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Song Wei’s every word was filled with deep disdain and contempt. That condescending look in her eyes was enough to send people into dust.

At this moment, a voice came from inside the house. “Weiwei, how can you talk to your mother like this? Who’s a miscellaneous person?!”

She looked over at the noise and saw Song Qide walking out of the villa.

Among middle-aged men, he was considered to have taken rather good care of himself.

Wearing an expensive custom-made suit, the watch—River of Stars—on his wrist was one of the Galaxy Summit series released by Song Wei when she was still in PARADISES.

The dial was made up of several ultra-rare gems of different colors that formed the stars of the vast universe. The pointer was made up of mechanical components embedded with small diamonds. It was like a planet revolving around a star.

At a glance, the entire dial looked like a resplendent river of stars flowing in the dark blue quiet universe.

When this watch was first introduced, it received a lot of attention due to its extremely luxurious and exquisite design that did not seem like a nouveau riche either.

This watch was worth in the millions range, but it was still hard to get.

Song Wei was a little dazed when she saw this watch.

She had once flourished at her peak too, pouring all her heart and soul into creating a unique PARADISES.

At that time, PARADISES was almost a symbol of power and status among the C Country’s influential officials. It was a target that the rich and powerful fought over.

Unfortunately, she was stupid enough to give it away for her so-called love.

In her previous life, after PARADISES fell into the hands of Yan Zhixing, it became a pure money-making machine. It launched a series of cheap and fast-moving jewelry series. In the end, PARADISES fell from grace and became a joke in the eyes of the rich and powerful. It lost its soul.

Song Wei secretly clenched her fists. In this life, she would never repeat the same mistake!

Song Qide saw that Song Wei did not respond to him and even thought that she was competing with him, so he raised his eyebrows, and his gaze became severe. “Weiwei! Didn’t you hear what I said?!”

Song Wei raised her head and looked towards Song Qide without much respect in her expression. “Of course, I heard you.”

In the past, Song Wei naively thought that, as long as she was strong enough, Song Qide would love her as much as he loved the pair of brother and sister, Song Hui and Song Mao.

However, after going through her previous life, she already knew that Song Qide had always favored the two of them.

Back then, under Yan Zhixing’s instigation, Song Hui and Song Mao frantically accumulated money and invested blindly. This was the main reason why the Song family collapsed.

However, not only did Song Qide not blame or punish them, but he also came to Song Wei and asked her to borrow money from Jiang Mingxu. He asked for two billion dollars right away. After being rejected, he scolded Song Wei for being heartless.

Therefore, the current Song Wei was no longer as obedient as she used to be to Song Qide. “I’m just saying that he doesn’t have time to see random people. I don’t think Auntie Du will take this general comment as a personal attack, right?”

Seeing that Song Qide was about to flare up, Du Xin hurriedly went up to hold his arm to calm him down. “Aiya, how could Weiwei be talking about me? I won’t take it to heart. Hubby, calm down. Weiwei has always talked like this. I’m already used to it.”

Song Hui was unhappy now. She tugged on Song Qide’s hand and looked at Song Wei with angry resentment. “Dad, Older Sister is clearly scolding us. She’s always like this. She pretends to be obedient in front of you. When you leave, she’ll give Mom and me a hard time.”

Song Qide looked at Song Wei in annoyance. “Weiwei, don’t try to deny it. Just admit your mistake to your mother.”

“…” While Song Wei watched this family put on an act, she suddenly felt desolate.

After living for two lifetimes, she had always been alone. Her so-called family would never stand on her side and might even stab her in the back at any time.

Song Wei smiled sarcastically and sighed slightly. “It seems like no one treats me as family. Uncle Dong, let’s go back.”

Even facing Jiang Mingxu, that unpredictable wolf, was better than being disgusted by her own family here.

Song Qide was stunned as if he didn’t expect Song Wei to leave just like this. He hastily stopped her. “Weiwei! You’re too much! I’m your father. I’m just giving you a few words of lecture, and you want to leave with an unhappy face? Do you think that you have the Jiang family as your backing now?”

Du Xin pretended to stop Song Qide. “Qide, don’t blame Weiwei anymore. Sh-she probably doesn’t like me and Hui’er to begin with. Don’t let your father-daughter relationship develop a rift because of us…”

“Xin’er, you’ve been tolerating Weiwei’s bad temper all these years. When she was young, I could still treat it as her being young and insensible. However, she’s already married, but she’s still like this! This unfilial daughter, I have to teach her a lesson and change her temper!”

Listening up to this point, Song Wei stopped in her tracks towards the car and seemed to recall something all of a sudden. She took out that gift list from her bag.

“Since I’m such a bad-tempered and unfilial person in your eyes, I’m sure you don’t want these gifts anymore.” Song Wei leaned against the car door lazily as if she was not hurt by those words at all. Instead, she flipped through the list with great interest and skimmed through the items.

“I don’t think that you guys are interested in anything else. It’s just a pity about these two thousand hectares of land, especially since it’s a pretty good district on South Ring Road.”

Upon hearing this, Du Xin was shocked first. “Wh-What? That piece of land beside the South Ring Road Economic Development Zone?”

Seeing how her mother was stunned by this huge gift, Song Hui pouted and reminded the former, “Mom, don’t you be fooled by her. There is only a political marriage between the Jiang family and us. Why would Young Master Jiang be so generous to her? It’s not like he really likes her. She’s definitely lying!”

Before Song Wei could reply, Uncle Dong replied coldly, “If Miss Song doesn’t believe it, I have all the legal procedures about the transfer of this piece of land. Now, this piece of land is already under Madam’s name. As for how Madam deals with it, that’s her own business.”

Song Hui was stunned speechless and mumbled softly, “Why would Young Master Jiang be so nice to her…? Even giving her such valuable land…”

Uncle Dong was still smiling in that friendly manner, but there was a faint aura that could not be belittled. “Madam is our Young Master’s lawfully wedded wife. It’s only right for him to treat her well. Outsiders have no say in their relationship as husband and wife.”

Song Wei stood behind Uncle Dong and nearly could not help but applaud him!

When it was time to keep quiet, he would not speak much. When it was time to speak, he was neither humble nor arrogant.

Jiang Mingxu really knew how to employ people.

Song Hui still wanted to retort, but she did not dare to act rashly. Hence, she cast a pleading gaze at Song Qide for help. “Dad… Look at Older Sister. Even a servant whom she brought can bully me. She’s too much!”

However, this time, Song Qide did not side with her. Instead, his tone softened a bit. “Today, your older sister was supposed to return home as a newly-wed bride. Yes, my temper was a little hot just now, but it’s not worth it for a family to hurt their harmony over such a small matter. Weiwei, you’re already at the door. There’s no reason for you to simply go back like this.”

At this point, Song Qide revealed a kind and amiable smile. “You have to call Mingxu over later. He gave us such a big gift without a word so I want to have a good drink with him.”

Song Qide vividly displayed what it meant by ‘one’s attitude could change faster than flipping a book’.

In the past, Song Wei might have felt happy that her father finally valued her, but now, she only felt nauseous.

She put away that gift list and glanced at Song Qide. She said calmly, “Dad, listen carefully. This land is a gift for me, not ‘us’.

“Uncle Dong, let’s go home.”