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“Young Master Jiang, we had an agreement…”

Jiang Mingxu leaned over, bit her earlobe, and whispered in her ear, “You broke the contract first. Since you want to be the mistress of this house so badly, I can fulfill your wish.”

Song Wei’s mind started to recall Jiang Mingxu’s acts of violence in her previous life. That night was a nightmare for her, too. When she recalled everything that happened after that day, she instinctively began to feel fear and resistance.

She didn’t cry often, but tears flowed out of her eyes unconsciously at this moment. She was shivering under Jiang Mingxu’s body, and her face was deathly pale.

“Young Master Jiang… I’m sorry, let me go.”

She actually begged for mercy.

This was not her style of doing things.

However, the scene in front of her eyes overlapped with her previous life’s horrific experiences. She could not control the fear in her heart.

Jiang Mingxu didn’t stop at first. He only bit open the buttons on her chest.

Song Wei sounded like she was about to cry. “I’m sorry. I’ll never provoke you like this again. Please let me go…”

Jiang Mingxu’s movements froze.

He also saw her red eyes, and it was as if his rationality finally returned to his body.

She had never looked so pitiful in front of him before. She had always been an outstanding woman who seemed to be favored by the heavens, acting without restraint, and never bothering to hide her love for another man. Moreover, she was always on guard against him.

However, she had never shown her weakness in front of him, especially this kind of cries of despair.

Did she… hate him that much?

Jiang Mingxu finally let go of her and stood up. He buttoned his shirt again and said coldly, “Get out.”

Song Wei didn’t dare to continue fighting. She covered her open neckline and wiped her tears away. Then, she picked up the mixing palette and paints on the floor and rushed out of the door.

When she returned to her room, she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Her cheeks were flushed red.

Actually, there was no need for her to beg for mercy in such a way just now. Perhaps, if she had said a few words to agitate Jiang Mingxu—given his personality, he would definitely tell her to get lost.

However, just now, under those circumstances… Her brain stopped working.

The earlobe that Jiang Mingxu had bitten still seemed to feel warm.

That numb and scared feeling had really drilled into her heart.

Song Wei slapped herself on the head and chided herself softly. “What are you daydreaming about?! It’s more important to stay away from a dangerous person like Jiang Mingxu in the future!”

The next morning, Jiang Mingxu left the house at daybreak.

He was an extremely self-disciplined person. No matter what time he went to sleep from working overtime, he would always wake up at five the next day for his morning exercise and leave for the company at seven.

Therefore, Song Wei—who was used to waking up late—could fail to see him for a few days sometimes.

Uncle Dong had already prepared breakfast for Song Wei and was asking her in concern, “Did Young Master get angry at you last night?”

Song Wei sighed. “Mm… I won’t touch his things anymore. There is still white paint, right? I’ll paint it back to its original state.”

Uncle Dong coughed twice. “There’s no need. Young Master ordered a brand new set. He asked us to move that cupboard you drew on to the study room and got someone to change it into a storage cabinet.”

“…Tsk. Others can’t even buy my paintings for a million yuan. I can’t be bothered to draw for him anyway.” Song Wei ate her poached egg gloomily.

Although she knew that her own actions were repeatedly jumping back and forth on Jiang Mingxu’s landmine, she was not satisfied that Jiang Mingxu would change a set of furniture just because he disliked her painting.

In the field of jewelry design and painting, she was quite accomplished.

Yesterday, to provoke Jiang Mingxu, she painted in a cute and bright children’s fairy tale style. However, it had a strong personal style regardless of the blending of colors and composition, which could make people feel warm, gentle, and peaceful inside from looking at her work.

She was pleased with herself, but her artwork was treated like trash.

Uncle Dong cleared his throat lightly and explained on Jiang Mingxu’s behalf, “I think that Young Master doesn’t dislike your painting, Madam. He just wants to preserve it in another way…”

“…” Song Wei gave Uncle Dong a look that said ‘do you even believe these words that you’re saying?’ Then, she finished her meal gloomily.

After the meal, Uncle Dong reminded her that the bride should return to her parental home today. At the wedding banquet yesterday, the Song family had been trying to rope in connections while harboring ulterior motives, but they did not care about her—this bride—at all.

This trip back to her parental home was just a formality for her.

Jiang Mingxu was busy with work and couldn’t find time to go back with her so she had to do it alone.

Uncle Dong looked apologetic. “Although Young Master couldn’t accompany you back, he has already instructed us to prepare all the necessary gifts. He is still very concerned about you.”

Song Wei, however, looked nonchalant. “He doesn’t even show his face, so how much could he possibly care about me? Uncle Dong, you don’t have to care about my feelings in the future. I don’t care how Jiang Mingxu treats me at all.”

Uncle Dong was stunned as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. Although everyone with a discerning eye knew that it was a political marriage, most people would still put on an act. It was rare for anyone to be as straightforward as Song Wei was.

When Song Wei got into the car, she carefully flipped through Uncle Dong’s gifts.

Objects were easy to deal with. What kind of item couldn’t a wealthy family like the Jiang family afford to gift? There wasn’t anything rare at all.

However, the most impressive part was a piece of land. It was located in the core area of the development zone, and there was a lot of room for growth. Countless people were fighting for it.

This piece of land alone was worth one billion dollars.

Tsk… In her previous life, she hadn’t bothered to look through the details so she had no idea what Jiang Mingxu had given her, but now, she finally knew that he was really generous. A gift—for her return home—was probably worth more than a betrothal gift from an ordinary wealthy family.

Speaking of which, she didn’t know what the betrothal gift from the Jiang family was either, but according to logical deduction, it was definitely much more valuable than this piece of land.

Song Wei herself didn’t know that her net worth was so ridiculously high.

Sure enough, her biological father—Song Qide—only did business that was stable and profitable.

Soon, they arrived at the Song family’s villa. Although the Song family’s financial ability was not comparable to the Jiang family’s, that ostentatious palace-like style looked much more nouveau riche than Jiang Mingxu’s villa.

It had been renovated according to the tastes of Song Wei’s stepmother, Du Xin. It was extravagant and unsophisticated from the inside out.

Song Wei’s mother, Meng Yin, passed away when she was two years old. Du Xin married Song Qide without a hitch and gave birth to her daughter, Song Hui, less than two months after the marriage. There were also rumors that Meng Yin was driven to her grave by this mistress, Du Xin.

However, at that time, Song Wei was too young. After so many years, there was no evidence.

Du Xin was also good at acting. In front of Song Qide, she was always able to keep her mask on and would only make things difficult for Song Wei behind his back.

Fortunately, Song Wei had been more outstanding than Song Hui since she was young. Whether it was her studies or career, she was better than Song Hui in every aspect. Therefore, although the whole family favored the little princess—Song Hui, they could not remove Song Wei’s status completely.

When Song Wei got out of the car, Du Xin came to welcome her personally. She had a smile on her face that seemed welcoming. “Weiwei, where’s Young Master Jiang? Why didn’t he come back with you?”

Standing beside her, Song Hui rolled her eyes at Song Wei. “Mom, it’s not like you don’t know why Young Master Jiang married her. What kind of feelings could he have for Older Sister? How could he take the time to accompany her home?”

Du Xin pretended to turn around and reprimanded her, “Huihui, don’t spout nonsense. Young Master Jiang must be too busy to accompany your older sister back.” Then, she looked at Song Wei with a mocking smile. “Weiwei, isn’t that right?”

An attribute label appeared beside Song Hui: ‘Unruly’. Additional note: Uncivilized, willful, arrogant, and brainless.

While Du Xin was labeled as a ‘Scheming B*tch’. Additional note: Extremely shrewd, good at acting, and ruthless.

Tsk, indeed, each has its own ‘merits’.

In her previous life, when Song Wei returned home, she was still immersed in the despair of loving someone whom she couldn’t get—marrying someone whom she didn’t love. Her desire to fight was especially low so, on that day, she had been given a terribly hard time by Du Xin and her daughter. Song Wei was even lectured by Song Qide.

However, the current Song Wei had discarded her ‘love brain’, and her desire to fight was ignited completely.

She smiled and retorted, “Yes, our Young Master Jiang is very busy. He’s so busy that he doesn’t have time to come and see miscellaneous people.”