round the corner to carry out the test in the washroom.

Her hands began to tremble in fear as she sat atop the toilet bowl.

As soon as she dipped the pregnancy test kit inside her urine, the indicator began to turn red rapidly. Her heart began to palpitate vigorously as she waited for the results.

Shortly after, two red, vertical lines appeared on the indicator.

Knowing exactly what the results meant, Chi Rui’er almost fainted, unable to process the information.

Refusing to believe her fate, she repeated the test again with the four other kits she had bought, in hopes that the one she had just used was faulty. Alas, it was proven that all five were accurate, for they had shown the same results.

Disposing the cup of urine into the rubbish bin, Chi Rui’er turned as pale as a sheet, unable to think straight.

She was pregnant. Again!

She knew clearly who the father of her child was.

It was definitely not the right time for a child, especially since she was down and out.

Chi Rui’er stared blankly at the ground as she fell into a deep trance of thoughts.


Sun Weiwei’s nanny van pulled up in front of Ye Xiaotian’s home in Ming Yuan Estate.

Dressed to the nines, she alighted from the van with her bag slung over her shoulder and stepped forward to knock on the door.

“Miss Sun?” a servant answered the door.

“Is Brother Xiaotian in?”

“No. Young Sir has left this morning for a business trip. He’ll only be returning in a few days.”

A look of disappointment formed on Sun Weiwei’s face. She had dressed up for nothing. “Where did he go?” she asked.

“I’m not too sure about that. Young Sir has never had the habit of informing us about his whereabouts,” the servant answered.

“Got it.” Sun Weiwei returned to the nanny van. “He’s away for a business trip,” she said with much frustration as she tugged at the scarf on her neck forcefully and flung it onto the seat.

“It’s okay, Sis Weiwei, you’ve got plenty of time in the future. Just execute your plan when Mr. Ye returns from his trip,” her assistant reassured her.

“That’s all I can do.”

At the time, Ye Xiaotian, whom Sun Weiwei had been missing dearly, was seated alone in a carnival organized by a tycoon in Y Nation.

Everyone at the carnival was having a whale of a time while disguised in a plethora of masks which covered their faces entirely.

Yet, he was the only one sitting alone, clad in a devil mask and holding up a glass of blue liquor, with his eyes fixed on a figure some distance away.

The figure was the only thing he had been channeling all his attention towards, ever since he had caught sight of it.

Mo Li and Byron were in high spirits as they partied on. Mo Li had rarely attended such parties hosted by the upper-class society. However, she had accepted Byron’s invite this time, as it was a masquerade where she would not have to show her face. Thus, she could relax and just be herself.

She did not have to be mindful of her etiquette either.

Despite the massive crowd, one would only be permitted entry with an invite. Hence, she had no choice but to stay close to Byron.

Given the multiple exchanges of toasts, it was only normal for one to get tipsy quickly, despite the low alcohol content in the drinks.

As expected, Mo Li had needed to use the washroom urgently after half an hour. Byron took care of her and accompanied her to the entrance of the washroom, after which he waited for her to exit.

Feeling a little stuffy and suffocated from the mask, Mo Li felt a strong urge to remove it. However, she kept it on after noticing that all the other ladies in the washroom were still wearing their masks, not wanting to be the odd one out.

While washing her hands after she was finished, she took a casual glance at the mirror, only to notice a pair of eyes staring at her from the window, sending a cold chill down her spine. She froze in fear and dropped her clutch onto the ground as her hands trembled uncontrollably.

She bent forward to pick up her clutch, after which she looked up, only to realize that the pair of eyes had vanished without a trace, as if she had imagined it.

Mo Li clutched her chest tightly in a bid to calm herself down. She exited the washroom after regaining her composure.

Together with Byron, she continued to join in the fun and in the rest of the programmes lined up for the night.

Byron appeared to be in high spirits and enjoying himself, despite being a little tipsy.

Seeing how joyous he was, Mo Li did not want to be a spoilsport, and thus did not restrain him from having a few more drinks. Instead, she remained silent beside him.

They stayed at the carnival ’til past midnight.

They decided to leave early, while the rest of the guests continued to enjoy the night.

Mo Li supported Byron, who had an unsteady gait, with her arms and helped him into the car. The bodyguards then escorted them in another car behind. The newlyweds were left alone in the car, with the chauffeur in front.

Mo Li heaved a sigh of relief. She closed the car door as a wave of fragrant aroma wafted up her nose. “Start driving,” she instructed.

The chauffeur remained silent and began driving away slowly. To Mo Li’s astonishment, the chauffeur began to drive faster and faster. Unable to tolerate it any further, Mo Li raised her voice and ordered sternly in the native language of Y Nation, “Please slow down.”

The car began to slow down like she had instructed. She leaned back against the seat and began massaging her temples. She began to feel a little dazed and sleepy as the mysterious aroma in the car infiltrated her senses.

The car began to speed up again along the roads, in the darkness of the night. It was moving so quickly that the escorting bodyguards could not keep up with it.

It finally came to a halt and pulled up along a dimly lit road.

The chauffeur had long been replaced with someone else.

After spitting out the gum he had been chewing, Ye Xiaotian alighted the car and abruptly opened the rear doors of the car.

He took a look at the unconscious Mo Li who had been leaning sideways and reached a hand out to brush the hair on her forehead to the sides. He then gently caressed her brows and lips with his fingers.

At that very moment, an indescribable emotion overwhelmed him from within.

With a whistle, he signalled for two other cars to come forth, after which they quickly appeared before him.

He picked Mo Li up in his arms, bridal style, and walked towards one of the two cars. The other car then stayed behind to keep a lookout.

The car began to drive towards an unknown location.

Ye Xiaotian took the backseat and rested Mo Li’s head on his lap.

Despite being fully aware that Byron would definitely hit the roof when he finds his wife abducted as soon as he wakes up, Ye Xiaotian did not allow it to stop him from pursuing what he wanted. Well, nothing could stop him, for he would do whatever it takes to get what he wanted, be it a person or an object.

He had not seen her again ever since the brief encounter on the day of her wedding.

She had gained some weight since he last saw her, which was evident from her chubbier cheeks.

She looked so much better now, compared to the past.

Having seen her body way too many times before, it should come as no surprise to him this time. However, at that very instant, he felt a strong urge to remove all her clothes. He could not resist his temptations, at the thought of her getting intimate with her husband, Byron.

It had only been a short while since the journey began, yet Mo Li had already been stripped naked completely by Ye Xiaotian.

The temperature of the air in the car was rather warm. With the push of a button, all the windows of the car were shut tightly. The cold and deadly look in his eyes began to soften as he gently caressed her collarbones and décolletage.

A gentle expression formed on his face.

He turned around and pinned her beneath himself. Ye Xiaotian felt exceptionally at peace while gazing at her face adoringly — her eyes were shut tightly, and her lips, gently pressed together.

The driver in front seemed to be completely oblivious to what was happening in the backseat of the car. He was entirely focused on driving on the main road, seemingly having no idea what was going on.