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President Yang, who had originally been struggling to get up, immediately stopped making a sound after he saw Jiang Mingxu. He did not even dare to cry out in pain. He quickly smiled apologetically. “So you are Director Jiang’s chick. So sorry, so sorry… I’m the one who failed to appreciate your kindness. How could I snatch someone over from you…?”

Jiang Mingxu walked over and kicked him again. Then, he stepped on the man’s chest, and his whole person was filled with hostility. “She is Madam Jiang.”

As soon as he said this, the jaws of the women—who were still chattering and watching the show on the sidelines—dropped.

Song Wei, that daughter of the Song family who had once created the top jewelry brand, PARADISES?!

This time, President Yang had really kicked onto an iron plate.

Someone who dared to challenge Jiang Mingxu in S City had not been born yet… Jiang Mingxu was famous for being the iron-faced King of Hell and was ruthless. If one provoked him, one might die.

As expected, President Yang was so scared that he cried straight away. He hugged Jiang Mingxu’s leg and begged for mercy. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I must have eaten a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall to dare think about Madam Jiang… I really didn’t expect the real Madam to come to this place…”

However, Jiang Mingxu obviously had no intention of stopping. It was Uncle Dong who stopped him. “Young Master, we still have important things to do. There is no need to waste time on someone like this. Besides, Madam didn’t suffer a disadvantage either.”

From the beginning to the end, that President Yang was only being beaten up in turn by the couple…

Song Wei added as well, “Let’s go. His injuries are already enough for him to recuperate for three months. I don’t want to stay in this kind of place any longer too.”

From their conversation, Song Wei could already guess what kind of place this was as well. It was most likely a ‘romantic’ place where people exchanged deals with sex.

What a waste of Uncle Dong repeatedly putting in a good word for Jiang Mingxu just now. She almost believed him.

In the end, his so-called problem was to come to such a place to have fun?

Song Wei sneered disdainfully in her heart.

Jiang Mingxu had obviously been convinced. He turned around, grabbed her hand, and pulled her into the car.

His body lightly reeked of alcohol, and his eyes and face were slightly red. It looked like he had drunk a lot, too.

Even in this state, he did not lose his composure. He still spoke with that bone-chilling tone, “Didn’t I tell you to wait in the car?”

“It was too stuffy in the car. Since I felt bored, I got out of the car and walked around. Who knew that your business was held in such a place? If you had told me earlier, I would have taken a taxi home first so that I wouldn’t look like I was here to catch you committing adultery just now.”

Jiang Mingxu frowned slightly. “My father left something important in the hands of an old friend. I just found him.”

“Why are you explaining to me? I won’t say anything even if you love to go to such a place. But from a kindhearted point of view, I’ll remind you to wear a condom and not catch a disease.”

Jiang Mingxu’s eyes turned cold as he grabbed her wrist. “You seem to be looking forward to me having fun here?”

Song Wei said calmly, “We are all adults and have normal physical needs. I understand.”

Jiang Mingxu grabbed her and pulled her close to him. The strong smell of whiskey hit her, and his body was burning hot.

Song Wei felt a little guilty and wanted to push him away. “You… What are you doing…”

However, Jiang Mingxu clasped onto her waist tightly. His eyes were burning as he approached her and pressed her entire body against the car window. “I’m letting you know what normal physical needs are.”

“You are crazy!” Song Wei tried to push him away with all her might, but Jiang Mingxu’s strength was overwhelming.

Even if he was drunk, he could still suppress her without a problem.

Jiang Mingxu stared at her from less than 10 centimeters away without blinking. A warm breath came out of his nose and enveloped Song Wei.

Song Wei was as weak as an ant in front of him.

Two years of MMA… and she couldn’t use half a move.

However, he did not make his next move. He simply maintained such a close distance and lowered his voice, “I’m not as desperate as you think.”

Then, he reached out and patted her face, revealing a triumphant and playful smile. In the end, he straightened up his body and scooted back to his seat. He regained his high spirits.

Song Wei was left dumbfounded for a while!

Had she just been tricked?!

Jiang Mingxu, this bastard!

What Song Wei did not expect was that Jiang Mingxu’s destination was actually the Song family’s villa.

Song Wei looked at Jiang Mingxu in confusion. “Why did you send me back here again? I have already gone back before, and I don’t want to see them for the time being.”

“And let those gossipy people spread rumors about our rocky relationship?” Jiang Mingxu turned his head around and looked at Song Wei. His calm gaze gave an oppressive feeling with a random sweep.

Song Wei paused for a moment. “Don’t worry. The Song family won’t. They can’t wait to use a loudspeaker to tell the outside world that we have a good relationship. They will cling onto the Jiang family, this huge tree.”

However, Jiang Mingxu only ignored her and got out of the car, opening the door for her very ‘gentlemanly’. When she had no choice but to get out of the car, he leaned over and whispered into her ear, “Your duty is to play the loving couple with me. I don’t want to hear any criticism during the rest of our marriage.”

Song Wei gritted her teeth and got out of the car. She lowered her voice and said hatefully, “Fine, you’re great. You call the shots.”

Hence, Song Wei smiled gracefully and held onto Jiang Mingxu’s arm.

However, only God knew how much she wanted to fight this man… even though she couldn’t beat him.

The two of them walked to the entrance of the Song family’s villa and pressed the doorbell.

The moment the door opened, they heard Du Xin’s particularly exaggerated and happy voice. “Aiya, I already told Weiwei that if you’re busy with work, Mingxu, you don’t have to come. In the end, Weiwei seems to have misunderstood my intentions. But it’s all right! It’s really great to see the two of you coming home harmoniously!”

Song Hui followed behind Du Xin carefully and sized up Jiang Mingxu.

She had seen Jiang Mingxu in other venues such as at the wedding. However, she had never taken measure of him in such close proximity before.

His looks were truly impeccable, and the coldness in his eyes added a hint of attractive mysteriousness.

Song Hui gritted her teeth in her heart. If it wasn’t for the fact that her mother’s background wasn’t as illustrious as Song Wei’s maternal grandfather’s family, how would the latter become Mrs Jiang?

“I told her that I would come no matter how busy I was, but she didn’t listen to me.” For the first time ever, Jiang Mingxu explained himself clearly, and they could even hear a hint of intimacy. What was going on?

Song Hui was so jealous that she was going crazy. She walked out from behind Du Xin and said to Jiang Mingxu in a slightly coy manner, “Brother-in-law, Older Sister has always been like this. She doesn’t listen to what others say at all.”

However, Jiang Mingxu did not even look at her once. He walked past her then turned to ask Song Wei, “Who is she?”

“Song Hui. You should have met her before. Have you forgotten?”

“I don’t usually have much impression about such ordinary people.”

Song Wei couldn’t help but laugh out loud.