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After dinner, Yan Zhixing left first.

Song Wei was asked to stay for another tea party.

Other than their husbands and children, the only other topics that the rich ladies would talk about were jewelry, clothes, and bags. A few of the ladies loved Song Wei’s designs very much and even felt that it was such a great pity that she had retired after getting married.

Song Wei also took the opportunity to say that she would not leave the jewelry industry completely and would return in other ways.

Everyone thought she was just joking.

With the Jiang family’s strength, there was no need for her to work that hard. At most, she could just treat it as a hobby and play with it occasionally.

However, inwardly, Song Wei was already wondering if there was a target group among the ladies present.

By the time the tea party ended completely, Song Wei had already exchanged contact details with all the ladies.

A few of them had rather pleasant conversations with her; they had a deep love for jewelry and their own opinions. These were the foundations of her connections that she would climb from the bottom up.

Although she would have a new identity, with a circle of friends on WeChat, there was no need to worry about not knowing one’s enemy.

Song Wei was satisfied and prepared to return home.

However, before the Jiang family’s car arrived, she saw Yan Zhixing—who hadn’t left—waiting at the intersection.

She had always thought that he was a Mr. Goody-Goody who never smoked or drank. Because she hated the smell of cigarettes, no cigarettes or lighter ever appeared on him before.

In the past, he would even remind anyone lighting their cigarette when they were having a gathering among friends. “Weiwei has rhinitis so she can’t stand the smell of cigarettes.”

Back then, he was the perfect boyfriend in the eyes of others. Aside from being unable to compare to her in terms of family background, he was perfect in other aspects.

Now, probably because he could see that she no longer believed in his fake persona, fortunately, he was slowly removing his disguise.

Song Wei walked towards him and crossed her arms. She smiled playfully. “Waiting for me?”

Yan Zhixing looked up and saw her. Without any explanation, he grabbed her arm and pulled her into his embrace. His voice was somewhat hoarse. “Weiwei, I was wrong.”

Song Wei frowned and pushed him away in disgust. “Yan Zhixing, show some respect. I’m Mrs Jiang now.”

Yan Zhixing looked at her and threw his cigarette butt away in frustration. He stepped on it to extinguish it, and his gaze was filled with some irritability. “I know, but I always thought that your heart was still with me.”

Song Wei sneered. “Where did you get that confidence from? Jiang Mingxu is richer, more handsome, and more outstanding than you. Why should I let a man like him go and chase you instead?”

Yan Zhixing was stung, and a trace of anger appeared in his eyes. “So, in the end, just like your family… You look down on my family background, right?”

“So what if I do?” Song Wei knew that the Yan family’s bankruptcy had always been Yan Zhixing’s sore spot.

Although she did not know his full personality, she also understood him. Hence, wasn’t it still easy for her to rub salt into his wounds?

Yan Zhixing looked at her and paused for a moment before revealing a self-deprecating smile. “All right, I understand now. Turns out it’s all my wishful thinking.”

This expression, this tone… They were really a perfect display of love.

Song Wei even wanted to give him a round of applause. It was a waste of his talent not to get an Oscar.

“It’s good that you know your intentions are unreciprocated. In the future, regardless of whether it’s you or Lin Shuangshuang, if you come and provoke me again, I have ways to make you guys play with fire and burn yourselves.”

Song Wei’s harsh words at the beginning could actually still be taken as the birth of hate due to love after uncovering Yan Zhixing and Lin Shuangshuang’s adulterous relationship. However, the last sentence clearly showed that she really hated him.

Song Wei wasn’t like this in the past. She was clearly the kind of person who would use her own body to block a bullet for him whenever he was in trouble.

She was clearly someone who wanted to be with him even after exhausting all methods. For this, she would not hesitate to turn against her family.

Undoubtedly, she was someone who had given him everything she had and trusted him completely without any defenses.

Why did she change completely just because of a wedding?

He had thought that she would lose her temper and take revenge, but he did not expect that he would be disregarded.

The Jiang family’s car arrived. Song Wei walked past him and got into the car.

She did not even bother to look at him.

The chauffeur, Mister Liu, asked her, “Madam, is that your friend? Did he drive here? Should we send him back on the way?”

“There’s no need. It would be best if his corpse is exposed in the wilderness.” Her tone was cold, and her eyes were terrifying.

Mister Liu grew speechless and shrunk his neck. He didn’t say anything else and drove the car home.

However, they did not notice a shadow hiding in a corner of the bushes, pointing a camera lens at them.

The next day, the job that Jiang Mingxu talked about was officially arranged.

‘Sky Palace Jewelry’ was a new brand established by the Jiang Corporation after they bought over an established jewelry company and reorganized it during the start of the year.

Although it was a new brand that had no reputation to speak of, it was reassuring having a big tree behind its back. Using the banner of becoming the pioneers of Jiang Corporation’s jewelry industry, it managed to recruit many top talents in the industry.

Among the newcomers who joined with Song Wei, there were post-graduates from the Royal Academy of Arts in England, as well as fresh graduates who had just returned from the Alchimia Contemporary Jewellery School. All of them had glorious resumes and were from admirable, well-known academies in the jewelry design industry.

In fact, Song Wei herself had also graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in Antwerp, Belgium. However, this new identity of hers was the reason why she felt cheated; she was only from an unknown jewelry design major in an ordinary second-rate school in China.

Her new name was… Song Xiaocao.

There would be no more perfunctory names than this.

She was even more certain that Jiang Mingxu was taking the opportunity to mess with her on purpose!

However, this also stimulated her fighting spirit. Even with this identity, this name, and this face; she must complete the bet with Jiang Mingxu.

She wanted to rely on her own strength to walk back to the throne that belonged to her!

However, it was obvious that the top students—of famous schools—next to her were all looking at her as if she was a monster. The corners of their mouths were more or less carrying disdain or mockery.

Song Wei quickly scanned the labels of a few of them and made a mental note of them. Then, she simply ranked the difficulty of conquering them.

Among them, a jewelry designer, Qin Wenfang—who was labeled as ‘Conceited about His Talent’—asked Song Wei especially bluntly after the meeting ended, “Your family background must not be simple, right?”

“It’s on my resume. My dad’s the head of a garage workshop, and my mom’s a teacher.”

She wondered how Song Qide would feel about his designation as head of a workshop.

Qin Wenfang snorted coldly. “What are you pretending for? With these qualifications of yours and your appearance, if you didn’t have a powerful father, how did you get in?”

Another intern, the ‘Selfish Ghost’ Qiao Xinmiao, patted Qin Wenfang’s shoulder. “You know that she has an extraordinary background, and yet you still dare to talk like this. Do you really want to change jobs?”

Qin Wenfang rolled his eyes. “I just feel that making me become an intern with such a person is simply a disgrace.”

Qiao Xinmiao smiled. “Didn’t you hear what Vice President Wang said? She’s just an intern assistant who does odd jobs under a designer. She might never get to touch a drawing paper in this life.”

“Guess I’m just unlucky. It’s really revolting.”

Song Wei did not retaliate because her current persona was really that of a good-for-nothing backdoor entrant. It was considered mild to receive scolding, but there would probably be constant turmoil after this.

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