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Song Wei was assigned to be an intern assistant under a designer named Luo Lisha.

Luo Lisha was one of the top designers in the company. Her team used to work for other well-known jewelry brands, but because the former company insisted on taking the low-end fast-moving sales route, it did not match Luo Lisha’s ambitions so she jumped ship to Sky Palace.

The route that the Jiang Corporation had set for Sky Palace was similar to PARADISES. It was a top-notch jewelry brand that only sold the best designs and the most expensive kind of jewelry.

However, Sky Palace’s predecessor used to be a traditional jewelry company after all. Therefore, even though she wanted to design the most exquisite jewelry with the most expensive materials, in the end; the company would still choose a design that looked easy to sell and had cost-effective ratios.

Thus, Luo Lisha had always been an outcast in the company.

Song Wei had also seen her attributes: ‘Idealist.’ She was decisive, stubborn, and hot-tempered.

It was all right to have a slightly bad temper, as long as there was no problem with her character.

When Luo Lisha first saw Song Wei, she couldn’t hide the disappointment and disdain on her face. “Are they really treating my place as a rubbish recycling station? Why are they stuffing any kind of person to me? What’s wrong with your hair and clothes? Did you just climb out of the garbage station?”

Song Wei could only maintain her smile. “Sister Lisha, I’ve already washed these T-shirts and jeans very cleanly. It’s just that, after wearing them for a few years, they’re a little worn out.”

She also wondered where the stylist had dug out such a tattered pair of pants.

Luo Lisha held her forehead. “Let’s not talk about other things first. With this image of yours, who do you think will buy your jewelry if you go out? The jewelry industry is different from other industries. You have to make yourself look very extravagant to let others think that buying your jewelry will definitely increase their own value. Your clothes don’t qualify from head to toe!”

Song Wei smiled slightly. This character setting that Jiang Mingxu had given her was d*mned restrictive. “I just graduated so I’m still poor.”

“Just graduated at 26 years old? Bachelor’s degree or undergraduate?”

“…” She took a deep breath. “Since you’re so poor that you can’t even afford clothes, why are you studying jewelry design?”

“Re-allocation from another major. Our school has no one to choose from for this field.”

“…” After hearing Song Wei’s frank self-introduction, Luo Lisha was so shocked that her face turned green. She took a few deep breaths repeatedly before suppressing the anger in her heart and pointed to the door. “You, get out. Get lost!”

Song Wei had just stepped out of the door when Luo Lisha slammed the office door behind her.

The other four assistants under Luo Lisha were hiding outside the door to watch the commotion. When they saw Song Wei getting chased out disgracefully, they couldn’t help but gloat.

“I really don’t know where you got the courage to enter Sky Palace… I heard that your university is just a second-tier university?” Assistant Xiao De went up to taunt.

“Is it because of her academic qualifications? She’s ruining her own reputation with this appearance. How did you make yourself look so black? Did you just go to the mines to dig coal?” Intern assistant An An also had a look of disdain.

At this moment, there was only one girl—who looked tall and gorgeous—carrying a kind smile on her face, and she rolled her eyes at the others in rebuke. “Don’t bully the newcomer. She must have her own capabilities to be able to enter our company. Welcome.”

Then, she reached her hand out to Song Wei.

Song Wei subconsciously looked at her attribute panel… ‘Smiling Tiger’, two-faced and scheming.

If she didn’t have this skill, she probably wouldn’t be able to avoid this trap.

However, on the surface, Song Wei still smiled and shook her hand in return. “Thank you for helping me out. My name is Song Wei. I’m happy to join you guys.”

In the end, that intern assistant, Xiao Xiao–who had been silent all this while–rolled her eyes. “Don’t be. We’re not happy at all. Only a kind person like Shuyin would bother with you. I don’t have much hope for you. I just hope that, after you enter the company, you can take care of yourself and avoid appearing in front of us.”

An An laughed when she heard that. “But she can’t stay completely out of our sight either. She has to at least serve us tea, pour water, and deliver the documents, right? Sister Lisha’s motto for her staff is that a good-for-nothing doesn’t deserve to touch the draft papers. Why not use her as a housekeeping auntie?”

Xiao De stretched lazily. “That’s true. This time, a real good-for-nothing came. I’m afraid she won’t be able to draw anything either even if we give her a piece of draft paper. Be a good housekeeper instead. Come, help me brew coffee first. I want to add three cups of milk and two portions of sugar. Go on.”

“Me too, me too. I want a cup of cappuccino. Hey, do you even know what a cappuccino is? Hahahaha…”

However, these harsh words did not seem to hurt Song Wei at all. On the contrary, she recorded down their needs seriously before saying, “I’ll send them to you guys after I’m done brewing them. Do you need anything else?”

Song Wei’s reaction as an honest person caused a group of people to burst into laughter. “Hahaha, she’s really good eh. She found her position so quickly. I still thought that she wouldn’t be willing to obey.”

“What’s there to be unwilling about? With her qualifications, it’s already a blessing to be able to sneak into Sky Palace. What more can she ask for?”

Only Liang Shuyin sighed and said to her, “Let me help you.”

Song Wei smiled at Liang Shuyin. “Thank you. You’re such a nice person.”

Liang Shuyin blinked at her. “You’re welcome. Don’t take their words to heart. They just like to bully newbies.”

“They don’t like to bully newbies. They like to bully good-for-nothings. I know myself well.” Song Wei smiled and walked to the pantry in the rest area.

However, Liang Shuyin didn’t know how to respond to Song Wei’s remarks about herself and could only smile awkwardly. “You have such a positive attitude.”

“Only by leveling your mentality can you handle important matters.”

Liang Shuyin was stunned. This Song Wei wasn’t as simple as she looked on the surface.

Handle important matters? Could it be… Was she still thinking of becoming a designer? With her qualifications, she was not even fit to carry shoes for a designer.

Seeing that Song Wei had already made three cups of coffee, Liang Shuyin took the initiative to carry the tray back for her.

Song Wei did not refuse either.

There was no way to hide from this kind of two-faced person. She might as well spend more time with her and give her a chance to expose herself. That way, she would be able to judge how dangerous this person was as well.

When Song Wei was carrying the coffee back, she bumped into Luo Lisha who was about to go to the pantry.

Luo Lisha was originally annoyed at the sight of Song Wei, but seeing that she was holding a cup of coffee in her hand, she walked over and took that cup of cappuccino. “I’m in a hurry. Give me this cup. You go make another cup.”

Song Wei had just agreed and was about to return to the pantry when she heard the sound of Luo Lisha choking.

“What the hell is this taste?!” Luo Lisha had just taken a sip of coffee when she spat it all out. Choking, she coughed repeatedly, “Song Xiaocao, are you crazy? You put salt in the coffee?!”

Before Song Wei could respond, the impatient Luo Lisha had already placed her coffee cup heavily onto the table beside her. “It’s fine if you’re a good-for-nothing, but you can’t even do such a small thing well. I’ll go to the human resources department today and fire you. Don’t appear in front of me again!”

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