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Lin Shuangshuang started to panic a little and held onto Song Wei’s hand pleadingly. “Weiwei, I believe that Brother Zhixing was just drunk. What happened today wasn’t his true intention, and there were no substantial consequences. How about… we forget it? I know that you still have feelings for him…”

At this moment, Song Wei really felt that it was a repulsive matter for her hand to be held by Lin Shuangshuang.

Even at this juncture, she was still emphasizing on Song Wei’s feelings for Yan Zhixing. She was still trying her best to guide everyone to focus on Song Wei’s unclear entanglement with her first love after her marriage.

Song Wei retracted her hand coldly. “Shuangshuang, let me repeat myself. I have already broken up with Zhixing four years ago. What other feelings can I still have for him? I only love one person now, and that is my husband, Jiang Mingxu.”

Seeing that Song Wei refused to admit it and that everyone around them was watching her nosily once more, Lin Shuangshuang was anxious and embarrassed. She pulled onto Song Wei again. “Weiwei, you definitely didn’t tell me this previously. You clearly told me that the person you love the most is Zhixing all along. You only married Young Master Jiang for Zhixing’s sake… you clearly…”

However, the next second, her wrist was immobilized by a cold hand. The force was so strong that it almost crushed her bones.

A cold and emotionless male voice that seemed to come from hell rang out. “Clearly what?”

Lin Shuangshuang looked up and saw Jiang Mingxu’s pair of bone-chilling eyes.

The gaze in those eyes was sharper than a knife as if it could cut a bloody wound on a person’s body.

Lin Shuangshuang almost subconsciously took a pressing step back, but her hands could not break free.

She was so flustered that she was nearly trembling and could barely speak a word, too.

“If you continue spreading rumors, you will receive my lawyer’s letter.”

Although it was just a simple sentence, that threatening implication was enough to make one shiver all over.

Young Master Jiang’s lawyer letters were written by top-notch lawyers from top-notch law firms. It was definitely that kind of lawyer letter that could smash one into smithereens in court.

Offending Young Master Jiang might mean that one could no longer survive in C Country from now on.

Lin Shuangshuang’s eyes were already filled with tears of grievance. “Young Master Jiang…”

That expression, coupled with her soft and weak face, was really pitiful.

This was also a common tactic of hers. Every time she was at a disadvantage, eight out of ten people would think that she was innocent once this expression appeared. The remaining two might think that she was guilty, but they just wanted to let her go.

Unfortunately, Jiang Mingxu was not an ordinary person by any means. He shook off her hand coldly and took out a handkerchief to wipe his palm clean bit by bit. Then, he looked towards Song Wei. “How do you want to deal with this?”

Song Wei finally looked at Lin Shuangshuang somewhat ‘awkwardly’ after being called out. “This matter has nothing to do with me. Let Shuangshuang decide if she should call the police.”

Song Wei absolved herself of any responsibility very cleanly and didn’t give Lin Shuangshuang any chance to stick to her.

As such, Lin Shuangshuang fell into a dilemma at this moment.

Those people had taken a video just now. If she were to call the police and if they found out that Lin Shuangshuang had not been forced after a bout of interrogation, she would become more of a laughing stock when the matter blew up.

However, if she did not call the police, it would clearly mean that everything that happened in this room just now was voluntary on her part.

Lin Shuangshuang leaned back on the sofa a little dejectedly and remained silent under everyone’s gaze.

Song Wei felt a sense of satisfaction emerge from the bottom of her heart from her retaliation.

The reputation that Lin Shuangshuang cared about the most, the persona that she had built up by herself, would collapse completely after today.

Song Wei was still immersed in the pleasure of seeing Lin Shuangshuang fall into a deep abyss when Jiang Mingxu grabbed her and led her out of the hotel room.

Song Wei wanted to shrug him off. “Young Master Jiang, what are you doing? You’re hurting me…”

Jiang Mingxu’s voice was as cold and stiff as ever. “You want to stay here and wait for the reporters to come take photos?”

“I’m just here to watch the show…” Song Wei explained in a small voice.

However, Jiang Mingxu clearly would not listen to her explanation. He only let go of her hand after entering the elevator. He said coldly, “Did you change your clothes and come here just to meet Yan Zhixing? The wedding is not over yet, and you are so anxious?”

“I came to see him…?” Song Wei felt nauseous whenever she thought of Yan Zhixing now. In her previous life, when she was deeply moved by his devotion and came to look for him, he was actually sleeping on the sofa with her best friend! “I really just wanted to watch a good show between the two of them. I only changed my clothes because I didn’t want to be so eye-catching in a wedding dress. If I got caught by the reporters, I would be in trouble.”

Jiang Mingxu turned around and stared at her. “You don’t have to come up with such an excuse to brush me off. I’m very clear about those things you did for Zhixing before the wedding.”

Song Wei finally looked at Jiang Mingxu with some candidness on her face. “Since you know everything, why did you still marry me? To devour the Song family?”

She was indeed curious about this question.

Actually, the Jiang family’s strength completely surpassed the Song family’s. Many families were also on equal footing with the Song family.

There was no reason that it had to be the Song family.

In her previous life, Song Wei’s conclusion was that Jiang Mingxu only wanted to use her as a springboard to infiltrate the Song family under the pretext of a marriage alliance.

However, this was only her guess. She did not know what the truth was.

However, Jiang Mingxu obviously would not answer this question directly either. He just glared at her coldly. “You don’t need to know.”

Song Wei smiled lightly and shrugged her shoulders. “I see. In that case, I understand now. We are husband and wife by contract. I won’t interfere with Young Master Jiang’s matters in the future. As for my matters, I hope that Young Master Jiang won’t interfere either.”

There was dead silence in the elevator. A murderous aura seemed to rise from Jiang Mingxu’s surroundings because of what she said.

However, he didn’t argue.

He was also like this in her previous life. If she wanted to draw the line, he would fulfill her wish.

Just as they were about to reach the first floor, Song Wei suddenly asked him, “Young Master Jiang, can I negotiate a condition with you?”

Song Wei coughed lightly. “I know that you seem to care a lot about your family’s reputation. I can play the part of a loving couple with you, and I can also swear to never have anything to do with Yan Zhixing again. But I have a request…”

Actually, Jiang Mingxu’s silence was the kind that could put pressure on his opponent. The longer he kept quiet, the harder it was for someone to speak. If it were ordinary people, they might be so frightened that they would not dare to speak half a word from the beginning.

Song Wei was different. She was someone who had already died once… so why should she be afraid?

Seeing that Jiang Mingxu didn’t say anything, she continued, “I was a little careless when I negotiated the terms with them before the wedding. I shouldn’t have let go of the Song Group and PARADISES. After all, we’re just a contract couple, too. I don’t want to be a housewife either. I want to go back to the Song Group…”

Then, she quickly left behind a sentence, “If you don’t answer, I’ll take it that you agree!” After saying that, she wanted to slip away the moment the elevator door opened.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Mingxu grabbed her hand immediately and pressed her against the wall of the elevator. He gave her a rather cold and threatening look. “Don’t even think about it!”

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