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Under Song Qide’s shocked gaze and angry curses, Song Wei resolutely got into the car.

Ha. Kinship? That was all.

When Song Wei left, she looked rather unrestrained.

However, the moment she got into the car, her entire aura weakened. She hugged her knees weakly as she sat in the backseat of the spacious car.

Love and friendship were the two knives that had combined to stab her in the most fatal way. Now, she could not even trust familial love. In this world, she could only rely on herself now.

Uncle Dong could tell that her mood was amiss. He turned around from the front passenger seat and asked her with concern, “Madam, are you alright? Actually, Young Master had planned to come with you today, but he did have something on at the last minute… If he was here, it wouldn’t be like just now.”

Song Wei curled her lips in self-mockery. “Although he didn’t come, he has already helped me a lot. Such a generous gift is enough to make the Song family suffer for an entire year.”

Uncle Dong sighed, “Young Master said that we need some items of substantial value to support you.”

“He wouldn’t say that. It was probably all your idea.” Song Wei gave Uncle Dong a grateful smile. “Uncle Dong, you’re really a good person.”

In her previous life, although she had interacted with Uncle Dong for three years, she did not trust Jiang Mingxu. As a result, she was also more resistant to his confidant Uncle Dong and had never understood him deeply.

In this life, her eyes immediately showed Uncle Dong’s attributes, ‘Faithful’. Additional note: Loyal, astute, high emotional quotient(EQ).

That was why Song Wei revealed a more relaxed stance in front of him.

However, Uncle Dong seemed to be trying to shift Song Wei’s affection towards him to Jiang Mingxu.

He was really putting in so much effort to create a harmonious image of the couple.

When Uncle Dong heard Song Wei’s words, he seemed to want to explain something. Alas, his phone rang at that moment.

Uncle Dong took a look at the caller ID and picked it up immediately. He uttered respectfully, “Young Master, are you done with your work?”

“It’s over. On your end…”

“There was some disagreement. We are on our way home now.”

Uncle Dong hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s not a big deal. You know the Song family’s situation very well. They think that you don’t take Madam seriously because you didn’t accompany her back to the house. Madam offended them with her words when she was providing an explanation. It didn’t end well.”

The person on the other end paused for a moment before saying, “Pick me up.”

Uncle Dong replied respectfully, “Yes.”

Song Wei looked out of the window blankly and sighed. “Uncle Dong, can you not lodge a complaint in front of me in the future?”

Uncle Dong said seriously, “How can this be a complaint? This is to get reinforcements for you.”

“Reinforcements?” Song Wei frowned in disbelief. “Are you sure Jiang Mingxu isn’t here to add salt to my wound?”

Uncle Dong coughed twice. “Madam, why do you always think of Young Master so heinously?”

Song Wei paused and only said, “He must be extraordinary to be able to become the head of the Jiang family.”

“But he didn’t do anything bad to you, Madam.”

“…” Song Wei was stumped by Uncle Dong’s words. She thought about it carefully. Ever since they got engaged, Jiang Mingxu had truly never really hurt her except when he occasionally got moody and angry at her.

They even slept in separate rooms at night…

When Song Wei thought of this, another voice in her head immediately woke her up.

Jiang Mingxu was just trying to avoid unnecessary trouble. After all, it was just a contract marriage. He wanted to keep a suitable distance from her—not hurt her or agitate her. As for her, she would not mess things up for him either.

In their previous lives, they had lived peacefully like this for three years.

With this in mind, Song Wei calmed herself down. Uncle Dong had a filter lens for his own master. If she believed his words, Song Wei would definitely fall into another trap.

The car slowly drove into a high-end private clubhouse hidden in a corner of the city. The architecture style was low-profile and had its character, like a natural cave wrapped in the belly of a mountain.

However, the interior design was extravagant and comfortable, highlighting the luxuriousness of this place.

Jiang Mingxu still wasn’t out when they arrived. Uncle Dong asked Song Wei to wait in the car while he himself got off the car to look for the former.

Song Wei was bored and thought that this place was rather interesting. At first glance, it was obvious that this was an establishment where the top gentry squandered their money. She wondered if she could use her own ability to expand her own connections here.

She was too weak now. Each member of the Song family and Yan Zhixing were like tigers, leopards, and wolves to her. She could not defeat Jiang Mingxu so it was wishful thinking to think of using him.

However, finding a new springboard was too difficult.

Most men and women who frequented this place had ugly labels above their heads, such as ‘utilizes despicable means’, ‘commits any kinds of heinous crimes’, ‘extremely materialistic’…

Tsk, none of those who came here were good people.

At this moment, a drunkard saw her and pushed away the beauty beside him. He lurched over to her and said, “There’s such a good thing here, but no one left her for me. Beautiful woman, how much do you cost? Come play with me… I have plenty of money!”

Song Wei took a step back as if she was avoiding the plague. Her face was filled with disgust.

There was a huge word written beside this man’s face: ‘Pervert’.

For an already lecherous person, getting drunk made him even bolder. He stretched his hand out towards Song Wei. “Chick, I don’t accept such ‘play hard to get’ tricks. What are you pretending to refuse when you’re already here?”

By the side, a group of women with heavy makeup looked at Song Wei as if they were waiting for her to embarrass herself. The corners of their mouths were all carrying smiles of glee at her misfortune.

Their discussions went on incessantly.

“Who knows whose kept canary this is? Look at how she looks down on people. Tsk, does she think she’s a rich missy?”

“Who knows? Maybe she thinks she’s above everyone else after being ‘taken care of’ for a couple of days. That expression is really ridiculous. I wonder how unrestrained she acts in her sugar daddy’s bed.”

“Hahaha, I heard that for this kind of woman… The colder she looks on the surface, the better she is in bed. She seduces men so well that they lose their souls.”

At this point, several women laughed even louder.

However, they did not expect Song Wei to break the drunkard’s wrist by twisting it in the next second and kick his knee with a sweep of her leg, causing him to scream and kneel on the ground on the spot.

For self-defense, Song Wei had learned mixed martial arts(MMA) for two years. Although she wasn’t that fantastic, it was more than enough to deal with this kind of drunkard.

The women who were originally watching the show panicked instantly when they saw this scene. “Sh-she actually hit President Yang!”

“She’s done for… President Yang is a gangster so she’ll probably lose both her legs…”

Sure enough, the drunk President Yang whom they were talking about crawled up from the ground shakily. He was obviously enraged. He pointed at Song Wei and shouted, “Someone, tie this woman up! If I don’t f*ck her today, my surname isn’t Yang!”

However, Song Wei only glanced at the time impatiently.

What was Jiang Mingxu dawdling for? He got them to pick him up, but he had yet to show up until now.

However, the moment she raised her head, President Yang—who was in front of her—was sent flying in an arc. He crashed onto the ground harshly, and his whole body curled up like a shrimp.

Jiang Mingxu’s cold voice drifted over, “You should change your name.”