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However, Song Wei wasn’t scared at all.

Carrying the tray in her hands, she turned around and stood in front of Luo Lisha without blushing or panting. She explained, “This is the sea salt coffee that Shuyin wanted. She added natural sea salt into the milk foam and poured it on the coffee. In fact, it complements the coffee’s richness and sweetness. It’s because you drank too quickly just now so it didn’t taste good. Try drinking it slowly?”

Luo Lisha looked at Song Wei hesitantly, took the cup again, and sipped the coffee. Yet again, she could not help but frown.

However, when it came to drinking coffee, the more normal one behaved, the more it would emphasize one’s tastelessness and old-fashioned values—let alone a designer like Luo Lisha who was bent on designing cutting-edge jewelry.

Hence, she was clearly frowning but still said, “It’s fine when I savor it. Shuyin, you have good taste.”

Liang Shuyin smiled somewhat awkwardly and said, “As long as Sister Lisa likes it.”

Then, Luo Lisha didn’t say anything else. She carried her cup of coffee and returned to her office with a stiff face.

When only Song Wei and Liang Shuyin were left in the corridor, Song Wei leaned close to Liang Shuyin and said, “You deliberately swapped the positions of the salt and sugar just now, right?”

Liang Shuyin pretended to be confused and looked back at her, “Xiaocao, what are you talking about? Why can’t I understand?”

Song Wei smiled and handed the remaining two cups of coffee in her hand to Liang Shuyin. “Even if you can’t understand, we can still watch the video in the pantry to understand. Drink it, and I can pretend that nothing happened.”

Liang Shuyin was stunned and didn’t want to take it. “I don’t drink coffee…”

Song Wei’s gaze had already turned cold. Coupled with her current appearance, it was even more frightening. “Finish it. Otherwise, I’ll go check the surveillance cameras immediately. Your image as a kind person will immediately collapse.”

Liang Shuyin’s expression finally fell. She looked rather reluctant as she took the coffee unwillingly and drank a small sip.

It was sour and bitter and salty.

The management of her entire expression collapsed, revealing a pained expression.

“Hurry up and finish it. Otherwise, someone will pass by later, and you won’t be able to explain yourself.” The corner of Song Wei’s lips curled up into a triumphant smile.

Liang Shuyin could only pinch her nose and force herself to drink two cups of coffee. In the end, she returned to her seat angrily and sat down.

Song Wei returned to the pantry and made three cups of normal coffee again to send over to the other three people.

An An still complained, “Why are you so slow? Are you so stupid that you can’t even do such a small thing well?”

Xiao De echoed, “Sigh, some people are just not talented in all aspects. They can’t even beat others in odd jobs. Just wait. In less than a week, she will definitely have to leave.”

Only Xiao Xiao’s eyes lit up after taking a sip. “Don’t say that… To be honest, this coffee brewing skill is not bad.”

Song Wei looked at the distinct word ‘Glutton’ above Xiao Xiao’s head and knew that this person was easier to rope in.

Her maternal grandfather was the one who taught her the skills to make coffee.

When her grandfather was still alive, he was especially passionate about coffee. He would specially make room in the house to collect coffee beans. He had beans from all over the world, and he also had coffee machines of different brands and styles.

Song Wei was influenced by him. Although she did not dare to say that she was the best in the industry, she could still easily make some basic coffee with no effort.

Song Wei smiled with a trace of embarrassment. “I worked in a coffee shop before and learned a few things.”

Xiao De took a sip and felt that it was delicious as well, but she spoke meanly. “Whoa, you’re right. Looks like you’re really a professional in this field. In the future, you’ll brew all the coffee in the design department then.”

An An stopped her. “That won’t do. If she goes to make coffee, no one will be able to run errands here for us!”

Song Wei turned a deaf ear to them and simply sat down next to Xiao Xiao. Turning her head around, she smiled at Xiao Xiao and said softly, “Actually, I know a bit about tea refreshments, too. I don’t know if you like them; shall I bring some tomorrow to pair with the coffee for you?”

Xiao Xiao hesitated at first, but she couldn’t beat the foodie spirit in her. She nodded secretly. “Do you know how to make daifuku?”

Song Wei patted her chest. “Leave it to me. No problem.”

Even if she didn’t know how to cook, did it mean that the Song family’s chef didn’t know how to make that?

In the evening, when they were getting ready to get off work, Song Wei was pulled into a group chat that only consisted of the design department’s ordinary employees. The few major designers were not inside so it was likely a place where they would complain about their leaders behind their backs.

Then, an announcement popped up:

“Our company has always had a fine tradition of celebrating the entry of newcomers. The five newcomers who have just joined the design department today, please treat all your seniors to a meal. This time, the gathering will be held at ‘Bar and Grill Room’. When the time comes, I will settle the bill on your behalf first, and the five newbies will transfer the money to me after sharing the cost equally. Thank you for your cooperation.”

As Song Wei looked at this piece of news, the center of her forehead creased.

The common practice in Sky Palace was truly terrible.

Not only were they snobbish, but they also organized such activities—with the seniors blatantly exploiting the juniors.

Xiao Xiao also saw this piece of news. She turned around and whispered to Song Wei, “Don’t blame me for not telling you, okay? No matter how unwilling you are, you have to treat them to this meal. This is how those people test a newcomer’s family background. If you treat them generously, it will be easier for you in the future. For those who refuse and can’t fork out the money, everyone will know that they are pushovers.”

“Thank you, but I really don’t have any money.” Song Wei was not lying because Jiang Mingxu had already destroyed her image early on. She only had a bank card with 100 yuan on her, and she would have to rely on her salary for the rest of her expenses.

She was truly climbing up from the bottom.

Xiao Xiao revealed a helpless expression, “Then, there’s nothing we can do. When the time comes, it’s likely that not only will our group target you… But the other groups will also know that you’re easy to deal with and will definitely bully you, too.”

However, Song Wei said, “I can’t afford the money. Can I freeload?”

With an expression like she was looking at rotten wood, Xiao Xiao rolled her eyes at her, “You’re hopeless!”

At night, the people from the Sky Palace Design Department indeed flocked to the Bar and Grill Room.

For high-end Japanese barbecued meat—as long as it was subtly related to the Japanese culture, the costs could be doubled. However, it was not so expensive that it would be 500 per person.

The problem was that there were a total of seven groups in the design department. On average, each group had five people. In an instant, it already cut close to 20,000 yuan.

Even if there were five of them to split the costs, each of them would have to take on about 4000 yuan.

When they were eating the barbecued meat, Xiao Xiao was still advising her, “It’s a little over 4000, that’s all. Why don’t I just lend it to you? There’s no need to make life hard for yourself over this bit of money.”

Xiao De interrupted by the side, “Xiao Xiao, don’t be silly and act kind. We don’t even know how long she can last in this job. If she leaves the day after tomorrow, you will get nothing back for this 4000.”

Liang Shuyin had originally been avoiding expressing her opinion on Song Wei’s matter, but at this time, she suddenly said, “Xiaocao, I think it’s right for you not to pay. It’s better than biting off more than you can chew.”

However, from start to end, Song Wei continued eating like she was an outsider. “Of course, I won’t give anything. I’m so poor.”

The corners of Liang Shuyin’s lips finally curved into a smile of triumph.

Ha, what was the use of being so stubborn? She would suffer in the future.

However, how could she have expected that Song Wei had already thought of a plan?