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Jiang Mingxu was a man of action so the stylist arrived in the afternoon.

She even brought a lot of makeup props that Song Wei had never seen before…

Song Wei could not help but ask her, “Whose appearance do you usually style?”

The stylist answered without hesitation, “I’m the production team’s special effects makeup artist. You’re also the first ordinary guest I’ve received.”

Song Wei rubbed her throbbing temples. “What did Young Master Jiang ask you to draw me into?”

The stylist saw that Song Wei did not know what was going on and frowned in a dilemma. “The boss who invited me didn’t go into detail. He just said that it was fine so long as the make-up was ugly—naturally ugly. It’s best if you become so ugly that no one recognizes you.”

“…” Song Wei was speechless. After a while, she finally said, “Can I refuse?”

The stylist said, “That boss said that, if you’re unwilling, then the previous agreement will be invalidated automatically.”

Song Wei accepted her fate. “Do it.”

The stylist nodded, picked up the tools, and started to wave them around Song Wei’s head and face decisively.

Three hours later, Song Wei was sporting a chicken’s nest hairstyle. Her skin was dark, and her eyes had turned into small triangular eyes. Her eyebrows were flamboyant, and there were even many more irregular freckles.

Plus a pair of cumbersome black-framed glasses.

Would anyone really buy from someone doing jewelry design with such fashion sense?

After the stylist was done with everything, she looked at Song Wei with great satisfaction and smiled. “Miss Song, the results are pretty good. I’m sure no one will recognize you.”

“…” Song Wei was almost shocked by her own reflection in the mirror too. She couldn’t even recognize herself.

The stylist continued, “This is just a trial run. From now on, from the moment you officially start working, I’ll come over every day to help you with your makeup until the boss says that you don’t need it. I still have some things for fixing your makeup here. Take them. If you encounter a situation where your makeup is coming off when I’m not around, you can use them.”

“Got it…” This was the first time she was eager to remove her makeup. Perhaps her bare face would still look better than now.

Even Uncle Dong, who had brought fruits in, could not recognize her at first glance. He was shocked and barely managed to suppress the smile at the corners of his lips. “Madam… This style of yours… is very unique.”

“Stop laughing.” Song Wei felt helpless. “There’s a reason why I think of your young master so badly… I keep feeling like he’s taking revenge on me for his wardrobe.”

Uncle Dong held back his laughter and coughed twice. “How could that be? Our Young Master is not such a petty person.”

“Heh.” Hearing that, Song Wei almost crushed the lipstick in her hand.

At night, Song Wei removed her makeup and finally regained her beauty.

Uncle Dong said that Madam Qi had invited a few noble ladies to a gathering that night to welcome Song Wei into the ranks of the married aristocratic women.

Song Wei originally didn’t want to deal with such an occasion, but Uncle Dong said, “Madam Qi said that Miss Lin will be going too. Miss Lin said that ever since the misunderstanding at the wedding, she hasn’t been able to contact you. She really wants to explain things clearly to you…”

When Song Wei heard this, she became interested. “Uncle Dong, prepare the car.”

The venue of the gathering was the Qi family’s vacation villa in the suburbs.

Madam Qi personally went out to greet Song Wei with a warm smile on her face. She was so friendly that she gave Song Wei a big hug as if she had seen an old friend.

“Aiya, Weiwei, you’re still as beautiful as ever. They all say that by marrying Young Master Jiang, you are climbing up the social ladder. Seeing how beautiful and outstanding you are, Young Master Jiang is the one on the winning end.”

Song Wei only smiled politely. She could see the words ‘Two-Faced Person’ on Madam Qi’s attribute panel. Additional note: ‘Arrogant’ and ‘vain’.

She was not a benevolent person either.

The fact that she could play along with Lin Shuangshuang meant that she had these three words ‘watching a show’ written on her face.

Song Wei curled her lips mockingly in a corner that Madam Qi couldn’t see. She smiled and said, “Madam Qi is the real beauty. Which of the former A-listers can compete against your beauty?”

Madam Qi pulled Song Wei’s hand. “Aiya, I’ve stopped filming for so many years. It’s not worth mentioning. Come, come in. Everyone’s already waiting for you inside.”

At the gathering of rich women, all of them were seated and smiling appropriately. Every move of theirs was written with elegance.

Song Wei looked over and took in everyone’s attributes at once.

Under the guidance of the attendant, Song Wei took her seat in a top position. The wife of the Jiang family naturally had the highest status.

At that moment, Lin Shuangshuang walked out with a cup of coffee and placed it in front of Song Wei. Then, she said obsequiously, “Weiwei, this is your favorite golden mandheling coffee. You said that it tastes the best when I grind it. I’ve always remembered it.”

Everyone’s eyes were fixed on the two of them as if they were anticipating some sort of argument.

However, Song Wei only smiled appropriately and took the coffee. Her expression was friendly without any loophole. “Thank you, Shuangshuang. You’re still so considerate.”

Lin Shuangshuang was stunned. She hesitantly sat down beside Song Wei and then seemed very ‘happy’. “Weiwei, you don’t blame me anymore?”

“Blame you? Blame you for what?” Song Wei played dumb.

She wanted to guide Lin Shuangshuang into recounting what happened that day herself and make herself look good in front of everyone.

However, Lin Shuangshuang did not fall for it. After a while, she then said awkwardly, “No, nothing. You haven’t replied to me since last night. I thought you were angry with me because of the thing with Brother Zhixing…”

At this point, she suddenly seemed to realize that she had said something wrong and covered her mouth. “I-I didn’t mean that. Weiwei, you’re already married. How could you still care about Brother Zhixing…?”

Her clumsy performance made all the wealthy ladies present laugh meaningfully.

Back then, Song Wei had done many outrageous things for Yan Zhixing, so her reputation was known far and wide.

“Shuangshuang, it was my wedding night yesterday. Today, Young Master Jiang accompanied me back to the Song family too. I was so busy that I didn’t have time to look at my phone. I might not have seen your message.”

Upon hearing this, Mrs. Xia—who was beside her—teased, “Shuangshuang, you don’t have any foresight as well. They are newlyweds and were enjoying their wedding night. She would have been so busy.”

Mrs. Zhou also smiled and cast a meaningful glance at Song Wei. “It seems like Young Master Jiang is quite capable. You guys didn’t rest the whole night?”

Song Wei was calm and composed. “Yes, he is quite good.”

Lin Shuangshuang looked even more shocked. She looked at Song Wei in astonishment. “You, you guys…”

“Mhm? What’s wrong?” Song Wei turned around and looked at Lin Shuangshuang with a face of ‘confusion’.

Lin Shuangshuang wanted to say something, but at the face of Song Wei’s candid visage, the rough mental script she had prepared earlier vanished. “Nothing… I just feel like… you didn’t seem like the kind of person to talk about such things in the past.”

“But people grow up.” Song Wei followed through with her gaze.

The gaze in those eyes was so imposing that no one dared to meet it.

At this moment, the attendant led two more people in again.

Song Wei turned around and saw Yan Zhixing in a white suit. It was the same familiar face that she knew—handsome and gentle. There was a courteous and gentle smile on his lips as usual.

She used to like his smile very much because, when he smiled, it made people feel as if the snow had melted and flowers were blooming.

At this exact moment though, she finally understood that people could put on a show.

Yan Zhixing’s attribute tag was ‘Love Expert’. Additional note: ‘Adept at disguising’ and ‘shrewd’.

So that was how it was. She had actually squandered a lifetime of feelings for such a person.