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What Song Wei did not expect was that the bike-sharing service would be such a letdown. The chain suddenly fell out while she was pedaling halfway!

She lost her grip on the handlebars and tumbled off the bike. Her ankle also got stuck by the wheel, and a sharp pain instantly spread throughout her body.

A problem just had to crop up at this kind of moment!

In addition, two hooligans walked past her. Not only did they not help her after seeing her miserable state, but they even mocked her. “Hahaha, I thought this was an opportunity for an encounter with a beautiful woman! She turned out to be such an ugly girl! So ugly and stupid. She can even fall while riding a bicycle.”

“Ugly b*tch, don’t come out in the middle of the night with this ugly face to scare people, okay? After seeing your face, I’m going to throw up my dinner for today.”

Another hooligan even kicked her bicycle as if to scare her on purpose. “How did such an ugly person like you have the courage to go on living in this world? You might as well die.”

“Why don’t we give her a few kicks to help her improve her appearance?!”

Song Wei clenched her fists. If it weren’t for the excruciating pain in her ankle, she would have beaten these two smelly foul-mouthed hooligans up so hard that they would have to search for their teeth on the ground!

The little hooligans seemed to notice Song Wei’s recalcitrant expression and kicked the frame of Song Wei’s bike even more viciously. “Why? Are you still refusing to give in? What’s the meaning of that look? Do you want me to send you to the afterlife?”

“I think she needs a beating. Brother, teach her a lesson!”

Hence, the two hooligans rolled up their sleeves and got ready to beat Song Wei up.

Unexpectedly, Song Wei had already finished gathering her strength. She suddenly climbed up abruptly and pushed the bicycle frame towards them, causing them to take a nasty spill. Then, she ran backward while limping by herself.

The two hooligans were completely enraged. After they got up from the ground, they crazily chased after Song Wei.

Song Wei could only bear with the pain and continue running in the direction where there might be people while she searched for her phone.

However, she had sprained her ankle after all. There was no way she could escape!

Right at this moment, the roar of a sports car ahead of them could be heard.

A black Lamborghini broke through the dim light of the night and sped over.

Song Wei’s eyes were blinded by the headlights, and she subconsciously extended her hand to cover her eyes. There was no time to dodge at all.

However, the Lamborghini only brushed past her from less than 20 centimeters away and went straight for the two hooligans chasing after her from behind!

The two hooligans were clearly scared out of their wits as well and hurriedly threw themselves to both sides of the road. However, they tripped over the fallen bicycle and fell to the ground once again.

Just as the sports car was about to run over them, there was an ear-piercing screech of brakes. The tires were smoking, and the car came to a stop less than a meter away from the two hooligans.

If the driver stepped on the brakes a little later or if this car’s braking system was that bit lousier, those two hooligans would have died on the spot.

The car door rose, and Jiang Mingxu alighted from it.

He immediately stepped on the head of one of the hooligans, and the latter’s head hit the steel frame of the bicycle directly. He howled in pain. “Handsome guy, Mister, I-I didn’t provoke you. What are you doing?!”

The other hooligan picked up a stick from the ground and flung it towards Jiang Mingxu. “Let go of my brother! D*mn it! I’ll fight it out with you!”

However, Jiang Mingxu merely turned around and lifted his knee casually. His knee hit the opponent’s lower abdomen. At that moment, one could almost hear the sound of his knee breaking the opponent’s bones!

Jiang Mingxu was extremely ruthless in his attacks. He only targeted the weak spots and the painful spots. It was guaranteed that no one would die, but he would definitely make the person suffer.

Hence, the two hooligans could only struggle for a short while before falling to the ground and groaning in pain.

Song Wei was a little amazed.

She had only seen such strong combat proficiency from her own MMA teacher. She did not expect Jiang Mingxu, a director born with a silver spoon, to be so powerful too!

Jiang Mingxu was already walking towards her when she was still in a daze.

His whole body was against the light from the lamppost so his face was hidden under the dim light. His gaze was sharp and murderous.

Song Wei only felt her legs go weak.

That’s right. The reason why she was so afraid of Jiang Mingxu in her previous life was because he had this type of ruthless aura on his body. Anyone else would be afraid of him too.

Jiang Mingxu walked in front of her. “You would rather let yourself fall into such a sorry state than sit in the car?”

Song Wei said without any backbone, “No, that was earlier. Now, I choose to sit in the car.”

Jiang Mingxu swept a glance at her calmly. “Get in.”

Song Wei nodded, but just as she took a step forward, the sharp pain in her ankle almost made her kneel on the ground. She could only grab Jiang Mingxu beside her to balance herself.

However, this grab seemed to have wrinkled the designer suit on him!

This OCD guy wouldn’t make her pay, right?

Hence, she quickly let go of him. “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose. My leg hurts a little…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Jiang Mingxu grabbed her arm and placed it on his own shoulder. Then, he lifted her up by her waist and threw her into the passenger seat with a cold face like Judge Bao1.

Song Wei was still a little surprised that Jiang Mingxu could be so kind!

Jiang Mingxu got into the car and started the engine.

Before he stepped on the accelerator, Song Wei asked him tentatively, “Did you come here just to pick me up again because you’re worried about me?”

Jiang Mingxu turned his head and gave her a cold and scornful look. He did not answer the question directly. “You are now Madam Jiang. You will get into trouble if you are injured.”

Song Wei took the opportunity to fight for herself. “Why don’t you give me more funds? As long as I have money, I will have other ways to go home.”

“Money? Don’t even think about it.” Jiang Mingxu rejected coldly. “I will solve your transportation problem.”

The next day at work, Song Wei realized that there had been major overhauls at Sky Palace.

Plenty of idle senior figures who did nothing in the company were cut loose. They kicked out a number of old employees in the administration who bullied newcomers and even cut off a few older models of products that could still be sold.

It was a relatively bold reform.

Even Xiao Xiao sighed. “Director Jiang is really charming. Previously, Sky Palace kept arguing about wanting to innovate, but there was no change at all. I didn’t expect that, as soon as Director Jiang made a move, all the malignant tumors were removed.”

Xiao Xiao had just finished speaking when Xiao De mocked in a deliberately ambiguous manner from the side, “What’s the use of Director Jiang’s charm? That wife he just married cuckolded him brazenly.”

Xiao De had just finished speaking when the seven design teams were all shocked.

“What?!” An An was the first to react. “Are you saying that Director Jiang’s wife had an affair? When did this happen? How did you know?”

“It’s all reported on the news. Didn’t you guys see it? It’s trending in the first place!” Xiao De waved the phone in her hand.

Song Wei frowned and went forward to take a look.

Then, she saw a photo on her phone. Although it was taken at night and the light was very dim…

People could still recognize at a glance… that this was that ’embrace’ between Song Wei and Yan Zhixing at Madam Qi’s doorstep!

Yan Zhixing had acted so sincerely that day, but it turned out that he had such a trick up his sleeve!

How great! She did not eradicate these two people, but they threw her a curveball first!