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When Madam Qi—the instigator—saw Yan Zhixing arrive, she also stood up and welcomed him warmly. “President Yan, I’m really sorry to have you come personally. But I really want to see the Tear of the Mortal World as soon as possible.”

“This is what I ought to do.” Yan Zhixing bowed politely and had his assistant open the safe that he was holding.

Inside the safe was a pendant. The most eye-catching item in the middle was a flawless black diamond. It looked like a conventional diamond-cutting method, but there were some modifications in some extremely fine areas along the borders, making it look like a black tear under the light.

The black diamond was surrounded by a ring of intricate patterns with exquisite engravings. The black-gold bottom looked like a vine but also a nightmare vine as it was designed to wrap around the black diamond.

Tear of the Mortal World…

Looking at this pendant, one could almost see the joy and sorrow of separation and reunion in the mortal world, just like its name.

It was Song Wei’s last piece before she left PARADISES. It originally symbolized her love for Yan Zhixing. She and the craftsman had only made one specimen, and she had instructed Yan Zhixing not to sell it publicly.

In the end, Yan Zhixing immediately got someone to replicate the Tear of the Mortal World and sold it at a high price of fifty million. He even praised her, “Weiwei, every design of yours is a gem. I won’t allow it to be buried.”

How… ridiculous was that?

It seemed like this Madam Qi’s motive was very obvious, too. She wanted to make use of her past with Yan Zhixing to embarrass Song Wei in front of these wealthy madams. She wanted the Jiang family to lose face along with her.

After all, before the rise of the Jiang family, the Qi family had always sat firmly at the top of the pyramid.

However, the Jiang family was suppressing the Qi family in all aspects now. Madam Qi loved her face. Of course, she had to find a way to dampen the Jiang family’s spirit.

Perhaps because of this, she and Lin Shuangshuang hit it off immediately, too.

However, Song Wei simply kept her thoughts under control and calmly took a sip of coffee.

Yan Zhixing was invited by Madam Qi to sit opposite Song Wei. His gaze was fixed on her the whole time, too.

He smiled at her. It wasn’t truly a bright smile, and it even seemed a little sad. “Weiwei, happy marriage.”

Yes, it was this expression. In her previous life, he always looked at her with this expression. It was the kind of expression—obviously very sorrowful, but like he was still trying his best to smile—that made her feel like she owed him too much.

Hence, she wanted to make it up to him every time she saw him.

It turned out that he was the one who had been putting on a show all along. His acting was really brilliant.

Although Song Wei’s mind was racing, she didn’t show it on her face at all. She replied to Yan Zhixing with a smile, “Thank you.”

Yan Zhixing paused for a moment as a hint of hurt flashed in his eyes. Then, he laughed mockingly at himself.

During the meal, Madam Qi had been making insinuations about Song Wei and Yan Zhixing’s past. She even asked Song Wei why she had left PARADISES to Yan Zhixing to manage. Was there any special relationship between them?

However, Song Wei only used that reason: “He’s an old friend of mine, and he’s also my business partner. I only let him manage the company because I trust his management skills.”

Her reply was flawless, and Madam Qi could not find any evidence against her so the woman could only give up.

However, Lin Shuangshuang was rather indignant.

She had spent so much effort preparing this show, but Song Wei’s reaction was so calm. She didn’t believe it.

She didn’t believe that someone like Song Wei, who could give up everything for love, would give up the man she had loved for 10 years overnight.

Therefore, Lin Shuangshuang whispered in a voice that only Song Wei could hear, “Weiwei, you don’t seem to want to acknowledge Brother Yanxing… You weren’t like this in the past. I know that, although you say that you don’t mind what happened yesterday, you do inside, right?”

However, Song Wei raised her voice. “What do I mind? Are you talking about the matter between you and Yan Zhixing at the hotel?”

Song Wei’s question attracted everyone’s attention again.

Lin Shuangshuang was frightened, and her eyes turned red instantly. “Weiwei, I told you that it’s not what you think. Brother Zhixing was drunk. We didn’t…”

Song Wei sighed. “Why are you so nervous? I told you, I don’t mind. However, that lace panty surprised me a little. So it turns out that you like this kind of style.”

“!!!” When the surrounding ladies heard this, all of them pricked up their ears and widened their eyes. The soul of gossip burned fiercely in their bodies.

They didn’t expect to hear such shocking news even though they didn’t manage to dig up Song Wei’s scandal.

Lin Shuangshuang’s face flushed red immediately. “That fell out of my luggage by accident. Don’t let your imagination run wild. Brother Zhixing and I really have nothing going on between us. Even if you’re angry with me, you can’t slander me like this.”

“Shuangshuang, what era are we in now? Isn’t it very normal for something to happen between you and Yan Zhixing? Why do you have to keep bringing the topic back to me? I’m not angry. Both of you are my good friends. If the two of you get together, I’ll be overjoyed.”

A b*tch paired with a dog, for eternity.

Lin Shuangshuang was rendered speechless. She could only use her usual killer move—crying.

Tears streamed down her face as her shoulders twitched in a grievance. Her face was deathly pale. “I clearly didn’t do it. Weiwei, why won’t you let me off no matter what…? I know that you’ve already given me the death penalty in your heart right now. It’s useless no matter what I say. Forget it, I shouldn’t stay here and make you unhappy anymore.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Shuangshuang stood up and bowed to everyone present before wiping the tears from the corners of her eyes.

“I’m sorry for spoiling everyone’s good mood. It’s all my fault. I’ll leave first. You guys have fun.”

After saying that, she wiped her tears while running away.

Madam Qi then sighed deeply and looked at Song Wei. “Weiwei, we all know that you and Shuangshuang have been good friends for many years. Why do you have to make such a fuss over such a small matter? I believe that Shuangshuang is innocent-minded and will definitely not lie to you.”

Song Wei looked at Madam Qi in confusion. “Eh, did I say something? Why do you all think that I’m angry?”

Madam Qi paused. She wanted to prove that Song Wei was angry indeed, but she couldn’t find any clues.

This was because Song Wei had maintained her calm and relaxed attitude the entire time. It was true she did not seem angry at all.

The only suspicion was her ‘shooting her mouth off’ and mentioning the matter with the underwear that made Lin Shuangshuang feel embarrassed.

However, Lin Shuangshuang was also the one who started the conversation first. She really couldn’t find any mistakes.

Madam Qi could only smile awkwardly. “That’s true. I’m just worried that animosity will grow between such good friends again. I overthought the matter.”

Song Wei smiled and wiped her mouth with a napkin. “Thank you for your concern, Madam Qi. Shuangshuang and I are fine.”

Yan Zhixing suddenly asked, “What about you and me?”

Song Wei looked back without any change in her gaze. The smile on her lips was so easy and composed. “Of course, that’s fine, too. You’re also a very important friend of mine.”

These words echoed in Song Wei’s heart. It was like saying goodbye to her past self who loved someone so much that she had risked her life.

She was silly, but her love was truly dazzling.

She wouldn’t feel that way again.