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Because this matter concerned the reputation of the two great families—Jiang and Song dynasties, the various media outlets were like dogs that had smelled meat and wanted to dig up more shocking news.

However, Jiang Mingxu was a powerful person who could make an entire news agency disappear with a wave of his hand. No one would dare to interview him unless they were crazy.

As for the two parties involved, Song Wei’s movements were unpredictable so no one was able to track her whereabouts. As for Yan Zhixing, he put on a sorrowful expression and didn’t say anything in the interview. However, the pain and regret flowing out of his eyes was like writing ‘this piece of news is real’ all over his face.

When none of the parties involved responded, the media started reaching out to the people around them.

The first to bear the brunt was Lin Shuangshuang, her so-called best friend of many years. A tabloid reporter found her and especially gave her an exclusive interview. That very afternoon, it was edited out and posted online.

On the screen, Lin Shuangshuang appeared a little troubled. “Actually, I know that with my status, I shouldn’t say all these. But Weiwei is my good friend. More than anything, I hope that she can follow her wishes and obtain true love, and not be with someone she doesn’t love.”

The moment that was said, the entire recording studio was filled with exclamations.

“So, Miss Lin, you mean that Miss Song and Mr. Jiang have no feelings for each other at all. It’s just a political marriage, right?”

Lin Shuangshuang nodded and said especially earnestly, “I know how much Weiwei sacrificed to reject this marriage. In the end, she was also afraid that the Song and Jiang families would harm Brother Zhixing. At the same time, it was also to pave the way for Brother Zhixing. Ultimately…”

The reporter quickly asked, “Can you tell us what kinds of things she did to reject the marriage? Can you tell me in detail?”

Lin Shuangshuang looked even more troubled. “Don’t ask anymore. I just wish for Weiwei to be happy. If I reveal everything that she did, it would impact her negatively.”

When Song Wei saw this, she was so angry that she laughed.

Lin Shuangshuang had already said so much. Yet, she simply added a line about how ‘it would affect her negatively’?

The reporter asked again, “So Miss Song and Mr. Yan have been maintaining their relationship all along? Are they still in contact?”

Lin Shuangshuang seemed to hesitate for a moment before nodding. “They do love each other, but they’re not together. Ever since Weiwei got married, Brother Zhixing has been getting drunk every day. Weiwei has also told me many times that no matter who she marries, there’s only one person whom she loves the most—it’s Yan Zhixing.”

The reporter’s eyes lit up when he heard such a juicy statement. “But aren’t they afraid of being investigated by the Jiang family if they are being so ambiguously intimate? Would Jiang Mingxu allow his own wife to behave like that?”

“Weiwei said that they are just husband and wife in name. Jiang Mingxu will not care about her, and she will get a divorce as soon as possible after the two families achieve their goals…” Up to this point, Lin Shuangshuang covered her mouth as if she suddenly realized that she had said something wrong.” I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said all these… I-I just hope that Weiwei does not have to be troubled by this marriage anymore…”

The reporter smiled. “It’s all right, Miss Shuangshuang. You’re a very good friend and an upright person. Us ordinary people all want to know the truth behind it.”

After watching the entire video, Song Wei’s face was extremely dark, but the light in that pair of eyes burned brighter and brighter.

Xiao Xiao also watched the video and turned back to Song Wei, “Don’t you think that this Miss Song is blind? She doesn’t want a handsome, rich, and capable man like Director Jiang and wants a gold-digging man who relied on her to climb up the ranks instead. What was she thinking?”

Song Wei felt that Xiao Xiao’s words were like a slap to her face. Indeed, she had really been blinded by pig’s oil in her past life!

Of all people she could have loved, she just had to love a sc*mbag like Yan Zhixing!

He seemed to have realized that she would not be of use to him anymore so he was in such a hurry to use all his power to destroy her.

When Song Wei returned home that night, she realized that the cell phone she had left at home was about to explode with calls. Her mailbox was also filled with messages.

Father Song sent this: “Are you crazy? Do you know what you are doing? Doing this kind of thing behind Mingxu’s back, not only will you kill yourself, but the entire Song family will also be buried with you. Do you know that?”

Madam Qi sent this: “Weiwei, what’s with that photo? It’s not a photoshopped photo, right? If I didn’t realize that that was our doorstep, I wouldn’t have dared to recognize the person in the photo as you. Aren’t you pretty close to Young Master Jiang?”

Song Hui sent this: “Song Wei, quickly give that piece of land to the Song family before Young Master Jiang goes back on his word. It’s fine if you die by yourself, but don’t make us suffer along with you!”

Song Wei swiped through these messages one by one before rubbing her glabella.

There were blatant verbal abuses and distancing of relationships with her.

There were also those who used the excuse of false concern to add insult to injury.

Song Wei turned off the phone indifferently and looked back at Uncle Dong. “Uncle Dong, will there be any other large-scale banquets recently? The kind that even famous people will attend?”

Uncle Dong thought for a while before answering, “The day after tomorrow is PARADISES’ new product launch. After the launch ends, there will be a charity banquet that they are leading. Madam, didn’t you know?”

Song Wei shook her head. “I’m in a special situation now. It’s inconvenient for me to show an interest in PARADISES’ business.”

Uncle Dong sighed and asked her cautiously, “Madam, forgive me for being nosy… Do you really still have feelings for that Mr Yan?”

Song Wei’s eyes turned austere. “Of course not. I just want to see how he goes to hell now.”

“Then, the photo circulating online is…”

“He suddenly hugged me and got someone to secretly take photos of us. He probably took dozens of photos before he found such an ambiguous one.” Song Wei pressed her index finger against her temple and thought carefully.

Hearing that, Uncle Dong finally heaved a sigh of relief. “It’s good that it’s not true… This Mr Yan is such a worthless ingrate.”

“That’s right. That’s why I hope he will get his retribution.” Song Wei gritted her teeth, her gaze icy.

Song Wei waited alone in the living room until the wee hours of the morning because she wanted to request Jiang Mingxu to bring her to PARADISES’ new fashion press conference.

Even Uncle Dong had gone to sleep first. She was still yawning while flipping through the jewelry magazine in her hands.

When she was at her sleepiest, she finally heard the door open.

Jiang Mingxu came in from outside and closed the door. He walked somewhat unsteadily, and she could even smell the strong stench of alcohol on him from afar.

He seemed to have drunk more than the last time.

Since the servants were still asleep, Song Wei had no choice but to help Jiang Mingxu even with her foot injury. “Jiang Mingxu, in my impression, you should not be an alcoholic…”

Jiang Mingxu was a person with strong self-control in his previous life. No matter what he did, he would grasp it within his scope of control. He could drink, but he would never get drunk. He could smoke, but he was not addicted to smoking.

Jiang Mingxu shrugged out of her hand coldly and continued to walk forward unsteadily.

Song Wei staggered a little, but she still gritted her teeth and grabbed Jiang Mingxu’s arm. “Why are you still so stubborn after drinking so much? Can you walk back to your room if I don’t help you?”

These words seemed to have provoked Jiang Mingxu. He pulled Song Wei’s arm over to him at once and slammed her against the wall behind her. Then, he pressed his body firmly against hers. “Look carefully, I am not Yan Zhixing.”