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After the evening banquet ended, Song Wei was sent back to the Jiang family villa. Jiang Mingxu was not back yet.

This Jiang villa was Jiang Mingxu’s personal property.

The Jiang family still had their ancestral home, and the family relationship was rather complicated. Luckily, Jiang Mingxu seldom went back so Song Wei could stay out of the Jiang family’s conflicts most of the time.

This place was peaceful since no one cared about it. Apart from Jiang Mingxu who was an unstable factor, everything else was still considered stable and safe.

There was only one thing that Song Wei was not too satisfied with—the interior here followed the lines of minimalism. It was a small villa with three floors, and all the furniture was chosen in black, white, and gray. The lines were cold and hard like a cage.

Jiang Mingxu had obsessive-compulsive disorder(OCD) and mysophobia1. Only this kind of interior design could give him inner peace.

In her previous life, Song Wei did not want to get into any conflict with him so she did not think of changing the house either.

However, Jiang Mingxu had directly rejected her request to go back to the Song Group today. She had to let him know how destructive a mistress, who was idle at home, could be.

She entered and casually called the butler, Uncle Dong, over. “Uncle Dong, do you have oil paints or dyes at home?”

Uncle Dong was stunned and didn’t understand what she meant. “There are only two buckets of white paint. It is the remainder from the time the furniture was painted. As for the dye… I heard that you study jewelry design, Young Madam, and you usually like painting so I prepared some. Are you going to use them tonight?”

Wedding night… used for painting?

Song Wei nodded. “Where’s the bedroom? Send the paints over. I want to use it.”

Uncle Dong replied respectfully, “Young Master has prepared a separate bedroom for you.”

Song Wei curled the corner of her lips. “Just bring me to where your young master sleeps.”

Clearly deeply worried, Uncle Dong wiped the sweat off his forehead anxiously. “Young Madam, Young Master has an obsession with cleanliness. I’m afraid that it’s not a good idea to bring paint into his room. Should I bring you to the study instead? I’ve already gotten someone to arrange a separate room as an art studio for you.”

Song Wei smiled lightly at Uncle Dong and patted his shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to paint.”

Uncle Dong heaved a sigh of relief, but he was still confused. “Then, you are…?”

“I’m just changing the colors of the furniture, so that Jiang Mingxu can experience what it means to have a colorful life…”

Uncle Dong wanted to stop her, but Song Wei had already lifted her skirt and ran to the second floor at lightning speed.

Jiang Mingxu still had plenty of business to deal with so he went home much later than Song Wei. Once he reached home, he found all his own house servants standing in two neat rows with their heads lowered as if they had done something wrong and were waiting to be criticized.

This scene was something that had never happened before. People working under him would not dare to make mistakes easily.

Jiang Mingxu seemed to have thought of something and frowned slightly. “Where is Madam?”

Uncle Dong gulped and answered, “Upstairs.”

“Sleeping?” Jiang Mingxu raised his eyebrows and caught the panic in Uncle Dong’s eyes.

“What is she doing?” Jiang Mingxu had a hunch that this woman must have done something extraordinary at home.

Uncle Dong gritted his teeth and forced out reluctantly, “Young Master, you can go and take a look yourself…”

Jiang Mingxu’s face darkened slightly. He loosened the tie on his neck and walked upstairs with a cold gaze.

On the stairs, he smelled an unusual scent of acrylic paint… And his bedroom door was wide open at this moment while the inside was brightly lit.

Jiang Mingxu walked in quickly. The next second, his pupils trembled.

His white minimalist wardrobe was currently painted with a huge winged flower fairy—with a pastel pink bow tied around its waist—flitting inside a pastel red flowering shrub.

Song Wei was still sitting cross-legged on the ground. She was relatively serious as she held onto a drawing marker and added details on the small flowers.

Beside her were two chairs that had also suffered under her ‘poisonous hands’. There were many vines and green leaves drawn on the chairs and between the leaves lay a cute little elf.

The pure white floor was covered in multi-colored paints. At this moment, the originally icy room had become colorfully vibrant, but at the same time, there was no order at all!

Jiang Mingxu felt a certain string in his brain snap. He rushed over and hauled Song Wei up from the ground. His gaze seemed to want to burn a hole through her body.

Song Wei giggled. “Since you won’t let me go out to work, I can only find something to do. Your room is too cheerless, and there’s no color at all. Living in such a place will only make someone more perverted psychologically. I just want to give you some warmth.”

Song Wei blinked and tilted her head. She looked at the painting—that hadn’t dried yet—on the cabinet. “Look, isn’t this cabinet much cuter than before?”

Jiang Mingxu grabbed Song Wei’s collar. “Restore this place to its former condition by tomorrow.”

“I won’t. This is the fruit of my hard work for three hours. Why should I restore it?” Song Wei boldly retorted.

In her previous life, she definitely wouldn’t dare to do so. However, in this life, if she wanted to take revenge but didn’t even have this bit of courage to fight back; she would definitely find it difficult to move forward.

Jiang Mingxu pressed close to her and leaned over to glare at her. His face was almost touching hers.

That imposing aura from his body was also pouncing towards her in a completely unstoppable manner as if he wanted to swallow her whole.

“I’m ordering you to restore it!”

Although Song Wei was a little flustered under the might of his intimidation, she still did not give in. “Since we are already husband and wife, and this house is mine, too… so I have the right to decide the wardrobe style.”

Jiang Mingxu looked at her and took a deep breath.

Song Wei’s heart was in her throat. She was betting that Jiang Mingxu would give in to save trouble in the future.

As long as he allowed her to return to the Song Group and take back everything that belonged to her, she would guarantee not to randomly stir up trouble in the villa again.

However, she had obviously underestimated Jiang Mingxu.

Jiang Mingxu let go of her. His eyes turned dark and cold as he turned around and walked towards the door.

Song Wei was still confused when the door was slammed shut by Jiang Mingxu with a ‘bang’ sound.

Jiang Mingxu tore off his necktie on one go and released several buttons on his shirt with one hand. Then, he walked towards Song Wei.

That malicious gaze projected by his jet-black eyes made one’s legs go so weak that they would want to kneel down.

Song Wei was already terrified. “I was just joking. I’ll restore this place tomorrow. I’ll do it myself. I promise not to leave any traces. Really…”

However, it was too late. Jiang Mingxu grabbed her wrist and pinned her in front of him. He used a lot of strength, and she did not have any leeway to break free.

Song Wei was really panicking now. Her mind suddenly recalled that night when Jiang Mingxu went crazy in her previous life.

He wouldn’t really break his promise like what happened on that night… right?

“You’ve reminded me. We are already married.” In one move, Jiang Mingxu lifted her up by her waist and pressed her entire body against his chest. Then, he walked to the bed and threw her on it.

Song Wei didn’t even have time to struggle before both of her hands were pinned down under her body by him.

His breath wound around her neck; it felt numb and tingling, causing her ears to begin to heat up.

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