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Song Hui was hopping mad behind them, but Du Xin stopped her and chided her in a low voice, “Is this the time to push yourself into the limelight? Be quiet!”

Song Hui pouted unhappily and said resentfully, “Mom, I can’t accept it. Didn’t you all say that Song Wei was the sacrificial lamb for a political marriage? Didn’t you say that although Jiang Mingxu was rich, his personality was very tyrannical? Didn’t you say that Jiang Mingxu would never treat Song Wei well? What happened in the end?!”

However, Du Xin only gave her a cold look to tell her to shut up. “Jiang Mingxu is a difficult person to figure out. For now, he just wants to display to us the affection between them husband and wife. That’s all.”

On the other side, in the dining room in the villa…

Song Qide was obviously rather happy to know that Jiang Mingxu had accompanied Song Wei and came. It was as if those words he used to scold Song Wei—as an ‘ingrate’ and ‘unfilial daughter’—had vanished into thin air.

He said to Jiang Mingxu, “Mingxu, you are more reasonable than Weiwei. Just because of a small matter, she can cause so much trouble at home now. If you didn’t bring her back, I really don’t know when she will give in.”

Jiang Mingxu ate the steak in front of him leisurely with a calm expression. “Give in? Why should she give in?”

Song Qide’s expression froze for a moment. “You… Didn’t you bring Weiwei back to apologize to me?”

Jiang Mingxu looked at Song Qide and frowned. “Did I say that?”

Song Qide laughed awkwardly. “It’s okay. We’re a family. It doesn’t matter whether she apologizes or not anyway. But I heard that you let Weiwei bring a gift back beforehand…”

Jiang Mingxu took a sip of the red wine and stated expressionlessly as if he was only an outsider, “I gave that to her, not for her to bring it back. It’s up to her how she wants to handle it.”

Song Qide then turned his gaze to Song Wei again. “Weiwei, Mingxu has already said so. See, it’s useless even if you hold onto that piece of land. Coincidentally, the company is planning to invest in another piece of real estate recently. You should take that plot of land out for the entire Song Group.”

“Sure, I can hand over the land, but I want to go back to the Song Group,” Song Wei only opened her mouth at this moment.

Song Qide frowned and rejected her outright. “We have already come to an agreement before you got married. Are you going back on your words now?”

Of course, Song Wei knew that Song Qide would not agree.

Because in his heart, as long as Song Wei returned to the Song Group, it was to fight for the family property with his other two precious children.

With Song Wei’s personality and capability, how could the siblings—Song Hui and Song Mao—possibly beat her?

Hence, she simply put down her cutlery unhurriedly. “If that’s the case, the Song Group has nothing to do with me. Why should I help the Song Group? This piece of land was given to me by my husband. I can use it however I like.”

Then, she even winked at Jiang Mingxu coquettishly. “Isn’t that right?”

Jiang Mingxu only nodded his head once and then turned his face to the other side nonchalantly. When he heard the words ‘my husband’, his hand unconsciously clenched onto his napkin.

When Song Qide heard Song Wei’s words, his expression turned ugly again. “Weiwei, even if you are willful, you have to have a limit. I always thought that you were the one who knew how to grasp the big picture and knew how to analyze the pros and cons. I didn’t expect that… You disappoint me too much.”

Song Wei paused for a moment and suddenly laughed. “Dad, you’re saying that you can see the big picture when weighing the pros and cons. Does that mean that I’ll take responsibility for the drawbacks and let Song Hui and Song Mao enjoy all the advantages?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Song Qide was a little embarrassed by Song Wei’s refute. “In my heart, the three of you siblings are the same.”

“Dad, don’t lie to yourself already.” Song Wei’s gaze was calm. “No matter how much I do for the Song family, no matter how good PARADISES’ results are, you’re only looking for a reason to chase me out of the Song Group. If I didn’t ask Yan Zhixing to take over, both the Song Group and PARADISES would be in Song Mao’s hands now, right?”

Song Qide was hit on his weakness, and there was anger in his eyes. “You still have the nerve to say that? You would rather pave the way for outsiders than help your own younger siblings. What kind of older sister are you?”

At this moment, Jiang Mingxu suddenly put down his cutlery, and his eyes were filled with menace. “Enough.”

Song Qide saw that Jiang Mingxu had gotten angry and felt a little awkward himself, too. “Mingxu, I’m sorry. I didn’t teach my daughter well…”

“You should say sorry, but not to me.”

“If Song Wei only nods her head, I will immediately withdraw all the investments that I have given to the Song family.”

Speaking up to this point, Jiang Mingxu stood up, turned his head back, and gave Song Wei a look. “We’re going home.”

Song Wei looked at Jiang Mingxu and was stunned for a second. However, she still got up and followed him, leaving behind Song Qide to dwell in his shock for a long time.

Why did it feel like Jiang Mingxu really came all this way to help her vent her anger?

However, how was that possible? He didn’t seem like someone who would do something so trivial.

Could it be that Jiang Mingxu wanted to bring forward the plan of taking over the Song Group because she had changed the original development trajectory of the future? Was he trying to find an excuse to abruptly withdraw his investment from the Song Group and catch them off-guard?

However… Song Wei didn’t ask.

What Jiang Mingxu said and did just now really gave her a moment of misperception that someone was finally standing behind her.

She felt like she had someone to rely on.

In the car, Jiang Mingxu suddenly asked her cryptically, “Why do you want to go back to the Song Group so badly?”

“Both the Song Group and PARADISES are my blood, sweat, and tears… But in the past, I was too stupid and gave them away in a moment of hotheadedness. Now, I want to take them back. That isn’t too much, right?”

However, Jiang Mingxu simply raised his eyebrows and sized Song Wei up. “You gave everything to your first love only because you were too stupid?”

“Young Master Jiang, what exactly do you want to ask? Don’t beat around the bush.”

Jiang Mingxu paused for a moment. His eyes were cold as he turned around and got Uncle Dong to take out a document. “You can go back to the Song Group if you want to. If you can repay the debt that the Song Group owes me, you can go back immediately.”

Song Wei took the document and randomly flipped through a few pages. Her expression grew from bad to worse.

It turned out that the Song Group’s losses over the past two years had completely exceeded her imagination. It could be said that other than PARADISES and a small number of projects that she was responsible for, the Song Group’s losses had become a bottomless pit.

The Jiang family, on the other hand, had been sending funds to the Song Group ever since she got engaged to Jiang Mingxu. They had to fill each and every loss before they could keep the Song Group from collapsing.

After counting in the document, the issue with the debt and the funds that the Jiang Corporation had invested had almost exceeded 10 billion.

Song Wei might not be able to return this amount even if she went back to work in the Song Group, let alone Jiang Mingxu wouldn’t even let her go back at this moment.

“I will give you a chance to rise from the bottom rung of a jewelry brand under the Jiang Corporation. If you can make it become worth more than 10 billion, I can write off the debt owed by the Song Group. Furthermore, I will not interfere with anything you do.”

Market value of 10 billion… That was challenging, but it did not mean that it could not be done.

Song Wei flipped through another two pages of documents and finally made up her mind. “Deal. However, I’ve never heard of any jewelry brand under the Jiang Corporation?”

“Mhm, it just opened at the beginning of the year.”

“…Young Master Jiang, you can tell me frankly if you don’t want me to go back.”

“If you don’t have the confidence, you can give up immediately and return to the Jiang family as a housewife according to the contract.”

“Don’t even think about it. I won’t let you have your way.” Song Wei closed the document, and her gaze gradually became firm.

“Oh, right. To let you blend into the lower rung and not be discovered, I found a stylist to help style your appearance.”

“What style?” Song Wei had an ominous feeling.

Jiang Mingxu smirked vaguely. “You will know when the time comes.”