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The atmosphere was considered pretty pleasant as the group of them ate for half an hour before they heard an awkward greeting from outside. “P-president Tang, why are you here?”

Tang Tianming, the current president of Tian Que, was the top boss.

Tang Tianming said, “Secretary Jiang asked me out to discuss some matters at the last minute and chose to eat here. Who knew that this place would be so popular? The seats are all full.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and noticed that the surrounding cubicles were filled with familiar faces. His eyes instantly widened. “What’s going on? You guys are having a private gathering?”

The senior who greeted him wiped his cold sweat. “Coincidentally, everyone thinks that the food in this restaurant is delicious so we came to try it together.”

However, Tang Tianming was already bearing an angry look. “Are you trying to trick a three-year-old child? Can it be just a spur-of-the-moment idea for everyone to gather here in full attendance? Did I or did I not say that you’re not allowed to play this dirty trick behind my back? What do you guys want to do? Isolate the company’s leader?”

That senior was so frightened that he almost cried. He explained, “President Tang, that’s not what we meant… Th-this is actually a tradition of our design department. As long as a newcomer enters the company, we’ll let them treat the seniors to a meal as a celebration.”

Jiang Mingxu’s assistant, Xie Xingen, stood by the side and listened to the conversation between the two people. He caught the main point of the conversation and interrupted them. “Newcomers treating seniors to a meal? Where did this rule come from? A newcomer who hasn’t even gotten their salary yet after entering the company has to fork out the money to invite you for a meal?”

“I-I didn’t mean that… It’s mainly to celebrate.”

“To celebrate, the senior should foot the bill to truly call it a newcomer celebration. By doing this the other way round, you are clearly exploiting the newbies.” Xie Xingen frowned and said, “President Tang, have you understood the internal problems of Sky Palace’s employees?”

Tang Tianming was clearly furious, too.

How could it be so coincidental? Xie Xingen had arranged to meet for a meal here, and these people were also here to extort the newcomers.

If he had discovered it himself before, he could have just punished them privately, and that would be it.

However, this matter was considered to have been pushed to the limelight in front of Director Jiang.

Tang Tianming could only smile apologetically. “It’s my fault for not teaching my subordinates well. From now on, this kind of thing will never happen again.”

“Treat the symptoms but not the root cause,” a faint male voice interrupted. Although his tone was not heavy, it caused everyone’s attention to focus on him…

As of this moment, Tang Tianming really wanted to dig a hole and bury his subordinates. After committing all these stupid misdeeds, they even attracted Boss Jiang’s attention.

Xie Xingen was obviously a little surprised too. “Director Jiang, didn’t you send me here to talk to President Tang? Why did you still make a trip here personally?”

Jiang Mingxu raised his eyebrows coldly and glanced at the people in the surrounding cubicles, who did not even dare to flip their barbecued meat anymore. He said in a low voice.

“Here to see exactly how rotten Sky Palace is.”

Tang Tianming coughed twice and tried to defend himself again. “Actually, this is also the first time that they’ve made such a mistake. Sky Palace has always been an orderly and well-managed company…”

Jiang Mingxu gave him a look. “Cut the crap. Hand me the financial report for the first half of this year.”

Tang Tianming felt a chill run down his spine as he respectfully replied, “Yes, I’ll immediately send someone to retrieve it.”

Xie Xingen hesitated for a moment and asked Jiang Mingxu for instructions. “Director Jiang, then what should we do about the gathering?”

Jiang Mingxu said casually, “Find out who started it and get that person to pay the bill. As for the rest, let go and eat to your satisfaction.”

Xie Xingen nodded in answer.

The others did not dare to make a sound at all. The smell of burnt meat was already drifting through the air.

From beginning to end, only Song Wei was still happily barbecuing meat. She even shared the well-barbecued meat with Xiaoxiao. “Don’t just daydream. Eat as much as you want. Isn’t there someone treating us anyway?”

However, Xiao Xiao still shrunk her neck in lingering fear, “Is Director Jiang really only punishing one person? Will he blame all of us?”

“No. By punishing a leader—an act which has benefited all of us, he can solve problems and win over people’s hearts simultaneously.”

Xiao Xiao turned around and rolled her eyes at Song Wei. “Xiaocao, the way you speak sounds like you’re the leader.”

Song Wei didn’t reply and continued eating leisurely.

When it was time to foot the bill, that senior—who had taken the lead to send the message in the group chat—let out a painful wail.

With a swipe of the POS machine, one month’s salary was wasted.

The Sky Palace Design Department finished their thrilling meal with different emotions.

When they were preparing to go home, everyone had a car as their means of transport. Even if they didn’t, they could also take a taxi.

Xiao Xiao originally thought of sending Song Wei home along the way, but Song Wei couldn’t reveal her address so she rejected the idea by using the excuse that she took a different route.

In addition, in front of a group of people holding keys to luxury cars, she swept open a shared bicycle by the roadside.

She heard someone exclaim, “Seriously? It can’t be that she can’t even afford a bike, can she?”

Another person laughed and said, “Not only can’t she afford a bike, but she can’t even afford to ride an electric bike that costs two dollars more.”

“How in the world did she get in…”

Alas, Song Wei had no time to care about these discussions. The Jiang family’s villa was in the suburbs so she really might have to cycle on her bike for an hour!

However, she could not lose. If she went against her persona and used money outside the allocated limit, this bet would be over once Jiang Mingxu found out.

Fortunately, she had been working out at the gym all this time. Otherwise, her legs would have been crippled by this intensity.

Just as she was trying to pedal her bike with great effort, a horn sounded behind her.

Song Wei tilted her head and realized that it was Jiang Mingxu’s Bentley. The headlights blinded her, and she almost fell.

However, she didn’t stop. Pretending she didn’t know him, she kept cycling.

Hence, the Bentley sped up slowly and rolled alongside her. The car window was rolled down, revealing Jiang Mingxu’s expressionless face. “Get in.”

Song Wei did not even turn her head. “It’s okay. If a colleague nearby sees us, my persona will collapse, and I won’t be able to explain myself.”

No way would she fall for it so easily.

Jiang Mingxu did not insist either. He watched as she tried her best to continue while he sat comfortably in the Bentley and followed her at the speed of a turtle. “Did you ask Uncle Dong to use my name to send a message to Ah Xie today?”

“Yes, what’s wrong? You only said that I can’t use money or expose my identity, but you didn’t say that I can’t hire external help.”

The corners of Jiang Mingxu’s mouth curled into a smile full of interest. “At least you have some brains.”

“In the past, my IQ dropped for a few years because I was in love, but I’m still the founder of PARADISES after all. How stupid do you think I am? I’ve just regained the IQ that I lost.” A hint of pride could be heard in her voice.

However, the voice on the other end of the conversation turned a little cold, with a hint of mockery. “Because you’re not in love anymore?”

“With my current identity, how am I supposed to date?” Song Wei rolled her eyes.

However, Jiang Mingxu didn’t say another word and rolled up the car window straight away.

The next second, the driver stepped on the accelerator heartlessly, and the Bentley drove off abruptly.

Song Wei had two big words written on her face… How baffling.

Why did Jiang Mingxu always like asking random questions and then stomp off before she could make head or tail of it?